❤How to Get Back at Your Ex Boyfriend❤

Been screwed over by a guy recently? Feeling a little down? Don’t you worry your pretty little face….these creative tips will get you feeling better in no …


8 Responses to “❤How to Get Back at Your Ex Boyfriend❤”

  1. AnitaandJacob says:

    His name is Jacob Crusan. Make his life hell huney. 

  2. Ashlyn Scheiern says:

    look at my ex his name his name is Cory cottrell

  3. AnitaandJacob says:

    I’m pretty sure his kik is djhellsing

  4. Molly Loomis says:

    His kik is Danny_HU ; D

  5. Karina Kaboom says:

    id also like to announce i shared it on google plus <3 muhahaha

  6. Makeuplover〈3 says:

    love this !!!! lol

  7. Karina Kaboom says:

    lmao no words for how non guilty i feel for watching this love all of this
    ahahah <3 thumbs up

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