24-Year-Old Dating 12-Year-Old Model In China?

“Zhang Muyi, a 24-year-old pop star from China, made shockwaves recently when he publicly declared his love for Akama Miki, a 12-year-old Canadian-based chil…
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25 Responses to “24-Year-Old Dating 12-Year-Old Model In China?”

  1. Smither Sink says:

    Well, is the guy creepy? Like does he look and act like a creep? So far, I
    don’t see anything significantly wrong with this. Sure, yeah, it’s kinda
    weird, but like, if they’re not like sleeping together or anything, I don’t
    really see what’s so bad about this. It’s weird, but I guess, what’s it to
    me? It’s none of my business if they wanna date in such a big age gap.

  2. LadyChemicalEngineer says:

    What the actual fuck? I’m 22 and am repulsed by the idea of dating anyone
    under 18

  3. Celestia Angel says:

    dude that’s sick! if i was her mother i’d kick his ass! I could see if she
    her 17 gonna be 18 but HELL NO

  4. Bryan Lightningrod says:

    That’s not illegal that is why cops wouldn’t have any reason to arrest the
    guy. And if she is12 she is only one year from adulthood and the age of
    adulthood is falling. Not the legal age but the biological age, so
    depending on her biology she may be biologically an adult. Some 12 year
    olds are full adults some 18 year olds are not fully adults. Everyone is

  5. Asterio says:

    I thought people knew for a fact that average Chinese girls lose their
    virginity around age of 12 though…
    And usually the guy who made this happen is over 20s…
    This is why I think Chinese girls are as hopeless as those sluts in western
    countries now.

    No offense intended, and I am just stating pure fact as I am a Chinese and
    know my country too well.
    PS: 20year old dating 10 year old is really not something new in China… I
    think I should stop here before gaining too much hate towards me…

  6. Robert Brunner says:

    oh wow, these morons are going to tell someone in China how to live their
    lives? hey guess what? China owns us.

  7. Alexander Kuzmchev says:

    Yeah, fucking American cunts. True love is true love k.


    1 ‘who are you to judge’
    2 ‘It’s not doing anything to you so why do you care’
    3 ‘what right do you have to tell others what to do’
    4 ‘it’s none of your business’
    5 ‘No H8’
    6 ‘ ‘age-difference shaming’
    7 ‘pedo-shaming’
    8 ‘what makes you so special that you get to say what’s ok or not’
    9 ‘tolerance’
    10 ‘acceptance’

    I could go on ad-infinitum. You leftist liberal secular (and more than
    likely) feminist and/or atheist types don’t like it when your weapons are
    being used back on you, do you?!

  9. abdel l says:

    in America in 1900 you could marry a 12 year old girl.
    i dont know why they act like they never had such thing to begin with.

  10. Swiftclaw The Shadow Pup says:

    Ok 3 or 4 years at max but a 12 and 24 year old!? She is way to young! She
    most likely hasn’t even gotten her pierod! If she was older like 20 while
    he was in his 30s that’d be a bit better because she knows what life’s
    about and has finished school but this is ridiculous! I am not saying that
    age matters but when the girl is that young you’d think he’d think “hmm..
    Maybe i shouldn’t date a 12 year old” 

  11. Kristine Serrano says:

    My friends parents are 21 years apart

  12. Wendy bah says:

    why don’t adults let kids date each other

  13. Angel Isthyname says:

    I know you guys are worried but there’s nothing we can do I don’t agree
    with it either but you have think about country laws

  14. Juan Meza says:

    The only reason they do that is cause they cant get a girl their age xD

  15. naruto Ricky says:

    Bitch pls my grandpa is 72 and my grandma is 49

  16. mirta000 says:

    I wish them happiness. 

  17. tweet and tweeties : P says:

    in saudi 8 year old can marry

  18. Aubren Lewis says:

    To everyone:
    Puberty starts at 8ish.
    Menarch (periods) and sperm production start around 12ish.
    This is the biologically correct age to start having sex. Sex is not a
    “mature” thing, it is an INSTINCTUAL thing.
    By 14, their emotional range has fully developed. They can love and feel
    sexual as adults do.
    The brain does not reach its full maturity until roughly 26.

    Adolescents (12-25) can have sexual relations with each other in the same
    way adults do. All risk and loving potential involved. However, the MIND
    varies considerably during these years. Emotional maturity is not the same
    as brain development. As a general rule, the closer they are in age, the
    safer: intelligence doesn’t matter here, though it has great worth in
    individual relationships.

    Also, according to a certain undeveloped islands practices, children under
    puberty can safely have consensual relations with each other.

    It’s the age gap that’s the trauma; at least as a part of the base.

    Personally, I think this is a little weird.
    But there were 12 year old girls who married 20-ish guys at this age all
    the time in history. I’ve no knowledge of the trauma this could incite in a
    willing relationship between the two.
    And hey…they’re not having sex!

    There are 19 year olds who marry 60 year olds, and I think that is
    absolutely horrendous.
    Legal age isn’t that important when the age gap is THAT wide!

  19. Ȼarina Prøut says:

    I don’t see where is the problem

  20. 皇帝死亡 says:

    You guys sure they are in China chinese ? their name sounds like Japanese
    or Korean to me ! whenever you Americas wanna judge our Asian please do
    read and get to know us first. What you said TYT University shit ? doesn’t
    sound legit to me as well. In ASia legal or illegal that’s not on the
    Government to judge, you have your own freedom and we do have our own
    personal privacy freedom too, we are free to drink beer anywhere in the
    country, we are free to MODIFY CAR or TOO LOUD MUFFLER as much as we want,
    no fucking restriction, lastly , she/he can date anybody they want none of
    your business .

  21. Amber Reynolds says:

    Okay, I get what they’re saying, and the girl’s only a year older than me
    so yeah that is fucking sick, but did they REALLY have to call him a pedo
    PANDA bear??? That was fucking racist. Sticking to just ‘pedo bear’ would
    have been nice, but adding the panda part just pissed me off.

  22. Ji Akira says:

    Im pretty sure that Zhang Muyi banged her right in her vagina and her
    butthole too, and Akama miki enjoyed it. Because that nigga fuckin like “24
    years old” hes not going to be holding her by her hand like a little 12
    year old, hes already a man he’d like to do something else pleasurable to
    her. To all them people saying they’re “dating” and its not harmful; well
    you don’t know what goes on in their relationship, they may be fucking each
    other. And well, age really does matter, that shit is pedophilia, and its
    wrong, and disgusting. The girl may not even no what the fuck “love” is.

  23. Christon Han says:

    i can’t believe the number of people here who actually condone
    pedophilia… i’m afraid that marrying children will be legalized in
    america soon.

  24. OfficialAmillion says:

    China and Japan ALLOW THIS. Especially JAPAN. its sick, and needs to be

  25. slicer3889 says:

    Well he can show her lots of things. Anything and everything,

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