3 Powerful Tips on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back 3 Great Tips on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back After a break up we always have a chance of winning back our ex girlfriend. I…


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  1. Catherine Alex says:

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  2. Mark Messick says:

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  4. Jennifer Bayne says:

    Going through a breakup, especially when you didn’t want the relationship
    to end can be a very emotional time.

  5. Taricco Enderitta says:

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  6. havier solomon says:

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  7. Shelby Rozanne says:

    we were apart for 8 months, till 4 weeks ago, when i started feeling love
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    was a totally diffrent person.
    this week i was on his laptop and found this get your exback programme ,i
    was thinking is it the programme or what, or is it him tryna improve and be
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    but still thinking! might be!

  8. EMIL GABOR says:

    or just wait, ad she comse back if she want, if she dont want to come back
    si will not come indiferent how mane cardz are you wreiting

  9. Joel Smitter says:

    well looks like i failed all three steps lol

  10. Geesha Gehan says:

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  11. Musfiq Fahad says:

    U r pretty though! :-D

  12. Kaitlin Chandler says:

    Secret 3 Powerful Tips on How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back.

  13. Carlos Carranza says:

    All I want is a 3rd chance :(

  14. Todd Rowen says:

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  15. Drake charles says:

    If you let your ex gf back, don’t let her know you miss her even if you
    do.. Don’t tell her shit like ” I miss you, I still love you, I want you
    back”.. That’ll just push her further away.

  16. Colton Carey says:

    i sorta tried to pressure my gf to get back with me and she got pissed.
    like really mad and said i was stressing her out. then said in a while we
    may try and be friends. Well we really loved eachother and broke up for a
    stupid reason in the first place. Is there any way we could still workout?
    we were together for 8 months. breok up 3 weeks ago. and today she said i
    was stressing her out and maybe one day we could be friends. But i know she
    loves me. Alot. what we had was special. any way we could fix things? we
    arent even on speaking terms.

  17. Pedro Sousa says:

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  18. Bilal Muhammad jr says:

    This is wild,lol!

  19. kryptonite183 says:

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  20. sumon ahmed says:

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  21. KINGAMERvideos says:

    I wish I never loved my ex.

  22. Napoleon Wilson says:

    Fuck playing games. Just forget the bitch and play some xbox with a cold

  23. Deadbeats132 says:

    what happens when my gf broke up with me cause she wanted her ex back?

  24. Chickentothe DIP says:

    thank you, im going to get her back! ^,^

  25. Everett Mauger says:

    Guys, there is a reason it didn’t work out. Get laid and on to the next

  26. Guy 1 says:

    It did not work :(

  27. Cindy Clare says:

    Why your ex will NEVER come back…?

  28. Catherine Symonds says:

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  29. TheXero07 says:

    Thank u soo much for the tips now she might go back out to me 

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