3 Simple Text Messages To Get Your Ex Back

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  1. Taricco Enderitta says:

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  2. fisbazcan says:

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  4. sonyvegasify says:

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  5. Sohel Ahmed says:

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  8. WiseEndro333 says:

    Bob is back. He shall take over the Internet once again.

    Yes, I typed this into YT’s search bar, and found this video.

  9. Cat Thomas says:

    Honestly this video kind of grosses me out. Teaching guys how to manipulate
    girls to get back together like they are what needs to be changed.
    Obviously if you let her go once you will easily do it again. Don’t play
    with girls, they are not your toys. 

  10. Master ken says:

    not in the next one either well great drawings mate

  11. Nancy Capps says:

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  12. Lillie Brett says:

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  14. GetRight OrGetLeft says:

    I hate these little cartoons that go on forever talking about everything
    and giving all these examples, stringing you alone but never get to the
    friggin point!

  15. Marlon Moran says:

    he needs to get to the point fast not take the whole day

  16. Master ken says:


  17. Elin F. Kimber says:

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  18. murielc umingszy says:

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  19. Tommy D says:

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  20. Michael Cook says:

    Lol I don’t even care I just love the animation lol

  21. Jack D. Ramirez says:

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  22. rm jahangir says:

    Jibone ki pabona vulechi shei vabona.

  23. gendy sanco says:

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  24. abdullah m says:

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  26. ShannonMossify says:

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  27. Paula Menor Guzman says:

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  28. MsBagarino says:

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  29. abdullah m says:

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  31. Gladys Bach says:

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  32. overTVS says:

    Dont watch this video, its a waste of time, probably a scam

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