4 STEPS to get your ex back


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  1. romeytoorOfficial says:

    First Comment…

  2. Mahir Cecen says:

    … this can only work few days after the breakup, something you should
    have mentioned.

  3. TheBestNickname says:

    What if she blocked me on facebook, dont answer on phone and dont open the
    door? We was dating like just month, then she just wanted to a little break
    then i was super needy. Can i still have her? We didnt talk like about
    month and when i saw her about 5days ago i didnt tell her hello or anything
    like that. She was like super shiny and happy with her best friend smiling
    everytime when she saw me. Like “look im happy without u”

  4. Abel [NMNM] says:

    My ex broke up with me for about 8 months and I can not stop thinking about
    her today, sometimes against it at parties and she is keen to provoke me,
    but when I see the instagran only see her photos at parties and nothing
    related to me. I do not know what to do. After all already passaramm 8
    months ..

  5. Albo Lu says:

    willy beck and justin wayne are the only dudes to put their theory in
    practice,you neve do that
    you’re just talking shit,you never seem to prove your theories

  6. Pedro Quintela says:

    why would anyone want to have the EX back? that sounds masochism.

  7. nigeljoy says:

    looking forward to next video. i think she lost that caring attitude once
    she had…

  8. Ledzz Go says:

    Never ever go back to an ex – waste of time – unless she is beyonce-esque
    and loaded……..okay? – end of discussion, topic out…….:-) 

  9. Szarps says:

    loved the video, short, simple easy to follow and to the point. Keep up the
    nice work and advices

  10. dat Kokee says:

    Why can’t I stop staring at those fake boobies?

  11. Albert Wesker says:

    Ummmn, why would i want my “ex” back? She’s not worth it.
    Hot and crazy go hand in hand!
    And i’m done being with a crazy chick. ~_~

  12. PT111111 says:

    I know your eyes are up there, but I couldn’t help it… Sorry.

  13. BodaBoom BigAl says:

    Psychological warfare! Good tactics.

  14. JCGrantatAC says:

    Kezia is the real deal.

  15. Internalthorn says:

    If I would have to go back to any person not only girl, that is so stupid
    to have no forgiveness, lives and holds his/her hate inside, I wouldn’t go
    back to her at any circumstances and also remember her/him worst deeds. But
    thanks for vid, nice to see your perspective.

  16. James Lappin says:

    There exs for a reason ;)

  17. Max Mustermann says:

    Lel i’ve just got a stay-away order, what did i do wrong?

  18. Craig Storer says:

    Wow this is actually good compared to all the other “bullshit game” other
    artist put out.

  19. fujanu says:

    Hm, the one thing she wants me to change: Not having other girls.
    The one thing I want her to change: Accepting that she is the one and let
    me satisfying my needs.

    What to do now?

  20. MarkAg47 says:

    Kezia gives the best damn advice ever. you are dangerous woman! lol

  21. obieezx11 says:

    get a new partner strait away thats 1 step and always works

  22. ss aqeel says:

    I want to put my dick between that god damn boobs,,

  23. valetdabess says:

    What if she’s already with another guy? and they’re married? and have kids?

  24. kroggwaff says:

    what if she don’t even answer? silly how girl need the exact right

  25. Boggy P says:

    720p ^_^

  26. leise324 says:

    I had to watch this twice, once for the cleavage, then twice for the
    advice. And the cleavage.

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