5 Definitive Reasons Not To Get Back With Your Ex | Smart Talk About Love Question: “How do I attract a guy after I scare him with commitment?” Featuring Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz Got…


19 Responses to “5 Definitive Reasons Not To Get Back With Your Ex”

  1. OneSearchingForTruth says:

    Spoiled milk does not get any fresher! Let her go! :)

  2. C00ki3M0nsst3r says:

    lol comparing ppl to milk.. nice but i agree, let her go

  3. moolikeachicken says:

    …I like this guy! : D

  4. BethanyAngelstar says:

    Several good reasons NOT to get together with your ex…especially if she’s
    remarried, 12 time zones away, and is cheating on her husband. Not
    something good.

  5. EvilPaola says:

    If a woman is cheating on their current boyfriend or husband to be with
    you, chances are she will cheat on you too.

  6. Padfoot74 says:

    Pretty good advice, very straight forward and clear.

  7. RSooperfly says:

    He gives good advice in his videos lol

  8. jan1cia says:

    you don’t need to be a dating coach to tell you that. i think any normal
    person would express the same reasons. but he does give good advice.

  9. CKmothafucker says:

    In glad there are people that keep it real instead of just living in fantasy

  10. ToffeePoo says:

    I was suprise the guy didn’t realize himself…..i suppose love make us all

  11. niggaplease47 says:

    nigga looks like a horse

  12. assasinate3000 says:

    Bastard doesn’t know what love is. Everyone’s just too lathargic nowadays
    to understand what love is.

  13. MaicoMoon says:

    There’s a reason you guys broke up in the first place is the one of the
    best pieces of advice in the relationship arena.

  14. tanin47 says:

    His face is too funny !

  15. Kimberly Bolton says:

    Good adivce but I wonder if this guy has a reationship or not. Since he is
    so good with them is he happy and married?

  16. Kyriake says:

    Don’t get back with your Ex..You dumped them for a reason…

  17. Sana says:

    the bird is the word

  18. melissalb says:

    thisguy is so funny! hahaha i love him

  19. iamalena says:

    damn this guy is creepy looking

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