5 Mistakes That Ruin Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Back — Here are 5 mistakes that will ruin your chances of getting your ex back. After a breakup, you have to recognize that you’re in …


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  1. Tony T says:

    Hey brad. i need your advice here. my ex left me 4 months ago. we have
    talked together regularly since the breakup. But one day she sent me a text
    message and told me that she misses me, and she still loves me, but she had
    not dared to say it until now. she invited me home to sleep over, and then
    she kissed me and hugged me and told me that she likes me more than just a
    friend. She also said the day after we had to meet again soon. She told me
    that she would not have any other guys since she still loved me and dreamed
    about me. But there is a problem. I did not read your book before
    yesterday. so when i read it i thought that i had done things wrong.
    Because 2 days later i asked here what she wanted whit this, and whether we
    should give it a second chance. Then she said that she still loved me, and
    she would be my girlfriend, but she could not, because here feelings were
    not there anymore. She thougt it would not be us again, and she would
    rather find a new man later.i was heart broken, and told here that things
    can be different. she told me she loved me, but it would not work. i was
    confused. later that night she send me a text and she told me that she
    meant what she said that she loved me and wanted to be with me, and she was
    not trying to use me. But could not be my girlfriend because her feelings
    were not there right now,and that we maybe should not have so much contact
    now. She also said that she would be jealous if i met another girl. I said
    that I understood it, and it is a closed chapter in my life now. she asked
    me what I meant by that, and she still wants me in here life, and wish that
    we would remain friends, to see what happens. she could not promise me
    anything now, since she felt nothing right now. I told her that we could be
    friends, but I will not wait for her. she said that I should not wait for
    her and she loved me very much.What is she doing?she is clearly confused.
    she kiss me, and say that she loves me, and pull back when i asked here
    about it.I wish I read your book long before this happened. because I know
    now that I should not talk about feelings. what can i do now brad? ignore
    here fore 30 days, and hope that she miss me, and will meet me as a friend
    someday,so I can play my cards right, or is it hopeless? thank you :)

  2. Ryakeng Gidado says:

    Hey brad… Well my boyfriend brokeup with me kast week saying im too
    powerfull for him… I have no idea what that means…. Well prior to the
    break we never actually had abmny fighta… In fact he brokeup a day after
    we had a really romantic day.. No signs something was wrong… Im
    confused… Help!!! 

  3. vincenza lindsay says:

    Hey brad I need some advice say u were seeing somone for like 3 weeks and
    everything was good till the last week or so the other partner isn’t trying
    as much … And is treating me differently than what he was in the begi
    ning but still I went along being a good women that I am and treating him
    good showing hi. O care I confronted him a couple of days ago explaining
    how he has changed and I Dont dearve the way he has been acting towards me
    he’s reoky was he’s confused and doesn’t know what he wants right now. He
    says its not me that I am a great women its just he’s afraid of committing
    g and hurting me so he says right now he needs time to think and see what
    he wants I was hurt bec I do care for him and I agreed on giving him what
    he wanted now after all that he’s been trying g too call me but I haven’t
    been replying .. He texts me how he wants too talk too me and see if I am
    doing OK and I didn’t reply but the next day I did mesaged him a quick hi u
    texted me need too talk he did reply bk what do u think of this and what
    advice cab u give me brad plzzz help me 

  4. John Stockton says:

    Hey Brad,

    My ex and I had a huge fight back in November of 2014. She basically said
    its over. We had been together for about 2 years. She blocked me on
    Instagram her only social media site. We have had no contact with each
    other aside from seeing her twice in the gym. Last Friday she texted me
    asking “how are you”. I responded and we small talked for a little. She
    said she didn’t want to be weird anymore which I assume means she doesn’t
    want to not have any contact with me. She asked a couple of times if I was
    okay and I said I was. Then the last thing she said was so things aren’t
    weird I said nope. Today When I was at the gym she walked in while I was
    working out. She was doing her workout I was doing mine. I was trying not
    to make any eye contact with her basically trying to ignore her. When she
    left I noticed her looking back at me. I dont know what to make of it. What
    kind of game is she playing with me? I just wanted to see what you thought.

    Thanks you are the best,


  5. Julito Sacaben says:

    Hi brad, After we broke-up we become friends for a few weeks hoping to win
    her back, but she told me that she has a new boyfriend, I lose control and
    I did all the 5 mistake, After that she told me that she really hates for
    what i did, because of me I lost her forever and don’t want to see me
    anymore, and now we she is dating a new guy, but I’m not giving up on
    her… I never contact her and we never saw each other in 5 months but now
    we see each other twice a week because I enrolled one of my subject in her
    class and we are member in one organization, I want to make her fall inlove
    with me again and catch her attention but I dont know how to start to talk
    to her and I dont know what word I need to say because her cousin told me
    she still mad at me…

  6. Bagusatma Hario says:

    Hey brad, I broke up with my girlfriend around a month ago and i did the no
    contact thing since the day we broke up. I unfriended her on Facebook, and
    i deleted her contact in any social networks. Though before doing it, i
    sort of said that i needed time to be away from her. She told me that she
    understood, and is willing to do anything that are best for me (including
    not having contacts); so she accepted the fact that i deleted her from
    social network. Then I was gone from her life for a month or so until
    recently, I sent her an e-mail only to wish her marry christmas and happy
    new year. I got a positive respond: she’s glad to hear news from me, and is
    willing to see me again one day in person when i’m ready (as a friend, i
    guess). (Btw, we had a long distance relationship). Then today, i
    re-friended her on Facebook, and sent her a short message asking about the
    name of a restaurant we went during our last holiday which we really liked.
    And i said that i wanted to recommend a friend who is currently visiting
    the area where the restaurant is situated. Although her respond this time
    is waaay shorter than the one on the email which really disappointed me..
    Do you think it was to soon to talk to her again on Facebook, or she just
    literally doesn’t care about me anymore? And one more thing, I have a
    strong feeling that she’s dating someone new.. Should i ask her?
    Thank you Brad, your videos helped me a lot!

  7. tsfbulldog says:

    Hey Brad first off all, great video’s they have already made me feel
    happier and even made me smile seeing my ex-girlfriend do certain things
    that you said she should do. Now she broke up with me last monday, just a
    few days before Christmass now you understand this hurts more then anything
    in the world. She said she wanted to be friends, that she wants to do fun
    stuff. And yes i’ve made the mistake of begging and pleading. Going down on
    my knees to give her roses. Nothing helped, now what should i do? Delete
    her off facebook? Or just ignore her much as possible? Don’t respond to the
    message’s on facebook? She sends them to me every day and its driving me
    nuts. We have talked for ages and ages but if she keeps doing that i don’t
    want to make her feel like she’s not important or that she’s worthless to
    me and that she can start looking for other dudes.

    I know this girl is the love of my life after a relationship of 3 years and
    10 months. I just have no clue right now what i should do, i’ve watched the
    videos but inside this is just driving me nuts. 

  8. Trevis Stamper says:

    Hey Brad, my girlfriend of a year and a half broke up with me because she
    said she didn’t feel the love anymore. I naturally did everything wrong, I
    begged and pleaded for about two weeks. Then I said some mean things to her
    a week later and she won’t even talk to me. Did I ruin all of my chances of
    ever getting her back or is there still any hope?

  9. LEE KP says:

    Dear Brad, thanks for your video.

    I wanna ask, what if I’ve already done all of these (except for staying
    friends) after she demanded a break-up? Of course I decrease as time goes
    by, but still say these once in a while.

    Should I just stop immediately and not do it anymore?

    A little profile:
    Our relationship to this moment : 2 years + 2 months + 1 week
    1st time the break-up burst out : 1 month + 1 week ago

    I guess…. it’s not too late to stop it now right……?

  10. Chouaib Bazwi says:

    Hei brad, after a week that we didn’t talk I found my self reading her
    tweets, and she was completely stressed about her exam, not glad about the
    break up, and she was writing stuffs like ‘ don’t talk to me again’ and i
    went to talk to her and i was completely rejected
    And my question is, What I’ve done, will COMPLETELY ruin my chances of
    getting her back?
    Thank you.

  11. Jewell Wooten says:

    Hey Brad,

    My boyfriend and I were in a 6 month long distance relationship. I found
    out he cheated on me with a girl that he and i both knew and I broke up
    with him because i was so hurt. He is NOW in a relationship with the girl
    he cheated on me on and I miss him soo much especially when I see pictures
    of them together. What should I do? Should I talk to him or should I move
    on? Help!

  12. Lipstick Barbie says:

    Hi Brad i think ive made all these mistakes an my ex no longer wants me
    back. My ex partner and i were together for 4 plus year she cheated on me
    once with her and i tool her back. This time i found out before she broke
    up with me this time she was talking to her ex again wanting and beggin her
    back. Even through this all i want my ex back but she has cut all ties with
    me changed her number and blocked me what can i do to win her back 

  13. Akshay Rawal says:

    Hi..Brad.hope everything fine…not in my case…
    1>i am 25 years in relationship from 3 and half year..we both loved each
    other ..
    planned for marriage after me getting a settled job …we were very happy

    2>She is well settled girl earning quite well ..last 1 month not talking
    properly with me i am calling continuously
    not replying properly..saying i don’t feel like to talk with you..gets
    irritated from my calls..

    3>reason was i was to insecure about my future with her..i wanted she
    should show little bit changes in her
    nature and behavior..she is very workaholic and always over-stress
    not concentrate on any other things like helping
    her mom in some work..always absent minded…

    4>i am ready to adjust..but my family has problem with her behavior..i want
    to live with my family…

    5> i want she should change some what aand i also not saying to change in a
    month..step by step and changes are also not
    too take care of your health..just give me 10 minutes a day
    where you or i can call and some relation with my family like
    calling my mom once a week..
    she always think of herself and her work..she never cares what i
    expect..”AM I TOO DEMANDING??”

    6>from 10 days i am begging her to talk for atleast 5 minutes…she was
    busy out with office caligs partying for 2 3 days and do not bother to call
    and say “take care of yourself i will be a bit busy”..

    7>yesterday 31st dec i decided “30 days no talk rule”…she called me 5
    times finally when i received..she said i am missing you so much..after 10
    days she realize
    she is missing me…i explained her don’t be over-stress i am all ways with
    you we will work fine on relationship..she said i need time..whenever i
    feel like
    i will call you…
    i said her i cannot be your plan B so that you can call me whenevr you
    want..even i am human ..i have feelings..even i need someone when i am upset

    i was wondering..from 10 days i am trying to call her .begging to talk..she
    is busy with her friends…never thought about my feelings that even i need
    and what i expected…5 minutes of phone talk…and today when she called
    me..i started consoling her leaving my important work….

    8> is this girl perfect for me??…i know not…but i love her..will she
    change?? .. iam not sure…shall i think her as my future soul mate only
    a expectation that she will change??…what should i do….please need your

  14. olanskidude says:

    Hey Brad,
    I had a girlfriend for 7 years and she broke up with me last month and
    that’s the same month she committed in a relationship with another guy whom
    she has known on facebook but then I found out that the family’s guy was an
    old family friend from her province.. The root cause of our breakup was
    that she wanted to move on to the next level of our relationship and get
    settled, I told her that I was planning things out and get married next
    year but it was too late already and broke up with me then I just found out
    that she committed with this guy and they were engage for just a very short
    time and I was totally shocked about it. I told her that I was planning to
    get a housing loan first before we get settled, however it would take 2
    years before the guy gets back from overseas and for them to get married. I
    guess my only consolation is that they no physical contact as they guy
    works overseas. I’ve begged to her trying to win her back, I told her that
    she can’t just waste our 7 years together with just a guy she just known
    for a month and she have not dated in person. At first she told me to fix
    myself first since she has 2 years before the guy gets back from overseas
    but I blew it up when out of desperation I posted my profile picture with
    her then the next day she told me that there’s nothing more we can do about
    it, she said she loves this new guy and told me to stop looking at her wall
    on facebook so I won’t get hurt and for me to move on with my life. For the
    last time she even allowed me to give her a hug and I even kissed her out
    of my desperation. I wanted to marry her right away and get settled if ever
    she decided to go back with me but I don’t know if there’s still a way that
    I could reverse the situation. What do I have to do to have her back?
    Please help me Brad.

  15. kyle fischer says:

    So I’m afraid I’ve made the mistake of begging and pleading in the first
    3weeks after the break up I just caved in I was quite defeated at the
    moment. She told me it’s going to be okay.. And we can still be friends I
    basically said To her that would hurt me more than anything.. So we decided
    and deleted each other off Facebook and Instagram (spare me the
    heartbreak). Anyways it’s been an actual month of no contact and I’ve been
    doing great I’ve understood why we broke up, so I made a commitment to
    change my ways, and prove myself that I could be the man she’s looking for.
    So I’ve worked on many weaknesses since the time being, which has made me
    think this was the worst but best thing that’s ever happened to
    me..unfortunately. Regardless I haven’t spoken a word to her for a month,
    as a friend told me she’s often out clubbing or hanging with her friends,
    while I’m at work or constantly studying for my GED. So how do I proceed?
    Should I text her? It’s Christmas soon, and it got me thinking ” great I
    get to spend it with out this girl I love..” Do I wish her a merry
    Christmas? Like I’m in no rush to get back together, cause I feel like it
    will only result in another break up. I just don’t think she’s aware of how
    well and productively independent I became as an individual. If you could
    please help, and hopefully ease my mind.

  16. Cole Malcom says:

    Hey Brad, i messed up pretty bad right before we broke up i let my gf go on
    a date with another guy. i feel like she was testing me to see if i wouldnt
    let her go and i did only because i thought it might help. the past year i
    had been pushing her away and things where getting rough and i regret not
    treating her right i saw the signs and didnt fix it and then it was to
    late. she went and talked to this guy and two days later we broke up. i
    know thats not the only reason we did but i think thats what pushed it over
    the edge finally. im just wondering where i should go from here because i
    know that she loves me still and i love her to death. should i try and move
    on or just give it some time. i just dont think i can lose her forever. 

  17. Doge says:

    The breakup has been pretty recent, I was devastated at first but now I am
    devoted to getting her back. I made mistake number five, I blindly accepted
    the becoming friends thing, this has caused talking to her to become
    slightly awkward. Then i’m pretty sure that I could have messed up after I
    texted her a little over a week after the breakup saying that she came to
    mind when an amazing picture of clouds (which we liked to look at so that
    might actually count as one of the texts that may be supposed to help since
    it was a shared positive experience). But, Is it too late to do the the
    thirty-day method, or should I go a different route? Please help! Thanks.

  18. Zachary Garner says:

    Hey Brad. I did ALL these things including getting angry and saying nasty
    things. Man I regret it with all my heart, never do anything when you are
    in an emotional state. She wanted to be friends but I couldn’t do it. She
    has a new man now. But my question is have there been any clients of yours
    who have gotten their ex back after some time apart and with different
    partners? Thanks 

  19. sampath perera says:

    Hi brad I just got your exfactor guide but have a few question which are
    confusing me about, what is the best way to send you a message, is
    facebook fine. I don’t want to make a post on youtube since it contains
    information from the book.

  20. Tony T says:

    Thank you brad:)

  21. Lin Alvero says:

    My boyfriend dump me 2months ago! I beg and kneel in to him just to give me
    second chances. But he didn’t accept it! Now he’s dating. Do u think we
    still have chances to get back together?

  22. 888TopGear888 says:

    Hey brad, i’ve made every mistake here, is there really no way to ever get
    her back? have i completely lost my chances? I have your book, but i dont
    know what to do. Please help

  23. Francisco Anguiano says:

    Hi Brad, my ex girlfriend ended our relationship after almost 4 years
    together. I didn’t beg the first day after the break up. I beg on the 6th
    day and she was pretty mean to mean. After 2 weeks I called her and I said
    everything bad you could imagine. She called me twice after that crying.
    Then a day after she called me to say she wanted us to be good friends and
    that she still care for me. I had already ask her if we had a chance to get
    back together and she said no. So I don’t understand why does she wants us
    to be friends after 2 weeks of breaking up with me? I was never mean to her
    or made her feel bad. She still be texting me but reminding me that their
    are certain things I can’t say because we’re no longer together….thanks
    in advance.

  24. Ambra Lumpkin says:

    Hi Brad,

    I’m so frustrated. I broke up with my ex for a girl calling my phone and
    saying she’s was sleeping with my man for 2weeks, he had no time for me for
    a month… plus I gave him 5 chances to talk, I let him pick the days. He
    stood me up every time. When we stared dating I helped him so much. I
    bought him a used car, helped him put gas in it and pay insurance on it
    this helped him get a job. I can’t believe him. Back to the story. When I
    did 30 day no contact he called so many times. I made it 32 days then
    didn’t want him. Have him a chance to talk he stood me up again. Last week
    he poped up to my house with an emergency. I let him stay until I was of
    work. When I got home he tried to talk cried said he needed me loved me he
    was sorry. I said I’m dating someone he got mad. I fed him and took him to
    his friends.. He believes I called the police on him, he got locked up. But
    I didn’t call. .he blames me and said he really needed me then so, Don’t
    call dont worry, I don’t want him he don’t want me. Kept hanging up on me.
    Threatened to block my number. I don’t understand how he can do me like
    this when I’ve had his back. OMG this really hurts my feelings. 

  25. MrRel23 says:

    Hey brad my girlfriend and I decided to give eachother space, about almost
    an week ago Jan 8. We spent almost everyday together throughout our entire
    9 month relationship. I broke up with her last friday. I ignored her for 1
    day. But mind I say this, I vaded her privacy, which caused me to break up
    withher. then I felt bad and called her the next day and explained my
    reasons for breaking up with her. Out of desperation to be with her, I told
    her to just be friends because I felt that we wasnt gonna get together
    again after I explained my reasoning for ignoring her wen I broke up with
    her.I’ve kept contact throughout the entire breakup. She truly missed me
    for that only 1day. Now we have had sex twice already, but things still is
    akward because we both are dealing with our wounds from the relationship
    breakup. Ive made all these mistakes. I kno I have a chance, but how can I
    correct this before I lose her for good.

  26. danielle nicholson says:

    Hey brad me and my ex broke up 2 months ago. I text him after the break up
    over reacted. Then I did no contact then would talk about general stuff. I
    suspected he was seeing another girl. I phoned him the other day and put my
    feelings to him and explained and opened up to him. I know he’s hurt too it
    felt the right time. He told me about him seeing someone. I wished him the
    best and hoped he was happy. I have now cut all contact with him. I have
    done all the classic mistakes and think I’ve ruined my chances to get him

  27. Seamus Joy says:

    Hey brad..!! I recently purchased your online program.. My ex of 18 month
    ended it..!! Since the breakup I ayes it cool for three or four days before
    making contact but got no reply I continued texting for two days before I
    left it off for four or five days in which I was talking on the phone..!!
    She said it was all my fault and that she hated me two days later I rang
    again in which she told me she dosnt love me anymore the following day was
    her birthday so I texted to say happy birthday but again no reply a week or
    more passed and I sent her a pointless text of how are u. Again no reply a
    week later I went a bit crazy and she replayed with a message that said she
    had replaced me with some one else and that I should stop ringing and
    texting her as it’s making me look needy desperate and that it’s innate
    active.. A week later I sent the clean slate email..!! I’m just a little
    worried as to the effectiveness of the clean slate email and the fact that
    I have ruined my chances completely..!!?? Please help..??

  28. EBONY CASON says:

    Hi my name is ebony im new to your channel and love your suggestion
    yesterday me and my husband out of 5 years married had and fight and he
    left bec I pick up a glass to hit him with it but I did not hit him so I
    tryed reaching out to him to tell him I’m sorry and I should not have act
    in that matter and to come home he says he is scared in is not coming home
    I miss my husband and did everything you already said not to do I don’t
    think staying go for a month is a good thing is that too long

  29. Taylor Fulton says:

    Would it be a mistake to take her out to dinner or get a bite to eat with
    her if she talked about doing it? After my ex says we could go out
    somewhere she says “yeah as friends” also would me and her work at the same
    place and usually I came in after her the other day and left a note on her
    windshield that said “you’re beautiful:)” would that also be a mistake?
    even if i’m doing the no contact rule? when doing the no contact rule is it
    a mistake for me to text her if she gets mad at me for not texting?

  30. lenny2170 says:

    hi brad, me and my ex broke up two weeks ago and we have been together for
    4 years, and I at the time when I was lost and hurt and all the other stuff
    what you feel after a brake up.. I asked her what I do wrong she said
    nothing I did nothing wrong what so ever and she just said it don’t seem
    the same anymore it seems wired between us and I felt ok I felt that
    everything was grate but it was just her , I just did not no what just
    made her just go in to that way of feeling like this, but one thing I need
    to no brad is….. she said that she don’t no what she want right now and
    she got to much work to do , to much on her mind and she just don’t no what
    she wants right now , so Ive started that 30 thing what you said to do its
    been 4 days so far but she text me saying how are you , then the next she
    says you said that you still wonted to be friends and still talk, and still
    text each other now and then , and that’s true so I don’t no what to do
    should I keep doing it or? bc the girl that she is will she just leave and
    just think ok good bye bc I don’t want that to happen, should I text her
    like once a week ? an on facebook where she send me facebook text she can
    see im online and she says I no your online why do not speaking to me an
    it makes me feel awkward!! bc you can clearly see im online NEED YOUR

  31. CJ C says:

    Hi Brad, my ex girlfriend recently dumped me a week ago. We were seeing
    each other for 2 months. She met my whole family (christmas party) and we
    both met each other’s parents and both sides approve. She is broke up with
    me saying that I shouldn’t waste my time with her because she is not going
    to change. This is in regard to our text argument in which she said she
    never want to love anyone again because the only person she loved was her
    abusive ex boyfriend 1 year ago. I wanted to help her get over her past but
    she shut me out. I told her that I could never marry someone that did not
    love me, (I had already told her I loved her). I knew she would not
    reciprocate the feelings yet, but I made it clear I was patient. The
    problem was she said she never wants to change so it it pointless. I told
    her I am not ready to give up on her yet. She said in a few months you will
    be tired of it and leave.

    We made plans to hang out that saturday and for her to stay the night. She
    canceled them the day before and said she just wanted to come sunday and
    hang out for the day. I called her to ask her if anything had changed
    between us, but she said no. She came sunday just told me I shouldnt waste
    my time, which surprised me because 2 days ago she said everything was fine
    and I hadn’t talked to her since. So walked her out to her car kissed her
    on the head and she left.

    We had a good relationship up until that argument. We had one smaller
    argument the day before over text about how much we should see each other,
    but nothing serious. I wanted to see her more, she said she needed more
    time with her family (but she lives with them). We agreed on most things
    and laughed together a lot. I am only the second person she slept with and
    I know she enjoyed it. She has called me amazing and “love” in the past, so
    with exception of this we were good together.

    I haven’t talked to her since we broke up last week, but I wrote her a
    letter which she should get today apologizing for making her feel
    uncomfortable. I told her I know I was asking for more than she was willing
    to give and it was not right of me. I accept her for who she is and her
    past is her burden to bear but I would be there if she needs me. I ended
    telling her if she is ready to give us another shot, I just want to live in
    the moment with her. Only focus on getting together and making each other

    What are your thoughts? She has not responded yet, I am not sure if she
    will. I feel the reasons for the break up are easily resolved, but I don’t
    know if I missed something.


  32. Gina Fennell says:

    Dear Brad, Thanks very much for your video
    5 Mistakes That Ruin Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Back

  33. Ruben Guerrero says:

    Discovery 5 Mistakes That Ruin Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Back

  34. Gloria Coombs says:

    Discovery 5 Mistakes That Ruin Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Back

  35. Jagan Don says:

    Hi I’m from India,, my girlfriend says that she didn’t get love on me after
    I scolded her.. She wants me to accept the break up and marry a another
    girl.. But I love her, I want her back.. 

  36. alwayssusheel says:

    Hi brad,
    I need your advice….. me and my ex we’re in relation for abt 3mnths and
    after that she broke up with me saying that am possessive and obsessed abt
    her and now its been a month for our break up and to get her back in my
    life i did all those 5mistakes which u just showed in the video. the
    2months of our relation was too good but from the third month she started
    ignoring me she says that she doesn’t want any relationship she wanna
    concentrate on her studies and asking me to just be friends if i want. for
    the 1st two weeks after break up i used to plead her alot though she
    doesn’t used to reply me… She says that she doesnt feel anything for me
    now she doesn’t wanna meet me or talk to me in phone. She is not even
    replying me properly for my texts please suggest me what to do to get her
    back in my life.! 

  37. Ελένη Μανωλακάκη says:

    Hi Brad! Thanks for all thr precious advice I wish I had heard before. My
    Ex broke with me 4 months ago. Some behavior of his disappointed me and I
    started insulting him via e-mail. Then he wrote back that he does not want
    any contact at all. The same has happened two and a half years ago and then
    we had a period of two years with me e-mailing him sometimes with insults
    some times with pleading and him not replying. 6 months ago he returned and
    we had a wondeful period of two months together. And then after the first
    problem he withdrew, I insulted him and now he is gone. I write e-mails to
    him of all kinds but I do not get any reply. Is there any chance of getting
    him back if I go for the no contact period. Or, you think, there is no
    chance of rehabiliation. While we were in a relationship feelings were
    mutually hot and intense. Thanks for your time. Best. Eleni

  38. Heather Smith says:

    My boyfriend and I broke up a couple of weeks ago. We had a pretty bad
    arguement and I packed my things and walked out on him while he kept
    begging me to come back inside and work it out. After I had cooled off I
    realized I made a mistake by leacing and went back the next day to work
    things out. By time I went back though he had decided he couldnt do this
    anymore but maybe “in the future”. We tried the whole friends thing but he
    kept reminding me we werent together and that he would eventually find
    someone new. We hung out a couple days ago and when he went home I got on
    facebook and saw a picture of him and another girl cuddled up and in her
    comments she told her friends he had said he sees a future with her and he
    makes her so happy. They couldnt have even known eachother more than a week
    at this point. I got extremely upset and let my emotions get the best of me
    and commented on the picture putting my ex down in any way I could think
    of. Later that day he messaged me asking why I was so mad and if I just
    expected him to be single the rest of his life. I again let my emotions
    override and began talking down to him saying anything I could think of to
    hurt him the way I was hurting.

    Do you think I have cometely ruined my chances of ever getting him back? I
    feel awful and all I really want is to be next to him again but I feel I
    may have destroyed everything by looking like the “crazy ex girlfriend”.

  39. ZealsAmbitions says:

    Hey Brad, would really appreciate your view on this. My ex over the week
    has been contacting me and texting me. Asking of my whereabouts and what I
    am doing. She tells me she thinks of me. However, she’s been hot and
    cold. She says those things, but says I will never change, that I only
    have a “band-aid” fix. I got really upset by this, because I have changed
    and put in a lot of self work to make sure I walk the talk. So I said
    something cold, saying that I have changed, just her that hasn’t changed
    and haven’t grasped the reality. She got offended and blocked me. She
    said I have changed in dropping what I did to hurt her, but that I was a
    douchebag. Do I still have a chance? What should I do?

  40. Platinum Alpha says:

    Im , not supposed to make friends with her? Whoops…

  41. TheMexican1821 says:

    Brad my ex said she wanted me to be her best friend, and I did say I love
    you, and cried to her initially. But its only been like 2 days since the
    break up, she dumped me to get with another guy. Because he lives closer to
    her, and she can see him more often. What can I do to try, and make her
    think about me even if she is with another guy. I don’t wanna just like
    delete her number, and unfriend her on Facebook, ect. We were together for
    a year, and three months. I asked her to give me advice as if she was
    another person on how to win her back, and she said to just be there when
    she needs me. Is that a good idea or should I completely cut that off? She
    usually sends me snap chats, should I snap her back, or just stop all
    communications, I don’t want her to completely forget about me, and focus
    on this other guy. What can I do in my situation?

  42. nada thabet says:

    hi brad ,
    we broke up a few days ago , he is not talking to me at all , sent him text
    saying i really need to talk to him he said okey i will call you , but he
    didn’t , so i’m applying the 3o days thing ,, didnt call him since .. what
    should i do then ? and if he called ?? should i answer ?

  43. Alexis Miranda says:

    What if my ex says I love you to me but she’s the one in power and says we
    are together but not together how do I make her be mine 100%

  44. jonah hill says:

    Hey Brad, me and my gf broke up 3 months ago and she kind of dumped me for
    no reason and said she has a lot of stress of school and work, i did one
    month of no contact and after i contacted her we have been in touch for
    now like 2 months, she has been very hot and cold towards me, i saw her the
    first time after 3 months when i was hanging out with my friends in a bar
    and i completely ignored her the whole night and then she sent me a message
    that she misses me so much and has to see me and wants to try again, so we
    met yesterday and she came to my house and everything was fine, but right
    after she left my house she sent me a text that she doesnt want anything
    serious and doesnt know if she has time to see me, but still she said that
    she doenst want to loose me and she still cares about me a lot , im kind of

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