5 Ways on “How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back!” 3 SECRET TIPS TO GET YOUR EX GIRLFRIEND BACK 3 Secret Tips To Turn The Tide Of Your Break-Up And Get Your Ex-Girlf…


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  1. Annrhen Amistad says:

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  2. fisbazcan says:

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  3. Atom drum Bob says:

    Unfortunately it was me who broke up with my girlfriend and not the other
    way round. I was drunk and did it in a stupid manner. I tried no contact
    for a while, but asked her last night if she wanted to get back with me,
    and guess what she doesn’t. Miss her like crazy as she was my first true
    love. And now for all i know, she could be seeing some other guy, maybe
    even a guy i know at uni or something. So many videos on here about being
    dumped, but the dumper can feel down too, especially when we regret it
    after. Sucks to be me right now i tell ya that. 

  4. Sarah Anna says:

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  5. Theodore Sanchez says:

    Thank you so much. I got my girlfriend back. 

  6. Q80 Vaper says:

    Hi my story is my girlfriend left me for another guy but after few days she
    keeps calling me and texting how saying much she misses me and she wants to
    be my friend because she wants to marry the other guy and I told her in our
    last conversation that I’m nit interested in being a friend and after 3
    days since our last phone call she still text me saying that she loves me
    and have stronge feelings towards me but she doesn’t want to leave her
    current boyfriend any advice? And for how long should I stay in no contact

  7. Random Name Guy says:

    I was heart broken I don’t know what to do

  8. Markus Allen says:

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  9. soccerkickerz 24 says:

    My girl friend said she hates me and she originally got a boyfriend

  10. jeaden Owusu says:


  11. ernesto agadir says:

    When you break up, just move on.. Travel, work out, read, keep your mind
    busy and try to forget about your bitch that is the best way. Don’t except
    her to come back it might not gonna happen..

  12. ernesto agadir says:

    Bulshit!!! my girlfriend is gone 1 year ago and i never heard from her. I
    did everything that was necessary to get her back. I mean all these stupids
    tactics but none of them worked. Overall, It depends on girls and
    relationships. Many girls are just born to be a whore and they don’t have
    feeling so those things won’t work with them.

  13. elisangela spolidoro says:


  14. rasool zakee says:

    can someone help me figuer this out i had this women that was just my
    friend and she knew i was in love with her i began to get jealous of her
    lover and became to needy and done a bunch of dumb things to run her off
    she said she for give me but doesnt want to talke to me any more i miss her
    soo much and the friendship we did have is there a way i can get her back
    in my life we knew each other for four years

  15. canbeveryeasy says:

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  16. michael john says:

    Drop all contacts is the best way… 

  17. xxlittlebroxx says:

    It really worked i got to bang her then i dumped her payback is a bitch

  18. Keasia Williams says:

    He hlp me

  19. anthony rae jackson says:


  20. ishaq ali says:

    iam in yr5

  21. Jahaziel Martinez says:

    this kade my heart pound, I need my Paulina back :c

  22. Omar Ali says:

    what if she broke up with u because U BROKE HER CAR (LAPRGAINE)

  23. justin oliver says:

    same that i felt lucky and then she brock up with me

  24. Mason - TheGodMod says:

    Just don’t call her back then she’ll probably come crawling back

  25. Andres Morales says:

    Yo man what about if you’re a kid

  26. dennis roley says:

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  27. Win Back Ex says:

    that’s true… women can be complicated most of the time. Gotta take some
    time for yourself and rewind a bit. Figuring out what they loved about you
    in the first place is key.

  28. jose hernandez says:

    I need my Katherine back , NOW!!

  29. Rajesh Shrestha says:

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  30. Gilberto Zavala says:

    Thanks bro.

  31. PotatoRecorder91 says:
  32. BumbaRoss FattyBoomBoom says:

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