50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack-Track 1

50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack-Track 1

DELIBES-Lakmé: Flower Duet.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Meet Fifty Shades's Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan's Real-Life Loves

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan got fans excited with last week’s release of the first Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. Before the blockbuster’s debut next year…

40 Responses to “50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack-Track 1”

  1. Angélique Lhotellier says:

    Jamie Dorman perfect for Mr Grey Christian ;)

  2. rosangela amorim bezerra says:

    Esplêndido! Devastador!!! 

  3. Billie Dee says:

    50 shades of grey soundtrack: 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack-Track 1

  4. Sierra Hargrave says:

    this song played while alice on the l word was getting fingered by bette
    also from the l word…great song! 

  5. Misaki chan says:

    Perfect music for perfect movie and even better book :)

  6. andii lamBertt says:

    “El dueto de las Flores” muy hermoso pero esta incompleta

  7. Evolet71 says:

    is this like an official soundtrack ?

  8. Suncica Dlab says:

    <3 <3 <3

  9. Arely Santiiago says:

    Wow ahh EL DÚO DE LAS FLORES ES HERMOSO ah es mi favorita :3!

  10. Marvin Gluck says:

    BRONSON !!! Best biopic ever !

  11. İlkin Polat says:



  12. CRISTY CRUZ says:


  13. odeth perez says:

    De que parte del libro es?

  14. Angélique Lhotellier says:

    Miss James a bien choisi ces chansons pour #FSOG :) !!

  15. Alice Huang says:


  16. Burcu Demiregen says:

    What’s this song’s name?

  17. Gary Mayer says:

    ‘Flower Duet’ by Delibes sounds like m’lady is having a squirting orgasm. I
    know the skene gland and can get you there, ladies; I’ll bet Christian Grey

    Anyhow, I have the soundtrack and it is well selected (by E.L. James).

  18. Bel SR says:

    Jamie Dornan is the perfect CG :)

  19. misa chan says:

    Christian mi hombre imperfecto y muy sensual!!!!!!
    (imaginenme babeando) je

  20. SILVIAMVARGAS89 says:

    when did they mention this song in the book?

  21. Rosi Gonzalez says:

    Christian eres perfecto<3
    Para mi siempre va a ser Matt Bomer o Ian Somerhalder ❄️⛄️

  22. Miroslva Rubio says:

    In the red room

  23. Silvia Araujo says:


  24. Melbie Dumag says:

    Oh christian grey!

  25. Martha Seravilo says:

    He’s really handsome, not the Christian Grey I pictured when I was reading
    the books though, but he’s okay to me. Now this Dakota looks a bit older
    compared to the Anastasia I had in mind to be fair. Nonetheless I’m looking
    forward to see the film soon. I’m so excited!

  26. ashley weisler says:

    Jamie’s wife is a lucky gal…….. oh my 

  27. Buttercupbraz says:

    I get the whole actors thing …but they do somehow look good together
    unlike some other actors in real life!

  28. Leslie Gibson says:

    If Jamie is not sure whether he is good at sex or not, just have him
    contact me and I will see for myself if he is good or not. ;)

  29. amanda camading says:

    Disappointed that jamie is married to another. I just hope dakota and him
    get together :(

  30. James Naisse says:

    dakota and jamie’s wife actually have similar features. hmmm…..

  31. Vanessa Lovaah says:

    Lol both women look like eachother

  32. Sameia Hussain says:


  33. Gladdys Lugagay says:

    I think this two guys will make an ultimate great match. Excited to watch
    it here in Philippines

  34. angelica paino says:

    me encanta tanto jamie y dakota para los personajes de christian y
    anastasia,pero claro sus vidas privadas y parejas reales hay q
    respetarlas,personalmente amo la musica de drowners asi me adore ver las
    fotos de dakota con matt! ojala q su relacion funcione! = )

  35. paulita gonzalez says:

    team jamelia por que ellos esten siempre juntos y nos den muchos hijos para
    deleite visual de nuestras hijas en un futuro <3

  36. Claudine Eustaquio says:

    oh ! so that says it ..
    the are happily inlove with their partners ..
    disappointed ? just a LITTLE ! swear ! xD

  37. Katharina Marieluise says:

    Love her hair *__*

  38. erinundra says:

    Read four pages of this junk, what a badly written book.

  39. Crystal Hodges says:
  40. Jackie Castillo says:

    This is great

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