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  1. havier solomon says:

    >>>>>>>After you watch this free presentation, I know that you’re going to
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  2. Taricco Enderitta says:

    So many people go crazy when their partner breaks up with them and it never
    works in getting them back. You want to be attractive and desirable in
    their eyes don’t you?

  3. Doron Schreeuwer says:

    I’m sooooooooooooo haaaaaaapppppppppyyyyyyyyy to not winning my ex again!
    Trying getting her back was the most stupid idea of my entire life..and god
    knows how many stupid ideas I had in my life.. 😛

    There is a reason why relationships ends and all you have to do is to
    accept it and move on.. maybe time will help, it’s a good cure thingy.
    Maybe new love, real one..not cheap model of the ex.

    Just go on and don’t look back toward your ex! if it didn’t work just be
    happy to have your life back! 

  4. Walker Hugo says:

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  5. Maria Styles says:

    Breaking up is the worst things wouldnt you happen in ur life ,my bf jst
    dumped me without my knowledge jst stop calling me , got cold , and start
    showing me that he wasnt interest anymore ! I was lost , sick and desperate
    to know the reason bt he ended to blocked me on his phone ! Bt you know
    what i lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks coz of that break up ,, its works for weoght
    lost bt not to win him back ,,, i won ! 

  6. 1ma4ighter says:

    holy shit, my gf broke up with me last saturday evening. . .we’d been on a
    fucking rollercoaster already, so I just accepted it.
    I ignored her the rest of the day (not showing any anamosity or anything)
    when we got to her house, she spent an hour in the car trying to talk
    things out with me – I thought “wtf?!” and then she made it right. . . well
    before she closed the door on her way in, she opened it back up and then
    asked “so what is this?” expecting me not to drive off and reply. . .we are
    back together again. . . shit’s actually better than before. . . kinda

  7. tgodmostdope says:

    Mind game number who gives a fuck: get over your ex, feel confident and
    learn to love yourself

  8. Monica Erter says:

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  9. amel bella says:

    in my case, my ex is working with me, actually, he’s my boss and my chances
    to get him back are 000000000000

  10. monnie xxo says:

    my ex is making all this and i know he search all his stuff on youtube so i
    found this when i youtubed it, uhh i told him that he was out of my league
    but he is too dump to fucking understand 

  11. Tanya Mason says:

    My ex probably read your PP video (or similar advise to this)… and did
    these things to me… Guess what… it turned me off from him even more for
    playing these mind games…. I completely lost respect for him… So, in
    my case it did not work…

  12. nipty bipty says:

    Not sure if playing MIND GAMES is a good idea as you could fuck up your
    chances. I would rather see it as a strategy to repair the damage you did
    to make your ex GF or BF run away. Nobody gets dumped if they are doing all
    the right things in a relationship.

  13. charice pempo says:

    X success

  14. Jutta Fisher says:

    The funny part is i did it before without to know about this video ore any
    books etc.Just because i am a Capricorn made me strong minded and cool and
    wola.I used to say men like boomerang they always be back.If a man know
    what he had on you he come back.So never cheat.All other litle stuff can
    get fixed.Try it, and if it dont work well you look fantastic and feel good
    about yourself.What do you got to lose?

  15. Norden Five says:

    Amazing things can happen:-)

  16. mahogs9 says:

    If you really wanna see some results, give that bitch a wink 😉 every now
    and then, but don’t talk to her unless she talks first

  17. TheDMTLover says:

    Haha… sure. Just do a metamorphosis from what you think you were to what
    you think, she thinks she wants. What this guy is saying is, play a game
    and by all means do not try not to be yourself because, trying is not
    doing This way, you will both be fucked. Here’s a trick, Love her the best
    you can. If she is not happy, accept it and let her find someone else that
    she needs to experience according to her wishes. After all, you both had a
    life before you met. Also, try unconditional love for a change or aim
    toward that,.. and a good place to start is loving yourself so you won’t be
    so dependant on other people to be happy. You will be surprised that you
    will not have to ignore them or hate them to move forward. Remember, misery
    love’s company. Don’t drag others in your – unhealthy – emotions to feel
    better. Work it from inside because we are 100% responsible for what we
    think & feel…

  18. inktoxicated says:

    ok so me and the gf were together on/off for 8 years. rollercoaster. but
    very much in love. anyway we called it quits for like the 5th and final
    time. didnnt talk to each other for 5 months. i was doing my thing she was
    doing hers. wasnt easy seeing pix of her out and about and im sure it wasnt
    easy for her either to see me with my freinds. anyway she texted me outta
    the blue. next thing u know were hanging out and things are great. nothing
    official just enjoying each other. 4 weeks in, banngg 180 degree turn.
    she became distant and unresponsive then eventually said she doesnt wanna
    go back down the same road again, yada yada yada. kinda fucked up re
    inviting me back into her life then pulling the rug from under my feet.
    bitches be crazy

  19. Crystal Chhour says:

    What the hell

  20. Anushka Khoorban says:

    this is goood

  21. Exterminate Bullies says:

    This is currently being done to me and I do admit it works. But how to tell
    if they are faking not caring or really don’t care?. I really don’t want to
    end up back with someone who really doesn’t care. This is why we broke up.

  22. Liliana Solis says:

    My ex left me to go be with his baby momma I have a daughter with him and
    yet I still love him

  23. Gary Erkan says:

    You can also spy on his cell phone without having it..
    check out highster-mobile , com

  24. HunterGamingGr says:

    Plz reply…We was together for 1 month but sunndnly she broke me up.Now I
    am in friend zone WHAT TO DO?(SORRY FOR BAD ENGLLISH)

  25. Trista A says:

    ok.. here summin i need opinion… if an ex tells you.. ” i think we
    rushed into fast , think we should slow down , be friends m see how it
    goes.. but still be best of friends, nothin will ever changed “.. so what
    that means ? 

  26. Johannes Mücke says:

    you’re a cunt.

  27. DrAsma Khatoon says:

    It’s bigger than all these fake ass records.Big fat Liar.

  28. Izashia Jones says:

    Someone reply .. okay so i accidentally let out all my feelings to him and
    umm he was just so blank about it like he didnt care does this ruin my
    chances ? Is he ever gonna come back ?

  29. Susan McMillan says:

    Is the author of this video 12 years old?

  30. Moody Bloom says:

    “magic” my ass… When my ex and i broke up…i was like ADIOS
    motherfucker! And that is what everybody should do. He mistreated you??
    ..Good bye, see ya NEVER! Give em 6 month…watch them come back ;))

  31. mary12loveable says:

    i gave my ex the silent treatment totally worked they went crazy ,showing
    off, moving towards me (drifting) towards me any way, but it was totally on
    purpose. they were trying 2 make me jealous and,showing off constantly.
    plus my ex’s friend was “flirting” with me in my ex’s point of veiw and he
    got sooooo jealous he acually hit and slapped his friend . we don’t go out
    (YET) . hahahahahaha

  32. DakotaJanes says:

    Wow amazing, i am too here to promote a link or a book or a name while
    pretending I am not. Oh amazing. oops.. I already said that. That was

  33. xChocoDaGreat says:

    @gradilin2 Im reading every Comment, congratz u made it to the top 5

  34. angela beavers says:

    This goes out to Tony marcello I am friends with his family! Tony is
    Crystal daddy!

  35. Riibooooo Farag says:

    so what can i do if i made silly things like calling and so ,,,,he turned
    back and left me again but i call him every month as he travellecd usa 5
    months ago

  36. Emil Wibergh says:

    Why am I Watching this! I’m thirteen

  37. HiphopNRap Music says:

    i dnt want my ex back coz i dnt want to get hurt again … i think once
    break up , getting back together is a very bad idea …

  38. shayna loo says:

    why move on? if u still love your partner? or have still the same feeling
    to each other? in relationship it is natural if there is a war sometime
    becoz in the end you will realize how much important the partner to
    you..and it shows the true love..and thatis for lifetime

  39. Daze Shot says:

    Me and my ex broke up about a month ago. We both act like how we first met
    each other, but i dont know what to do. Any advice?

  40. 90brissy says:

    @Dyddito I asked myself the same question

  41. Redswag MSP says:

    kiss your hand 20 times say your exs name 15 times post it on wmother video
    and youll get him or her back

  42. turgut yıldırım says:

    The best part is DONT LOOK DESPERATE!

  43. Tori Forguson says:

    I showed him one of my drawing when we broke up and it was of Jeff the
    killer and well … I fucked up

  44. adeyemi paul says:

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  45. kamrulbdkot says:

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  46. Pita Bread says:

    Childish behaviour from emotional immature people. Both of you.

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