Advice In Being in a Long Distance Relationship

BTW: I don’t know everything about a relationship. Everyone is different, but I feel that some of these key points are important as well! Be happy and in lov…
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25 Responses to “Advice In Being in a Long Distance Relationship”

  1. Netkiller3714 says:

    I learned that for every girl I date online. There is ALWAYS that one
    fucking guy that just talks to her all the time and tags her and then
    eventually adds me to the tags and then its like dude. Stop messaging my gf
    every fucking day in hopes shell break up and you can swoop in. Lol Every
    time. Seriously guys. Stop being vultures. Lol

  2. shylashes says:

    You’re so well-spoken and warm. Thanks for the video and tips! xo

  3. PixelZingProductions says:

    Oklahoma to Florida….. I moved here 4 months ago….
    I miss my girlfriend SOOO much!!!! ;~;

  4. Lulu Albader says:

    I’m in Kuwait and my bf is also from Kuwait but he have to travel to Egypt
    to study military:-(…and I can’t talk to him everyday beacause of his

  5. Richard Medina says:

    My gf should watch this cx

  6. Netkiller3714 says:

    Yeah true say eh. I trust her so I guess even if they did try she would
    turn them down anyways so It is a jealousy thing. I never really thought
    only that way. Thanks.

  7. I'm CYAN says:

    im in hawaii and my girlfriend moved to alabama the day after christmas

  8. Leslie Ake says:

    This is so great!

  9. Cris Dizo says:

    Texas to Kansas.

  10. Marcelina Apodaca says:

    What if that person is always busy and doesn’t have time to call you or
    video chat with you ?

  11. Topaz1115 says:

    awesome vid! I am here in the USA, and my girlfriend is in the
    philippines… lol… 6 months, and going strong. I do my best to help her
    and her family out since financial is a big problem for her momentarily…

  12. Sophie Davies says:

    I live in England and he lives in Venezuela :/

  13. Suzy Wang says:

    this help me so much. thank you! and like you said things arent as
    complicated as we see them :)

  14. Mariana Portela says:

    bf in the uk and me in brasil :( 2 year anniversary in one month :-)

  15. corey yoo says:

    i needed this video today thank you

  16. Waldky Rhodrigues says:

    Good tips. Which country are you from?

  17. tiger foxx says:

    I’m in Louisiana while he’s in Texas. We are 10 hours away and we FaceTime
    everyday for at least 6 or 7 hours. What I love most about long distance is
    I know I love him for him and not whatever he would be if he was here with
    me. Can’t wait till he can visit(:

  18. thomas wong says:

    I live in new zealand, she lives in california. I love her so much.

  19. BEazyDaBest says:

    Texas to New Jersey

  20. SoubiLover says:

    Long distance relationships are a lot of work but they’re so worth it. I’m
    originally from NYC and he’s Canadian. We talked everyday and it didn’t
    take me long to fall for him. He felt the same and we’ve been through a
    lot. You just have to believe that one day you’ll be together again. We’re
    finally living together and engaged. It made all the hard work so worth it.

  21. Nikro Plays says:

    georgia to california

  22. Tania Powell says:

    I live in Washington, my boyfriend live in Florida. His home to mine is
    3,284 miles..

  23. WahlstedToronto says:

    You said show your concern about her over affectionate guy friend, what if
    it’s the guy she liked before you and sees everytime she goes on vacation
    to the sun booze dance n shit vacations? I just don’t like nor trust this

  24. W Womack says:

    Across the world,
    12hr difference.
    There typhoons, here snow storms!!!
    (((((2mrws Valinetines Day )))))

  25. jaddy Sumsion says:

    Quebec to Amsterdam

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