Are You Dating a Psychopath?

Psychopathy guru Kevin Dutton offers some tips on diagnosing potential psychopathy in your mate… and what to do if you find yourself in such a relationship. Dutton is the author of “The…

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  1. Desmond Turner says:

    it sounds like psychopaths are just more advanced humans

  2. Yolo Swaggins says:

    This guy reminds me of Marty Mcfly’s young dad in back to the future

  3. srongyboi239 says:

    I’m reading some of the comments hear by people claiming to be psychopaths
    and there saying how they can manipulate people and shit, yes you may be a
    psychopath like me and yes you may be more persuasive than the avarage joe
    in order to get the things you want but seriously it’s nothing to be proud
    of it’s not a good label to have I hate being labeled as a psychopath and
    I’m not proud of being able to manipulate people its not a good thing yes
    it can be useful but it’s morally wrong so people who say there proud of
    being psychopaths are probably lying because no one is proud of being one 

  4. Militant Athiest says:

    Pretty sure this is how my ex would describe me… 

  5. ThePieMan305 says:

    When he says “if you suspect your partner is a psychopath” I started
    cracking up, that is the funniest shit ever idk why

  6. Rob J says:

    Being a psychopath would be cool. No emotional baggage. I wish I was a
    psychopath. Does that thought in itself make me a psychopath?

  7. Drinko76 says:

    Constantly making excuses, passive-agressive behaviour, controlling private
    life in a relationship, and narcissistic tendencies. Really, psychopathic
    behaviour sounds like standard female behaviour

  8. Nicola Gregson says:

    That hairstyle looks phsycho . Ever heard of SHAMPOO !!

  9. Caesar 1 says:

    Acording to this guy im a psychopath but i never get violent though 

  10. Saba De says:

    subscribed :) Please do more interviews with Dr. Kevin Dutton

  11. de0509 says:

    I have a quite uncivilized housemate and I kinda manipulate him into
    feeling guilty. Like when I find food scraps like a banana peel in the
    bathroom bin. I mention how people who eat while they shit are disgusting
    and if its because to save space in their own personal bin, it is an
    asshole move. And when there is urine on the seat, I post pictures of it on
    Facebook and anonymously shame the culprit. It mysteriously got cleaned
    afterwards so it worked though. Also when someone broke my favourite
    spatula. I anonymously place it in front of the culprit’s room repeatedly
    until the person announces that he will buy a new one so whoever hounding
    him can stop it. Also when playing online games. I tell people what
    strategy works and what doesnt and highlight it when someone is going to a
    bad position. Sometimes they dont and I end up losing but did the most
    damage to the enemy (not exaggeration). I also get annoyed when animals get
    scared of me when I have no intention to harm them.

    So the question is… Am I a psychopath? It would sound cool if I am though

  12. Claire Voyant says:

    Evil men may appear to be masculine, self-confident and in charge. They
    seem to know what they want from life and how to get it. Keep in mind,
    however, that it’s so much easier to know what you want when you’re
    considering only your own desires and are willing to sacrifice everyone and
    everything to satisfy them. Even animals manifest deeper emotions. They
    care about their young and bond with others. Psychopaths don’t. If decent
    men sometimes hesitate, it’s because they’re more thoughtful and
    other-regarding. They put other people’s needs into the equation before
    reaching a decision. Thus, paradoxically, it’s only because of their
    deficiencies and simplicity with respect to normal, more multidimensional,
    human beings that we consider evil individuals our “Others” and are
    intrigued by them.

  13. greenghost2008 says:

    Thanks. I’ve been looking for notes how to hide and be better at this.

  14. Vlad Xavier says:

    Travis Alexander should have watched this video a few years back…

    It might have saved his life.

  15. Chris Johnson says:

    People tend to do a lot of things. Someone being manipulative is somewhat
    subjected too. I would suggest that if someone were in denial about there
    behavior or failures, some advice from a family member or acquaintance may
    seem like manipulation by the individual with behavior problems or other
    failures. As much as you are trying to enlighten us to psychopaths you also
    create a false defense for continuance of bad behavior and failure. I tend
    to eat healthy food and am trying to improve in that way, if I encourage or
    insist that the people around me consider doing the same am I manipulative?
    You know that there are many people who insist on an unhealthy diet and
    they will likely see me as manipulative and so now with your information
    they can completely disregard my advice since I am, to them, possibly a

  16. Aslam M says:

    After watching this video. I truly believe my partner is a psychopath. I
    don’t know whether I should tell her this? Because she is extremely prone
    to causing arguments over pointless things.

    I don’t know what to do. I need help.

  17. Zeba Koli says:

    The ‘suicidal psychopath’ is more frightening to people in my opinion as
    they are BOTH and to be fair I hate the label psychopath. It pisses me off.
    Just say APD/ASPD.

  18. AmerginMacEccit says:

    Yeah, been there I think… And it’s usually as long as they need something
    from you.

  19. chrsitopher dever says:

    Now what would be a person characterized as a someone that fits the
    personality of a psychopath, that can manipulate and sway others into their
    opinions and doings, but also cares about their feelings instead of
    completely negating them from the equation? Would they still be considered
    a psychopath, a different or new type, or just a regular person that can
    manipulate and not consider the repercussions of their actions?

  20. Kaylee Tucker says:

    Describes my ex boyfriend perfectly.

  21. richard mcdaniel says:

    Yeah, because every dude is a psychopath. lol fucking idiot.

  22. Mia dontBme says:

    I’m sorry, but I have a degree in psychology… And I always wondered about
    wether psociopaths or psychopaths even exist; or rather I believe that
    everyone is a psychopath in one way or another. They say a psychopath is
    someone who thinks only of themselves and will do whatever or say whatever
    it takes to get their way. But doesn’t everyone do this? No matter what,
    people are selfish- some are just better than others at hiding it. People
    at their cores don’t want to suffer. Everyone wants things to go their own
    way that’s obvious dude. But humans are dualistic beings… Now I believe
    there are masochists, people who enjoy watching their peers suffer. I just
    have trouble with the psychopath thing because most people I know including
    myself fall into this category it seems too wide of a scope.

  23. Joshua Morris Sikha says:

    you just described politicians and most preachers :(

  24. rhiannish says:

    it is becoming difficult for me to actually react to the notion of “caring
    about other people” does that makes me a psychopath? well as i try to
    understand myself. it seems that i would really turn out to be “non caring”
    well because life has been too hard for me before i eventually come up to
    success or i should say a stable life…and it is for this reason that i
    really care less about others.. for me the reason of what they are now is a
    consequence of their previous actions… it will be i think unfair for me
    if because of their own choices i will be made part or at least ease the
    tension of the consequences of their problem unless they are my relatives
    of course.

  25. Robert Stanley says:

    I think you are confusing psychopaths and sociopaths.

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