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  1. OFAKINDTV says:

    Hey Brad,
    I’m writing because I want to ask you a simple question and advice.
    1 week ago I’ve broke up with my girlfriend and I have watched your videos,
    how to get her back and you said that first thing is to have 30 day no
    contact rule. So I’m doing it. And yesterday i saw her in one event. It was
    very unpredictible, we were looking in each other eyes but I couldn’t say
    hello she too and she just simply walked away. It was a bit awkward and I
    was overhelmed. So the question is that should i deceline 30 day no contact
    rule and start it again from scratch or I should continue that and write
    her after that period. Is that so bad that i couldn’t say hello her
    because I felt stressful? Or maybe she didn’t said hi because she don’t
    care about me, or she felt similar like me?

  2. moniechuable says:

    Still no answer on my question.

  3. João Campos says:

    Hi Brad!
    Me and my GF broke up in april, but we kept talking. In June i applied the
    no contact rule… for 2 months. She contacted me once every week for 2
    weeks, asking what was going on. I always answered her, talked with her a
    little bit and vanish again. But she stopped trying. After 2 months, i
    contacted her, and she didnt respond. One month later (this month) she
    contacted me and said she missed me. After a lot of talk she said she still
    loved me but she wanted to forget me. What should i do?

  4. Peter Muller says:

    Hello brad ,
    what is the best way to contact an ex after getting blocked on social
    media/phone , is it a good idea to send them the text from a different
    number ??
    thank you .

  5. Briana Brown says:

    My ex and I broke up after 4 months (he ended it) and two days later he got
    into a new relationship and then they lasted a week and he got into another
    relationship after that and they broke up, and he’s just jumping into short
    term relationships, does that behavior mean or symbolize anything? 

  6. Brandon Perez says:

    Hey Brad,
    I need help! I’ve recently just got out of a 3 year relationship, and I do
    want to move on but I can’t get over the fact that she’s probably dating
    someone better. I am trying to do the 30 days no contact an I’m currently
    on a week and I just need need some guidance. Please and Thank You!

  7. Yosis Ricks says:

    hi brad. i’m kind of in the most desperate situation. i’m willing to do
    anything. i know that he is the one and he broke up with me because i “act
    like i own him” he hadn’t talked in two weeks and then we finally got
    together to talk at a restaurant and i explained that i’ve been stressed
    and a lot of our stress was caused by me not having a car. when we were
    just dating in january i got extremely drunk and slept with a guy
    unintentionally. he knew about it and forgave me and we started a
    relationship together. a couple months ago he had asked me to marry him and
    said that we would be engaged in the next year. and then after that i
    found out he kissed some girl and he told me and i forgave him and moved
    on. when we did meet up for that talk i showed up looking “extremely good”
    like hot and he even commented me. but he still continued to break up and
    said that he doesn’t want to be with anyone because he doesn’t have trust
    for women. that was just a couple of days ago and he said that he really
    did mean it when he asked me to marry him. that was on monday and his
    birthday was yesterday and my friends that were there sent pictures of him
    celebrating his birthday and that girl that he kissed was there… i don’t
    know what to do. i am desperate. is there anyway i can call you?? i will do
    anything at this point,. i know in my heart that he is in fact the one. 

  8. Anna says:

    Hey. So my boyfriend broke up with me about 3 days ago. And I’m about to
    loss it. I really do love him.. But also he texts me still and last night
    he told me he still has feeling for me. But then he won’t talk to me for
    awhile.. It really hurts me and Feels like he is playing with my emotions.
    I don’t no what to do! Please help me!

  9. cheeky chic says:

    +Brad Browning Your advice is amazing,I think he is still receptive to me
    though I am waiting doing no contact, Hi brad me and my ex were together
    for 5 months I know its not long time but we had such a strong bond the
    love was real and we were in long distance,he even proposed to me, then he
    dumped me and said that he was hurting me and i was better off without him,
    he lied like u say guys lie when breaking up true fact !….couple days
    later he says the real reason is he’s gay,I dont know what to do or
    believe? I mean is there really know way to get him back, I really need
    help,I just know he isnt even though he says it,asked some friends gave me
    advice about it and its made me more confused?? help me please

  10. Dan Guz says:

    Hey Brad, i hoping you can shed some light and insight to my situation. My
    gf of 7 months broke up with me in Aug. our relationship went really well.
    After some time of no contact she had texted me saying that she made a huge
    mistake and that she wanted to get back together… When we got back
    together her family had told me that she missed me dearly after the break
    up and cried sometimes. Her sister not too long ago also told me that my gf
    had told her that she was even more in love with me than before and that
    she was happy… However, after a month, she broke up with me again. I am
    really confused and even more upset than the 1st time… No one has any
    idea why she did.

    Did she think that I wasnt happy? Is it because Im shipping out for the
    military soon? Or is she playing me?

  11. Ma. Regina Rey says:

    He came back to me after 20 days of no communication. But things went wrong
    again. I’m so tired of crying. I miss him. But the last msg he sent me made
    me feel so bad. I have no one to talk to. I’m just watching to all your
    video to give me strength. Listening to ur advise. How can I forget him if
    we are working in the same office? 

  12. XTrinityElliotX says:

    Hi Brad, my ex boyfriend broke up with me 4 months and for a long period he
    continued to text me and we hung out together. Since when he left me, I
    thought it was just a complicated period of his life but that he loved me,
    this is why I continued to answer him and to write him for such a long time
    even after the break up. We’ve never been “friend” and I’ve always told him
    we couldnt be friends because I loved him and that he has to choose. But 2
    months ago I was so tired of that situation that I asked to hang out with
    me but he told me, for the first time, that it was better not and that we
    could try not to contact each other for a while. So from since I started
    the No Contact Period. I don’t know anything about him since that day, but
    now I would like to contact him… My question is: do you think it is a
    good idea to contact him? or its better for me to wait that HE tries to
    contact me? because it has always seemed to me that a certain point of our
    relationship he get scared and tried to push me away

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