Ask Brad Episode #10 (April 14, 2015) – Get Your Ex Back — Ask Brad A Question Episode 10 WANT TO ASK BRAD A QUESTION? — This episode, we answer the following …


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  1. Brad Browning says:

    My latest “Ask Brad” video! Find out how you can ask me a relationship
    question here…

  2. bernadette mendez says:

    Hello brad,I need ur opinion here,my bf want space from me,coz his in a bad
    situation about financial problems,he told me that were not meet anymore
    while in in this situation,unless his problem solved,I don’t understand him
    anymore,so I feel pity on myself n I feel I’m his stuff only,when he don’t
    need n specially I cnt solved his problem his alwys in a bad situation,n
    asking a space,pls Brad help me in this problem.

  3. Darius Wilson says:

    Hi Brad, my ex and I broke up a week ago because she lost feelings and she
    doesn’t love me like she did and she told me very confidently there is
    absolutely no chance of us getting back together. Since it was so random,
    my response were very emotional and sometimes angry.I would call her,
    crying, begging her to come back or reassuring her I can change or sending
    me huge texts saying why we should get back together which lasted 4 days
    after the breakup. She would always say there’s nothing I can do and the
    only way to get back with each other is if she changed her mind herself.
    She herself told me her countless of times of me asking and begging in
    those 4 days that her mind was set that we wouldn’t get back together since
    she doesn’t view me romantically anymore because of arguing and her idea
    that us having different opinions made it very hard to date and she didn’t
    think we were compatible. She told me she still loves me a little and that
    she’ll miss me a lot. She also said that we had a 50% chance of getting
    back together in a month or two. It’s been 3 days since last contact and we
    are scheduled to talk in May 1st. Did I mess up on the one month no
    contact? How can I make that 50% chance higher? How can I make her gain
    those feelings for me back? What other advice do you have to get her back?
    Thank you!!

  4. DJ Shepherd says:

    Hey Brad my gf and I just broke up. She still wants to keep previous date
    play for this coming Friday. She texting and calling me. Still tells me she
    loves me. Anyways we broke cause I was being controlling of her hanging out
    with her friends. I would say no rather then can we talk about it. Anyway
    my question is if I apply the nocontack I don’t want her to feel like I’m
    ignoring her. Will this push her away or pull her back should I tell her no
    for the date night this Friday? I love 5his girl and have been together for
    almost 5 yrs plz help.

  5. itsraphael09 says:

    Hey Brad, thanks for your videos they are wonderful. My question is, now
    that I am at my 31st of no contact with my ‘more than friends’ (no
    contact). To make the story short, she lost attraction to me because I was
    always ‘there’. When she left for a vacation for 3 months I sent her a
    letter and when she got back she said it was nice she said she wanted to
    reply but none of them sounded nice (Ya right). Anyways, she got back she
    was talking to me less.. She would flake our meets. I asked her what
    happened and she says things changed since then (via text). I got mad at
    her, for ignoring my texts & flaking our meets (which she didn’t expect). I
    told her lots of crap basically putting the pressure on her which but
    anyways that’s when we stop talking. It’s been a month since then. I feel a
    lot better now & I am looking forward to seeing her again but where & how
    should I start?

  6. Shennelle Phillip says:

    Hiii brad my boyfriend and i broke up about month ago i end the
    relationship because i wasn’t happy of the way he was treating me, he never
    used to call or text me we been together 2 years we were so in love with
    each other untill i broke up with him and i went dating this other guy and
    we happen to kiss i call him up and told him about it he was devastated all
    that happened last year around Christmas time i really regret doing that to
    him now!! We got back together in January i told him i was sorry and we
    could work it out etc he said that he will think about it 3 days later he
    came by me telling me he want to start over fresh while we were together i
    realize that he have changed a whole lot towards me he was not in love with
    me anymore he did love me still but not as before his attitude change
    towards me and i feel is because i kiss another guy… I really want him
    back can you help me brad


  7. Darius Sanderson says:

    Hey brad, been watching your videos for awhile now, me and my ex of 3 years
    broke up about 3 and a half weeks ago. She wanted to be friends. I said no
    now she is with someone else. I’ve been doing no contact for the three
    weeks and still continue to do it. O ly time we talk is about somthing to
    do with our child. Just curious if you had any other tips or anything.
    Thanks in advance! 

  8. bridget lee says:

    Hi brad. It’s been 8 months. I tried no contact twice. I have got him to
    say that I was the love of his life and he misses me. He says I can never
    push him away or erase our 12 years. We can talk like old times almost
    everyday. I keep reading your book. I don’t think he is going to leave the
    women he left me for any time soon. I think it’s time to move forward. I
    don’t want to give up but I think he is getting the best out of both worlds
    and I’m always available to him because I miss and enjoy our talks. Any

  9. Tyler Patterson says:

    But she called me the other day cause she was worried bout me at work cause
    it was bad weather cause on Easter weekend she called me 3 times I called
    her and let her know I was ok on way home and we talked for 2 hours she
    fell asleep on phone with me but till now she haven’t even text or called
    me ?? What to do 

  10. Alex Williams says:

    Hey brad I am really confused… I sent the clean e-mail and in two days
    she respond but she almost mirrored the message. I did not contcat and then
    sent the clean e-mail on the 7th day do I ope up contact with her in the
    net few days or still wait the full 31 days? I have your full program and
    cant not find an answer plz help

  11. Trang Tran says:

    What if ur friends with ur ex? We talk almost everyday. Sometimes we flirt.
    Do we take it slow? And we both see some jealousy happening at times.
    Advice tips? 

  12. Tyler Patterson says:

    Hey brad how can I get my ex back we were together for 2 years and we loved
    each other so very much and I couldn’t ask for a better girl in my life she
    broke up with me bout 3 weeks ago and was going to prom but she said she
    didn’t want to go any more and we didn’t go she said to me she lost
    interest and she said I was clingy but she was just as bad as I was like
    wanting to be with each other all the time and she lost feeling but like
    two days before we broke up she was all over me kissing and everything she
    telling me she loved me and I was the best thing that has ever happen to
    her she said nobody could match me and I was her life gift we been through
    so much together and I just want her back in my arms I see her almost
    everyday at school and work with her and it hurts so bad plz help me get
    her back

  13. Alex Williams says:

    If anyone out there has a similar prob or had the same thing happen plz

  14. Alex Williams says:

    I also took you quiz and got a 68 but some answer may have been a little
    week I was as truthful as possible but it said “fading fast” so I don’t
    want to wait the full 31 days if its fading fast plz help

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