Ask Brad Episode #4 (September 29, 2014) – Get Your Ex Back — Ask Brad A Question Episode 4! WANT TO ASK BRAD A QUESTION? — Hi guys, Brad Browning here… you’re watching …


7 Responses to “Ask Brad Episode #4 (September 29, 2014) – Get Your Ex Back”

  1. Liam Tomlin says:

    Hey Brand browning can I have some help please my ex is seeing someone new
    how can I get over it my name is liam tomlin

  2. Brad Browning says:

    Check out episode #4 of my Ask Brad series! Yeaaaaah!

  3. john be says:

    me and my ex are back together

  4. Dominic Grindrod says:

    Hey Brad, thanks for your advice in the first episode of this series. My
    question is that after two weeks of the no contact phase, she got into a
    relationship with another guy. It’s only been a week now, but the strange
    thing is, she still rings me using a private number. I know it’s her
    because I can hear her relatives in the background, and I can hear her on
    the other end of the phone. She doesn’t speak but I can tell it’s her. Is
    it a rebound relationship or are my chances dead? I’m over the break up but
    I’m really confused. Thanks, Dom.

  5. Rishi silverston says:

    hi brad…plz help me…
    okay here we go.. me and my ex were have very strong relationship.last
    vacation she ditched me she was dating my friend .
    and when i came back after vacation and spoke to her ..she came back but
    before coming back we had lot of fight….
    and now again she is dating one of my good friend…so 3 days before i
    drank very badly and i slapped my ex in front of him..
    and now she said she don;t wanna talk to me ..and let her go….before
    slapping to her i begged and said so many times to get her back like before
    i was ignoring her rudeness also with me…….. i still love her…and as
    u said make gap …so i,m not talking to ,…….please let me know how to
    get her back….plz

  6. Jeremiah Jacrow says:

    Hi Brad,
    Ive been following your steps in getting back my ex and so far it feels
    like it’s working. I have 19 days left of no contact but she text me
    yesterday to get a picture off my phone that she needed for some art
    project. I’m unsure if this will work because as a guy I did do everything
    pointed out in the videos and feel stupid but she came back after 3 weeks
    of being with her new bf and I screwed up again and shes still dating him.
    I spent some time for myself and I know what I want is her. Were in a long
    distance relationship but weve hung out before and spent time with each
    other. The other night she text me and said she loves me and shes sorry and
    today she text me to ask if we could still be friends. I followed your
    advice on what to say. Do you think that I could still get her back even if
    I messed up when she said she wanted me back? Its been a month since the
    break up.

  7. Nano Pro says:

    Hi Brad,me and my girlfriend we break up for the reason that she find other
    guy that who care about her and she began talk to him .i was very angry
    because i loved her very much and now we go back to study and she look to
    me in the class but she talk with other guys .My question is that after two
    months of the no contact , i thought that i forgot her but now i miss very
    much , please brad what should i do ?? help me ??

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