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  1. Brad Browning says:

    Awww yeah! Episode 5 of my Ask Brad video series. Let me know if you want
    to ask me a question about getting your ex back!

  2. Ticci Toby says:

    My ex dumped me 2 weeks ago and said the reason was she didn’t want to be
    in a relationship, we went out for two weeks and she asked me out. The
    relationship was looking fine, she tried to make it pretty clear to me that
    she was into me, she probably liked me more than I liked her so I don’t
    understand why she broke up with me. She said she wanted to stay friends
    and still does things she would do when we went out such as touching my
    hair, poking me constantly, hugging, getting close to me, and she has
    mentioned once or twice she loves me. Sometimes she tries to push me away
    but other times she constantly tries to get my attention but then usually
    gets depressed after we talk for a while, I ask her why and she almost
    always says “friend problems” and this was also happening while we were
    going out. I don’t know if she likes me or not, maybe she is trying to tell
    me she wants me back, maybe she wants to be good friends, or maybe she just
    wants my attention but isn’t attracted to me. What does this mean?

  3. Mark reynel Juco says:

    Thank you brad. I feel better now these past few weeks.. Thanks to your
    video you help me a lot

  4. sue zaple says:

    i cant find you clean slate email to send your ex i have been to the sight
    you mentioned, dont see it thanks Sue

  5. amelie lilly says:

    HEY brad, i’m in a really hard situation right now , it’s been a year ago i
    saw someone in my classroom staring at me and he couldn’t help but stare at
    me all day and i fell in love with him and after he tried to talk with me
    and i was really nervous but it was great but after i knew that he had a
    girlfriend and everytime he see me he’s trying to making me jealous , and i
    don’t know but right now i can’t stop thinking of him ,i’m little confused
    i want to show him that i could live normally without him !!!! please tell
    me what should i do please

  6. John smith says:

    Hey just wanted to say thank you, your advice helped greatly and my ex did
    come back, so there’s a hopeful story for people as well and to any one
    reading this no contact definitely works 

  7. Khraich says:

    3 weeks ago I broke up with my girlfriend of 10 months. We’d been through
    a lot: I got her out of 3 severe drug addictions, tutored her, and fixed
    her family issues all in a long distance relationship. (No I’ve never met
    her but lets put that aside). She was always very flirty with guys and I’d
    yell at her a lot during our relationship because of that AND even though I
    had sexted 100’s of girls and made out with a chick once she forgave me.
    One day I got a little ahead of myself and broke up with her over a rumor
    that she was holding a guys hand and cuddling with a guy that she said was
    her “best friend” (I ended up finding out she didn’t actually flirt with
    him so I messed up by trusting a rumor over her). After I broke up with
    her I told her to leave me alone and never talk to me again and lose her
    virginity to another guy because I didn’t want to take it. She said she
    was going to kill herself and hurt herself but I was too blinded by my
    emotions to care. Then when she started dating another guy for a couple of
    days…and I got even more mad and I told her she was a slut, whore etc
    because I didn’t know what to do. That guy cheated on her so then 3 days
    after she got with her best friend and grinded on him at a dance and I got
    even more mad.

    Then she broke up with him and the day she broke up with him I felt better
    and I was able to think with a clear mind. I realized that the reason she
    got with those guys was because I told her too. I told her to get with
    other guys, but the reason she didn’t fuck them was because she was still
    in love with me.

    So me and her talked for a few days then she found another guy and started
    flirting with him etc. They started dating and the day after they started
    dating is when the story takes a weird turn…The day he became official
    with her she said she wanted to fuck him (I saw the convo). Which made me
    really depressed because the day before and the day of, she told me she
    would save her virginity for me.

    The day after that…she skyped me from her bedroom and even though she had
    a boyfriend, she still really liked me so she got completely topless for
    me, then shut her camera and did sexual stuff while it was off (I could
    hear her). Then when she was done her boyfriend texted her and said he
    wanted to skype, so she closed our skype call and skyped him for 5
    minutes. Then as soon as I messaged her and told her I wanted to skype
    again she ditched him back for me. and in that skype call she got
    completely naked in the downstairs area and showed me that as well.

    I also told her I was going to fuck a girl that night because earlier on
    skype she said she didn’t care. So i made up a little story to see if
    she’d give a shit and SHE DID. But the next day things changed…

    So from this I was confused, she said she never wanted to get back with me
    yet she kept showing signs so I got really confused. The next day (Which
    was this past saturday). We spoke again and she didn’t really seem like
    she wanted to talk to me…so I asked her what was wrong and then she said
    she had to go because her boyfriend was coming to pick her up. This broke
    my heart but anyways we didn’t talk for the entire day until at night where
    she repeatedly shut the phone in my face as I tried to ask her why she had
    no feelings for me anymore. She told me he had a bigger dick than me and
    he was 237 pounds and tough and taller than me etc etc and she wanted to
    fuck him more than me because he was “bigger”…down there. She said she
    didn’t want to fuck me she had 0 feelings for me at all and she didn’t want
    anything to do with me.

    That crushed my heart. I literally went insane. She said she didn’t want
    me at all anymore and there was no chance of us getting back together and
    she continuously shut the phone in my face, so I got 0 sleep that night.

    The following day the same thing happened, I called her in the morning and
    then her boyfriend came over and she shut the phone off. She had never
    made out with a guy or had oral sex before but she had done other stuff.
    Once the guy left I messaged HIM on facebook and shit talked him because I
    was so mad. And he told me she sucked his dick and made out with him and
    she wanted to fuck but he said no.

    I called her repeatedly until she answered and then I asked her how it
    tasted too see if she’d get the memo and that the guy wasn’t bluffing and
    she sort of didn’t really talk everytime I asked that question. Eventually
    she admitted it was all true and even told me that the next weekend she was
    going camping with him and they were going to fuck.

    She told me that she hated me, she never wanted to talk to me again, I was
    annoying, and she wasn’t attracted too me anymore at all. not even a bit.
    She said she’d want to be friends but I’m being a bitch and whining and
    crying all the time so she doesn’t want too. I told her I don’t want to be
    friends because I can’t just talk to her while another guy steals the
    virginity of the girl of my dreams. I just recently got my drivers license
    and I promised to drive 5 hrs to her every weekend to get physical with her
    if she needed me. Because she was clearly unsatisfied from our long

    She kept telling me she didn’t want me at all and that no matter what I did
    she’d never want me back because she’s not attracted too me anymore. I got
    confused because 2 days before that she cheated on her boyfriend with me by
    showing me stuff and couldnt help but touch herself too me. So I got
    really confused. How could she lose all feelings for me.

    Today I called her while she was at school, the first time she shut the
    phone in my face and the second time she put some random guy on the line.
    Then she proceeded to block me off of every social media.

    I’m so fucking confused I don’t know what too do. This is DRIVING ME
    INSANE. Literally. I CANNOT do the 30 day wait thing because she’s going
    to fuck this guy on friday!!! I don’t want that too happen. If that
    happens I’m not going to want her anymore. Not because of the
    virginty…there are girls right now that want me to take their v-card, but
    its because its the girl of my dreams and the girl I planned on marrying’s
    virginity. I’d be fucking destroyed if he had sex with her before me.
    She’d be breaking every promise she ever made. I was a fucked up boyfriend
    while we were together, I did a lot for her and shed be dead and raped if
    it wasn’t for me but I was still a big asshole and I was very abusive with
    my words at times and made her cry a lot.

    I promised her I’m a changed man and I cut all of that out of my system, I
    got my drivers license and a car for her so I could go see her but we broke
    up before I could drive down. I promised her to go see her every week
    unless I have an exam of some sort which is like one week of every 2
    months. I said I’d fix everything and do anything for her, but she won’t
    fucking budge.

    I need help quick. Or I’m going to lose my mind. If there’s anything you
    can do please help me. If whatever you tell me too do works I will spend
    the entire month doing whatever you want. Like I will be your personal
    butler. I’m that desperate. Please brad help.

  8. Mark reynel Juco says:

    Brad. My ex girlfriend had a crush on her co workers ..after breaking the
    guy on his gf last aug. My ex and his crush started dating and now they
    together but its hard for me because i know that she has a new boyfriend
    last december 3.. My ex girlfriend started to change when she work last
    february ..and march to july our relationship is on and off and last two
    months they didint text me or call and i surprise when they told me that
    she has a new boyfriend. And she angry to me they say i dont wanna see me
    again and dont disturb their relationship and she told me that she is happy
    now in new boyfriend.. But we have a 1yr old baby.. I dont want to broke my
    family..what can i do? Sorry for my english

  9. fifidivacalm from birth says:

    Just found your channel and i had to subscribe to it i have a question why
    do men keep phone numbers but do not talk to the person and they know that
    they are being seen on whatsapp and stuff like that why happy new year

  10. JustHoopDontHype says:

    Just purchased your personal coaching. Hopefully you get back to me soon.
    Really want to try and win my ex back.

  11. Amit B says:

    Hey Brad, me and my ex were in a 2 year long relationship and broke up 3
    months ago. She blocked me from social media after the break up. After the
    break up, I did some pleading and begging and also had some heated exchange
    of texts. She did not try to contact me at all . About a month and a half
    ago, I came across your youtube page and went through your videos and your
    website. A month ago, I sent her the clean slate email to which she did not
    respond. A few days later, she texted me saying that she wanted to return
    my gifts. I did as you suggested to reply only after 3 hours of text and
    tried to be cheerful and portrayed that I am busy and moving on. I also
    tried to remind her of some past fun incidents in a casual way. To all
    this, she got extremely furious and sent a series of angry texts in reply
    to my texts, saying that she doesn’t care about me anymore and not to text
    her again. I did not get dragged into the drama and replied in a calm
    manner. She has not tried to contact me since.
    I am still in the ‘No contact’ period. What do you make of the situation
    and what further course of action do you recommend?

  12. vincenza lindsay says:

    Thank u brad it means a lot to reply bk and I know you are right but
    sometimes beautiful sweet women like me we tend too fall for the bad boys
    or even deal with the bad behabiour bec our heart is so sweet and we think
    giving many chances maybe they would respect u and stop but in my case he
    keeps coming bk and I keep going bk this was the last time I did and after
    he begged too come bk and change two days later he started abagreeument
    that lead to him saying again too me its over and this will be the fourth
    time he had done this after taking him bk …

  13. wow montage says:

    My gf broke up with me multiple times and then gets back with me and breaks
    up with me again on my bday and wants me back I say yes then she doesn’t
    talk to me for a few days while dating Then she breaks up with me and
    starts dating my best friend and he breaks up with her cause I tell him my
    story I’m 11 btw I need tips to get her back I cry for her love,any tips?

  14. Johnny be bad mc dons says:

    Hi Brad, heres a confusing one, me and my girl broke up. I was going to
    just back right off and leave her to decide what she was going to do via no
    contact, we then decided not to be friends, but to go on four dates in a 1
    month period, i choose the venue for 2 dates and what we do, and she
    chooses two venues and activities and treat it as a fresh start, but now im
    stuck as i also work with her, she is upstairs in another office but we do
    see eachother from time to time,we have a date set foor next thursday which
    is a week away, and i felt really bad about not sending any messages to
    her… after two days of silence i sent one saying im not ignoring you just
    giving you plenty of space… was this the right thing to do???

  15. Staciie Leigh says:

    Hi Brad, I just got dumped by my ex about two weeks ago. The breakup itself
    was kind of mutual but I didn’t want to break up and he knew that, but
    insisted it would be for the better. He contacted be about two days after
    the breakup, asking if he could get his stuff back from my house. (Shirts &
    stuff.) I’ve talked to him a few times since, nothing important, but he did
    end up telling me “our breakup doesn’t have to be forever, maybe it’s just
    me and I’m not ready.” I have not talked to him in a week… Or seen him
    since the break up. I really feel like he’s lost complete total interest in
    me, but I really want him back in my life. (I made a few mistakes and
    things which I see now… And I’m ready to show him the new me. I just want
    his attention back.) We are suppose to meet up and give his things back
    sometime soon… I don’t know weather I should put this off as long as I
    can… Should I meet up, make myself look how I did on a date we last went
    on and be very upbeat and try to keep him talking when we meet up hoping it
    may spark something? Or should I just let him go for a while and try in a
    month? Or do you think all is lost? 

  16. Jane Austen girl says:

    +Brad Browning You look just like one of my former professors, it’s scary!
    And I’m in Canada too. Great videos btw. But the question I always have in
    mind is what if we ended the relationship on bad terms? I did something
    mean to him and last time we talked he was really mad but he said what we
    had was special to him. Regardless, I cut off all contact and we haven’t
    talked since then. I still miss him sometimes. It feels like losing a close
    friend/someone to confide in. 

  17. sapphire says:

    hey Brad so my ex and I have this mutual friend and last week he was
    telling me how my ex thinks about the breakup a lot and that they spoke
    about me and he had nothing but good things to say and I thought that was
    great and I msged him just yesterday and we had a nice conversation he
    asked me how I was and it was very casual, today the same friend came and
    told me that he told him that he likes this other girl. The thing is the
    girl is bad news and she’s not his type and I don’t understand how he’s
    saying he likes her now when while we were together he’d always tell me how
    much he hated girls like her. Im confused and im scared that this is a sign
    for me to give up and let go but I dont think he knows what he’s doing and
    what she’s really like and im scared that I didn’t speak to him enough. The
    two of them aren’t talking he just has said he liked her and im really sad
    and idk what to do pls help Brad :( 

  18. Megan Kopp says:

    Hi Brad, I’ve been watching your videos and they definitely seem like they
    could help me. I have a very unique situation that I was wondering if I
    could get your input on. Its very personal to me so I was wondering if you
    had an email or private message that we could talk through? If you want to
    or can find time that is. I’m having a very hard time with this breakup
    since I considered him my first love…I know mushy right? lol but the
    breakup is the hardest thing that I’ve gone through in my life so far and
    if you take a chance to hear about it you might understand why.
    Thank You,

  19. Briar Patch Primitives & Designs says:

    Hi Brad, I am on week 2 of no contact, mine is different because he asked
    for a serious relationship on one day, the literally 2 days later he panic
    and said he was scared and maybe wanted kids, (I am older). for a couple
    weeks he acted cordial with me then he just totally stopped answering when
    I facebooked him. I know that he cares for me and I know he really wanted a
    relationship with me. I don’t understand his reasoning. He didn’t loose
    attraction for me so I don’t know how to draw him back. Thanks for the

  20. Planzman community says:

    Thank you for helping me get over my ex! when I got dumped I went into
    shock and your vids was the only things that kept me going! she isn’t
    coming back but I took your advice, lost weight and now i’m a lot better
    with the ladies as I feel much better about myself!! after 30 days she did
    wana talk to me when I called her and I gave her a piece of my mind which
    made me feel better lol! not proud of that but I needed to let her know
    what I did for her as she tired to call me a victim! I have moved on and
    never will any woman do that to me again! thanks brad!!

  21. Thurman Reynolds says:

    Hello brad, I have a question…my girlfriend broke up with me about three
    weeks ago, about a week in a have half ago I started no contact and broke
    it once about 4 days ago asking her to reconsider her decision, it didn’t
    go well and I wish her the best of luck. Today she sent me a text saying
    she is sorry about the other night
    . What does that mean? Thank you for your time! Brad! 

  22. RANVO says:

    Hey brad my ex broke up with me
    About two weeks ago
    To get back with her ex
    so I was the rebound
    But I did the no contact thing
    And she was asking one of my
    Friends about me and how I’ve been
    And she told him that she wants to
    Talk to me
    So one day I see her
    Kinda creeping behind a door
    Looking at me and I just said hi and walked away.
    So I’m not really sure if the no contact is working or if she just wants to
    try to put me in the friend zone, bravo use she’s still dating that guy she
    dumped me for.

  23. Atanas Ivanov says:

    Hi Brad,
    My girlfriend broke with me at 02.10.2014.Before that she was at work in
    the US for 4 months.We comunicate with skype and phone calls every day, and
    everyting looks normal.But when she comes back she leave me.She told me
    it’s nothing wrong with me, she just change herself, she love me and don’t
    wanna lose me from her live, but she is not happy with me anymore.How i
    need to proceed?Is that 4 months a bad period or i just need to start 30
    days no contact?

  24. Sasha Lima says:

    Hello Brad, I hope you’re doing well. My Ex boyfriend broke up on me 1
    month ago after 7 months of being together, and as you previously said it
    was because of loss of attraction. We decided that we’re going to be
    friends(even though I still like him) Everything seemed good..He would
    almost talk to me everyday..and slip inside jokes or names we used to call
    each other(as lovers) Since being with him, it was hard to get a
    life(before) so after the break up i”ve been going out and partying every
    weekend..He told me he was annoyed because I rarely ever partied with him
    and now I’m doing it. I was sick for the past week..he started the
    conversation 2 consecutive days..asking about how I was..The third day, I
    get no messages from him..Fourth day..I decide to say hi. He saw from my
    social media posts that I was going to a party that evening so I ask him
    how he’s doing and he says “Where are you” I said “I’m going home” Then he
    replies:”I’m at *Mentions the place where I was going that night* ” and
    then I tell him to take care and not to drink too much. I got no replies,
    and he never talked to me since that including no likes on social media
    when I was always, still liking his posts, please Brad, I need to know what
    to do with that man! 

  25. Sara Ritchot says:

    me and boyfriend broke up a few days ago, I had a well planned plan to get
    him back but, he blocked me on Facebook. I know he still has feelings for
    me and I do get too see him in person because, we go to the same group but,
    I feel like if I try talking in person hell ignore me or might even get
    more mad at me. Help!!!

  26. Babar Ali says:

    Hey Brad. Me and my ex were together for 10 months and she broke up with me
    4 weeks ago. As soon as she broke up I took your advice and started the No
    Contact Rule. We both go to the same University and in the last 21 days
    I’ve ran into her 4 times and all those 4 times I kept it all calm, had a
    really casual conversation for 2 mins and even made her laugh a few times.
    I clearly made her show that I’m doing well without her. so 3 days ago my
    EX CALLS ME! She seemed a little depressed and she said things like “Oh I
    haven’t heard from you in a while”. I kept the conversation short, tried to
    cheer her up and after 10 mins I said anyways I have to go and study and
    she said that hey you should come to my place sometime (She lives 5 mins
    away from my house). I remember When my girlfriend was breaking up with me
    she told me that “listen I live 5 mins away from your house, i’ll be there
    and I still want us to be friends” The thing is that my girlfriend doesn’t
    have many friends anymore, all my friends were her friends and now she is
    lonely. Yes I do miss her. The reason for the breakup was that I was needy,
    I realized that and I totally changed. But it was too late and I never got
    my second chance. So my question is how should I respond to her calling me.
    What does she want? Does she want us to be friends or she MIGHT want to
    get back together. She called me 3 days ago and now she expects me to call
    her and meet her. When should I call her and tell her that “Hey I might
    come by and say hi?” and once I meet her I want to find out “What she
    really wants” 

  27. vincenza lindsay says:

    Hi brad sent u a message but didn’t get a reply bk … I need some advice
    ..I’ve been seeing a guy for 4 months now just recently he said he needed
    some space and that he thinks right now friends with benefits will do . but
    the thing is after he asked for that I gave him what he wanted in this
    situation what do u think is threw hope do u think men will regret the
    choices they make that u know that its wrong but thee not realizing it
    until its too late and what is ur opinion on him asking for apace but still
    keeping me three as friends ..?? 

  28. Charles Ornelas says:

    hey brad i keep having dreams about my ex getting back with me.. i would
    love to get back with her but she has a bf and does not want to talk to me
    at all . i accepted that but yet i still have these dreams ….its been 5
    months! i tried texing her to see how her and her family was but she does
    not want to talk to me…. help?

  29. Raising Greatness Coaching says:

    Awww yeah! Episode 5 of my Ask Brad video series. Let me know if you want
    to ask me a question about getting your ex back!

  30. Danny Meza says:

    Brad emergency question. I’ll make it short and simple. My girlfriend can’t
    decide to stay with me or be with this other guy who ruined our
    relationship. I keep trying and trying to Winn her back. One days she loves
    me one day she wants him. Should I even keep trying to get her back?

  31. chase hanes says:

    Hey brad, my gf broke up with me a week ago, and i still talk to her
    because ive been depresed and shes the only one who understands. I misd her
    and i want her back. I asked ger if we would ever date again and she sai
    prorbly. Please hlp.

  32. sapphire says:

    hey brad, sorry for constantly messaging lol but my ex and I have texted
    once before and we’re on good terms now we say hi and smile to each other
    whenever we happen to cross paths. I msged him for a religious holiday and
    he hasn’t seen the msg yet and I just found out today that he got a new
    phone from a friend. I dont know how to bring it up, how do I get his new
    number? Should I just tell him I msged him at school and see what he says ?
    Idk what to do and I don’t wanna seem annoying :/ please help 

  33. Ben Gaikwad says:

    Hey brad ! Can u make a video on how to get a girls attention and
    attraction over text messaging ? How to make attracted to you and want to
    text you ? Please ! It’d would mean a lot !

  34. Patricia Kovacs says:

    Hi Brad! My ex and I talk on the phone sometimes,he called me once this
    week,today is my birthday,but he doesnt call or send message.Do you think
    he forgot me already?Does it mean he does not care about me anymore?Thanks
    for the answer! Patricia

  35. Michael Carter says:

    Hey Brad! Just wanted to say thank you for all your doing with the videos
    and tips has been helping a lot. So me and my ex girlfriend broken up for 6
    months now. She contacts me still but it is usually every other week and
    she initiates it first but it is usually “hey, hows school going” but later
    on in the conversation it gets light hearted and keep it uplifting and
    talking about massages and getting one from her. So how do I and when
    should I ask her to hangout after school? However, she has started talking
    to another guy from our school so I don’t know what to do but she still is
    contacting me while talking to this new guy. So i don’t know what to do.
    Please help me! and Thank you so much for what you have already done for
    the channel and book!!!!!! 

  36. Nickv96_96 says:

    Hey brad , me and my ex were together for two years. She broke up with me
    about two months ago.
    I stopped texting her and calling her after I found your channel.

    About a two weeks ago , she texted me wanting to ask me a question. She
    asked if I liked anybody…I found this strange but I figured she still has
    feelings for me and wants to get back with me. So we texted for a while and
    it was a good time. Left things on a good note.

    Now I saw my ex on the bus on the way to my football game. She was in the
    front row and she came back to where I was. Kept it simple “hello , how are
    you?” On our way home she really started to flirt with me and she was doing
    these little touches to me. She kept trying to “steal” my phone and take
    pictures with it. I was really happy to see this from her because when she
    broke up with me she said she didn’t even wanna be friends with me or see
    me. I wasn’t gonna settle for friend statues but you get my point.

    So after the bus ride , she texted me saying it felt like we never broke
    up. She felt like things were like they used to be. She said she thinks
    she’s starting to grow feelings for me again. The thing that bothered me
    most was she said this guy she met when we first broke up just told her
    recently that he liked her. She said she thinks she might have some
    feelings for him.

    I’m not just trying to get my ex , Im working on getting with this other
    girl. I rather have my ex because we have history together but this girl im
    trying to get is a cute girl.

    Her comment about this new guy obviously left me confused and hurt. Brad ,
    it be great to get some advise on my situation.

  37. Matt Geissler says:

    Hey Brad man I really need your help with my situation. Its driving me
    insane, i don’t know what to do. I really really really need your help

  38. Devin Webster says:

    hey brad, its been six months since my ex and I broke up. We go to the same
    high school and she messages me first usually after every 1-2 weeks but she
    never seems to acknowledge me at school or just doesn’t bother looking in
    my direction but she still texts me. What should I do? and should I ask her
    to hangout after school next time she texts me cause our conversations are
    nothing heavy very light hearted. Please help me on what to do next! Thank
    you so much. 

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