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  1. Yadira Rivera says:

    Hi Brad. There is some facts: me 29, he 36, diferent cities.

    1. He never called me GIRLFRIEND at all
    2. When I told him “are we breaking up?” He said “Break?! We never
    started something” (this was in person)
    3. He only watched me 2 times in 7 months, we live in diferent cities
    4. When I asked him “do you love me?” I absolutely can saw his face and
    his voice saying “and I don’t know why”, I watched that conflict in his
    interior. (in person)
    5. I asked him “so you don’t love me anymore?” (after a small fight) he
    replies me “im not a kid, i don’t stop love in 10 minutes” (in person)
    6. He have me blocked at whatsapp, calls, sms, imessage, facetime,
    not in FB we never went friends there, I never wanted him in my Facebook.

    It’s around 6 weeks since he doesn’t want to know anything about me, never
    has unblocked me at whatsapp, and I stoped to call him since.. 4 weeks.

    What can I do?

  2. Watercollectivetransmissions ltd. a record company. says:

    Hey Brad love the videos! So.. me and my girlfriend of 3 years broke up a
    few weeks ago.. I was devastated and pleaded that was however before I
    learned not to.I have since watched your videos and even though we still
    live together I have tried to avoid her,and at the same time stay
    pleasant.Anytime she has sent me a message I keep the answer short and
    cold,she seems to walk around the house very sad.. What should I do next?

  3. michael geithmann says:

    Alright. Im 16 years old and my situation is kind of unfortunate. Me and
    this one girl were the best of friends for about 3 months. School started
    and I was her biggest crush. A couple of days ago we started dating and we
    broke up the second day. During our relationship it was really awkward as
    you would expect it to be. But she made it awkward. She was to shy. I’ve
    begged her for the friendship that we used to have but she keeps ignoring
    me. Last night I met her at our schools football game. But I didn’t know
    she was going to be there. Anyways. I tried talking to her almost the
    entire time. Still ignoring me. Towards the end of the game her and her
    friend came up to me and was trying to spark a conversation. But I could
    tell she was very nervous because she wouldn’t look me in the eyes. Well
    while we were talking a couple of kids came up to her and whispered in her
    ear something that happened between me and some girl that I don’t even
    know. She said ” I heard stuff about you and now im mad at you”. So I get
    pissed off and make myself look like a complete lunatic. I called her non
    stop last night after I got back from the game. She would answer then yell
    at me. And I don’t know whats gotten into me lately, because im rarely
    clingy. All I want is my best friend back. Not the relationship. I cant
    express to you how much pain I feel inside. It feels like apart of my life
    was taken away from me when I lossed her. And I tried the no contact rule.
    It didn’t work, I have a class with her. If you can. Please help me out.
    Thank you!

  4. Hilmy Edan says:

    Dear Brad,
    Im in a Long Distance Relationship, in the past 2-3 month i was kinda bored
    with my GF, so i reply her chat less frequent than usual.. not long after
    that, she wants to breakup, but i still loved her :( i was just busy and
    bored. She still want to be my friend though

    My question :
    1. Should i do the “no contact” if the reason why we broke Might be because
    the lack of “contact”?.-. Wouldn’t she think “see, he’s ignoring me
    again,good thing ive broke up”

    2. If during the no contact i get close to another girl, then 30days later
    out of the blue i started chatting her again, wouldn’t that imply “im not
    good with other girl, i contacted you again because i failed with other
    girl and im miserable without you?.-.”

    3.should i let her know i dont want any contact, or should i just ignore
    her messages.?

  5. Brad Browning says:

    Check out episode 7 of Ask Brad! Today I feature questions from four
    YouTube commenters. Thank you all!

  6. Jacob Church says:

    Hi Brad me and my girlfriend literally just broke up about a week ago and
    I’m a freshman in high school so I know that logically and statistically
    relationships like this do not work out but I was wondering is there anyway
    I can save my relationship because I’m not see that this girl is the one
    but you know what you know the feeling whenever you you know you can’t stop
    thinking about it and all those feelings now she told me that she broke up
    with me for long distance but we just live across town I don’t really think
    that that is the issue now I was talking to one of her friends and they
    said that she said that I say I love you too much I’m too clingy and
    whenever something is wrong I don’t tell her or I don’t listen to a good
    enough what can I do to fix this.

  7. Boneez says:

    Hi Brad, my ex broke up with me 5 months ago. it was a short relationship
    but really passionate and we had a strong sexual connection. We had great
    fun on out outings and she seemed very happy. She was already in a
    relationship when we started seeing eachother and she broke up with him to
    make room for me. I saw her in person 2 days before the breakup and she
    seemed fine but i noticed her day dreaming a bit. She suddenly dropped me
    via text message claiming she enjoys the single life, wants to focus on
    shooling. what made it even weirder was she kept saying she was a bad
    person and i should find someone better and someone more worthy and kept
    brining up new girls for me to date. last time i spoke to her was a few
    months ago and she left saying hope to talk soon. Strangely her friends
    started contacting me who i rarely spoke to before asking me about my
    feelings towards her. I had started seeing another girl and she was aware
    of this. She sent me a couple of snapchats to me (not a global) of her with
    friends etc. which i didn’t reply to. I found on her twitter she retweeted
    a quote saying “wanting to be in a relationship but scared to” could this
    be something to consider? I truly believe when her friend contacted me out
    of the blue it was planned between them, I had only spoken to the friend
    once and we aren’t close at all. she retweets and favourites a lot of
    relationship stuff that is lovey dovy so she must not totally hate
    relationships. Why did she just drop me cold turkey? was she really scared?
    she won’t contact me im pretty sure shes scared of me due to how the
    breakup went down. by the way we were never in an official relationship and
    i didn’t once try to rush her into one. Her close friend told me this year
    has been extremely hard on her and she has been in a lot of bad situations.
    schooling has finished for both of us and i really want to talk to her. im
    planning to use some covert jealousy with an upcoming formal as i am
    attending with another girl i have been seeing. should i contact her? I
    recently got instagram and she started following me and i followed her too.
    Love your vids and keep up the good work.

  8. Leia Muse says:

    I broke up with my ex of 1 year 6months 4 days ago. He initially mention
    about the break up through texting and that i was being too sticky recently
    and i should be more mature in my actions in real life. After which he
    agreed to meet up to tell me straight in my face that he doesn’t want me
    anymore. He said that he’ll be happy without me , that he doesn’t see
    himself happy in future with me anymore and also said he has 0 feelings for
    me already. The meeting ended up with both of us agreeing to be friends
    with benefits and when we need each other for that purpose we could text.
    However, I really love him alot and the relationship was actually a very
    serious and smooth one until about 3 months ago when we started to quarrel
    more often and almost broke up over a big arguement (he decided to give me
    a 2nd chance then). What should I do? Do i apply the no contact if he ever
    asks for me to go over his place? 

  9. santosh sapkota says:

    i was in relation with her for almost 5 years.i used a no contact rule and
    she sent a message on my fb within a week.. and i talked to her. she has a
    new boyfriend now.he is giving her so much care to avoid me… and she is
    far away from me. what should i do? is her new boyfriend problem for me to
    get her back?

  10. Manuel Torres says:

    Hey brad me and my ex are still talking and I’ve been trying to get back
    together with her but the weird thing is that when ever I go to her house
    it’s like we haven’t broke up and last weekend we were on our way to a
    party but instead we went to my house and had sex and after that it’s like
    we’re back together but I’m not sure there’s more to it but I want to get
    in touch with you so you can help me out please so if you can message me
    back I’ll let you know the whole situation 

  11. Alex Munoz says:

    Brad please hear me out iv been with my girlfriend for 2 years and its
    about to be 2 years 3 months on the 13 but about a month ago in October I
    had mix feelings about us and I never though of myself to have that I love
    her so much brad and when we were broken up she was really upset and wanted
    to get back with me but I kept pushing her away and wad being a lick and in
    the middle of our month break up I pecked not kiss but pecked two girls
    that ment nothing to me she still wanted to be with me and I pushed her
    away and now the day before holloween on a Thursday we got back together
    and she asked me if I was hers and idk why I was stupid but I hesitated and
    she just said ur still confused and walked away all upset I cried that
    night thinking what the heck is wrong with me and for the next 2 days I got
    every single feeling back and I mean everything came back I miss her and
    wanted her and the tables turned on me now she’s pushing me away and im the
    emotional one she said the other day if I wouldn’t of kissed those two
    girls shit would of t ooken me back in a heartbeat she says she still loves
    and misses me but cant be with me cuz of what I did what do I do its been
    two weeks sense iv been trying to get her back and I get small positiveness
    out of her sometimes what do I do x,/

  12. OhLookItsMatt says:

    hey brad, me and my girlfriend broke up this monday, we were only together
    for a few months but we both kinda liked each other for a lot longer, she
    broke up with me because she just didnt feel if she loved me anymore, i of
    course begged her to stay, but then decided that was a horrible idea, me
    and he have stayed very close friends because we used to be friends before
    we dated. This is where it might get difficult, i spoke to here about the
    30 day no contact thing because she wanted time to figure out if she did
    love me or not, she thinks that the 30 day no contact rule is a great idea,
    but im not sure if i messed up because i told her that i was going to stop
    speaking, what should i do?

  13. marie7207 says:

    My boyfriend of five months said that he isn’t ready to commit when I asked
    him where he thought we were headed, because he thinks our relationship was
    a bit of a rebound for both. But I really like him and hate to just let
    this go and move on because I know we could make it work because we agree
    that we are so similar and have great chemistry! The day after I started no
    contact. He has texted and called several times since, asking to hang out.
    I ignore him. Could this work? I don’t want him to think I’m giving him an

  14. Kent Xern says:

    Hey Brad, thanks for the amazing advice so far. I applied it on my
    situation and it worked great. I broke up with my ex girlfriend eight
    months ago, we were in the same class for three years and now it’s still
    going on. Just to get some opinions from you. After I broke up I had a
    friend who helped me through the breakup, he got lots of information about
    my breakup thoughts from me, and a month later, I got backstabbed. He told
    everything from me to my ex, breaking my chances of getting her back.
    Through these months I’ve been seeing both of them hanging out really well.
    I lost my interest on getting her back at one point but now I got it back
    again. She texts me some nights, I don’t reply sometimes but she will
    continue sending texts the day after. Sometimes she gets really really
    close to me. What should I do now? Should I do anything to show her signs?
    Oh and by the way, her birthday is coming up soon, should I get her
    anything? I feel we’re getting closer and closer. I really want to get her
    back again. I’m lost and confused, can I get some help? Thanks a lot! 

  15. danielle bunker says:

    So I’m in an interesting situation: My ex broke up with me about nine
    months ago.. I’m his first girlfriend and he freaked out. He did some
    pretty hurtful things toward the end of the break up but I still have
    struggled with missing him a lot. Last week I was out with friends he
    called and left a two minute long voicemail saying he’s tried to get over
    me and he dated this one girl, but she wasn’t me and it wasn’t the same. He
    sounded really hurt and asked me to call him even if just for a minute. I
    feel like all the stuff he did, I need a bigger gesture than just a little
    voicemail to get back to him. I don’t know where to go from here… He only
    called once. I feel like if he really wanted me back, he’d keep calling and
    maybe it was a lonely moment for him. I want to make the right move with my
    dignity still in tact. How can I do this without seeming like “Oh, you just
    called me after putting me through all that and expect me to come back
    whenever you feel like it?” I thought about waiting, but his prides so big
    I don’t know if he’ll do anything more. HELP.

  16. Scott Moses says:

    So my ex after 2 weeks of no contact said to me she wanted to talk her and
    I said I am busy on several occasions. Then today we where walking home
    with some friends and she wouldn’t tell me why she wanted to talk because
    of people being there. Now she is saying I don’t want to talk or it dosent
    matter anymore 

  17. Kent Derby says:

    Hey Brad. For half a year I’ve had no contact with my ex. Recently she has
    contacted me and we started dating again. A few weeks later I found out
    that she took a “break” from her current boyfriend to be with me. I
    confronted her about it and gave my opinion about the matter. After about a
    week I asked her to make a decision and she repeatedly told me she doesn’t
    know what she wants to do. She states to me how much I mean to her and how
    she needs me around, but in the end she is still confused about wether or
    not to commit. After another week has passed I told her to cease all
    contact with me and that I never wanted to see her again. Where do I go
    from here? Did I handle the situation wrongly?

  18. skullburners channel says:

    Hi brad, a couple weeks ago my girlfriend broke up with me. We had a really
    good relationship going on and loved each other so much, sometimes I would
    go over her house and kiss her and she really loved me and I really loved
    her but when she broke up with me she said that she really wasn’t feeling
    the relationship. But a day later she was going out with another guy which
    made me feel so rejected and I want to get back with her. Is there anyways
    you can help me?

  19. Brittany T says:

    Hey Brad,

    What happens if you originally were the one that broke things off and now
    the tables have turned? At first, he texted me about a month after we broke
    up and said that he missed me like crazy and asked if I was seeing anybody
    else. Then we started talking on and off and were supposed to meet but
    never could find a time because we live an hour away from each other and
    he’s always busy at work and I’m busy with school. Well a few weeks ago I
    called him for him to help me on something and he tried to ask me how I was
    doing and I kind of shut him down because I was mad that we were supposed
    to meet and I felt like he had just dropped on the edge of the earth again.
    Well apparently that call was his “last time trying” and ever since then he
    has literally not wanted anything to do with me. I

    got ansy and desperate and did one of the six deadly sins where I begged
    and pleaded for him back but he literally just acts like he hates me now.
    For one, I don’t know how just a little over 2 weeks ago he still had all
    those feelings for me and wanted to try and now just wants absolutely
    nothing to do with me, and two, i feel like I have no chance anymore.

    I subscribed to your program and have started the no talking period, but
    what do you think about this situation and how I should approach it? We had
    been together for over a year and we had a fairly serious relationship-
    talked about marriage and life goals all the time.

  20. Valeria Mora says:

    Hey brad. ok so heres my story, few months back i met this guy over an app
    on my phone called tinder, everything was awesome we talked everyday he was
    just so sweet everything i ever wanted but the problem was he didnt live
    around my area but an hour away so we both have car we could never find a
    day we both could use it so we just went along and used trains, i went to
    his town which by train was 20 mins away and the first time we saw
    eachother was great , we actually started dating that same day i know its
    crazy i tough it wasnt gonna last but as time went by it everything fell
    into place going great, i couldnt go see him every day so we would only
    see each other on weekends which i think was kinda a downfall for our
    relatinship (started in may ended agust) 3 months went by and it was great
    but towards the end of the 3rd month he was distant he wasnt as involved as
    before i was feeling like our chemistry wasnt there anymore, last time i
    went to see him i got this feeling that maybe i should break it up with him
    but i ignored it and didnt, a week later he told me we needed to talk so
    and i knew the break up was coming, he confessed to me that 5 days before
    that day he cheated on me at a party with a girl which he claims he only
    kissed bc he was drunk. i was mad i wont deny it so we just broke it off
    rigth there , the next day i took my phone to get fixed which was prety
    much the no contact rule since i kinda dissapered for 2 weeks then after i
    got my phone back i had many messages from him saying he wanted to talk and
    get back together, i was still sad so i tough if we hang out once more we
    migth be able to fix it so we planned and sometimes i would cancel but at
    the ened we did hang out once, he came over to my house you know… stuff
    happened . and then after that we talked a few times but he was very dry
    towards me. in your videos you say if they jump in a relationship after
    the break up its more likely a rebound , well he is infact datin someone
    rigth now which i know is prob a rebound , he has been texting me recently
    eventho he is with the new girl checking on up on me and apologizing , we
    dont talk much now, and when we do is for reason of favors but im really
    trying , we had something special and i feel like theres hope for us ,
    please tell me how do i talk or make him talk to me more, i really want him
    back.. please HELP !

  21. Tahie Doan says:

    I was read your book , etc ..but actually ,dont know what i need to do
    rightnow.we actually not breakup clearly but, don’t know what todo right
    now.for the first,i was begging him so much , then i don’t do this
    anymore.i want to do no contact, but my friends says that he always the one
    who says sorry with me ,so , why i can’t do that ?!
    I was do,but it really not work somuch, he can’t love me like he was
    .So,what i need to right now ? No contact ? Or something else ?

  22. vikram chautal says:

    Hey Brad. Can u do some videos on how to deal with possessiveness?? Or how
    to do handle the feelings of worrying abt losing your partner. Im finding
    it really hard to cope. If not,can u plz reply to me abt my course of
    action when i feel such emotions?? Thanks in advance…!!!!

  23. Charlie Allen says:

    Hi brad, thanks for all of the great videos. So my ex broke up with my a
    month and a half a go and we were together for over 2 years and I’m trying
    to do the no contact rule but we go to the same school and we are both in
    the same friendship group. So I don’t know really how to stick to it
    because I want to hang out with my friends but I want her too miss me, so I
    don’t know wether to hang out with my friends less when she is there or
    hang out with other friends and occasionally talk to them but I don’t want
    to seem suspicious of what I am doing.

    Thanks for all the great advice

  24. bridget lee says:

    There is 15 days left of no contact. Three days ago he blocked me from
    Facebook. We were already not friends but can still see each other’s posts
    on mutual friend. Is this a bad sign or am I over thinking. 

  25. cboadicea says:

    is there a chance the no contact rule could back fire? me and my girlfriend
    broke up about 8 months ago. I have been begging and pleading everyday
    since then. I just found out she has a boyfriend so I
    stopped communicating with her close to a month ago. I’m scared she’ll
    forget about me and grow used to not talking to me since I initiated the
    rule without her knowing. how can I prevent that if she has a new boyfriend
    and the no contact rule could make her more distant from me? thanks, carlos

  26. Mauricio Trejos says:

    Hey brad my girlfriend broke up with me because she says she realized one
    day our age is a big deal she’s 12 years older and she has a new boyfriend
    I have no idea how to win her back I already messed up by begging and
    pleading what should I do now

  27. Jay Elliot says:

    I just need to know this asap, I’m talking to her but she’s being
    incredibly blunt and it seems like she doesn’t want to talk but she is
    replying, should I text her then cut contact or what, and do I have to do
    the full month even though I already gave it 3 weeks then text her? 

  28. Dimitris Dimou says:

    i need to have contact with you Brad by email so that you explain me
    exactly the payment and the services for personal coaching because i dont
    understand from the video about personal coaching. How can we discuss about

  29. Checho Checho says:


  30. jviolanti22 says:

    Hey brad here’s a question for ya today I my ex and I hung out we have done
    this three times prior and I followed all of your advice earlier sense I
    bought ur guide well today I asked her for a second chance and she said no
    and we talked a little bit and even laughed I told her that I have been on
    other dates but I just keep thinking about her and she was really sensitive
    about the rejection and I said to her before I left “I know we never may
    get back together” and she said “I wouldn’t say that I’m just not in a good
    mind set to be in a relationship right now”… Basically I’m asking should
    I keep going on casual hang outs now or should I cut her off? 

  31. randomstuff says:

    And before for the 3 weeks I just begged her when she was breaking up later
    on I just sent her 2 texts a day one for the good morning and one for a
    goodnight to which I never got a reply but an “ok” rarely so now I just
    started the no contact 3 days ago. However um afraid she’ll think that I
    don’t care anymore when I actually do care. Note that she didn’t seem to
    care about me texting or not…and i think she’s in a new relation now.

  32. Alex Munoz says:

    And were both 16 in high school were juniors

  33. randomstuff says:

    Hey I just started the no contact period 3 days ago while my gf broke up
    with me about 2 weeks ago before that I had been begging her and
    everything. I wanted to ask won’t she feel as if I don’t care if I don’t
    contact her? P.s our relationship had it been there for 4years and now I
    think she has an other guy and seems pretty happy and all while I’m here
    stuck. It’d be great if you could help. Thanks! 

  34. Scott Moses says:

    What should I do ? 

  35. randomstuff says:

    Plus it’d be just super awesome if you could help me out with all this and
    I can’t but your xfactor guide though I really really want to. I really
    really love her and really don’t want to loose her it had been 4 years that
    we were together! Thanks man

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