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  1. Brad Browning says:

    Finally had a chance to record another episode of my Ask Brad video
    series… thanks to all who sent in questions over the past couple of
    weeks! More new videos coming soon!

  2. Brittani Campbell says:

    Hey Brad, I know you are a very busy guy, and I appreciate all you do for
    your clients and followers, but I would appreciate more than you know,
    recieving some advice from you on my situation.( I am subscribed by the
    way.) :)My ex and I were together for a year and a half, not very long, but
    long enough for me to think of him as my soul mate and know he saw me as
    his soul mate as well. We had a perfect relationship the one you see in
    movies and the one everyone wished they had, he mentioned marriage all on
    his own, we talked about moving to Portland, OR together so we could finish
    college. He gave me a promise ring and all, But the last four months of our
    relationship went downhill for reasons I am at a complete loss to, and he
    broke it off… never told me why but i understand it was probably some
    form of attraction being lost. I have purchased your ‘Ex Factor Guide’ and
    have read all of it cover to cover several times. We have been broken up
    for approximately 7 months or so, and right after our break up I
    immediately jumped into the ‘No Contact Phase’ and he did, in fact, try
    getting a hold of me for pointless reasons… I didn’t answer to them for
    the longest time but then one phone call turned into numerous phone calls
    in a row and admittingly, I gave in. We talked for HOURS about several
    things and he told me he enjoyed talking with me and that i was welcome to
    call him whenever even if it was like 3 in the morning. I never have taken
    him up on that offer because like you have suggested, I don’t want to seem
    desperate or clingy. We text every now and again, we skype and run into
    each other occassionally downtown where we both frequently pass through,
    and he has suggested lunch and hanging out all on his own but has never
    followed through with making plans… I have no idea what’s going through
    his head or what I should do! I want him back more than anything but I
    don’t know if he is PRETENDING to want to hang around me or if he generally
    means well. How can I figure this out!? :(

  3. Roopak Rewari says:

    hey brad,
    i texted my ex today with a memory trigger and kept it light so which she
    responded gently.. The brief conversation went well and she asked me a few
    questions regarding whats i am upto? we broke up 2.5 months back and talked
    once or twice in between. i did NC for a month after which i initiated
    little contact twice a month. today when i contacted her, i felt my
    neediness was still left in me and i fear this may backfire. my question is
    should i go back NC again to clear my neediness off and leave her alone for
    a month again and start the therapy again??

  4. Juan Luciano says:

    Hey brad
    I was merry for 2 years with my ex wife and in the past we had problems
    like others couples but when i meet her she was alone she didnt have her
    family cuz they kick her out of her house but 2 months ago her mom came
    back to her life and i was happy but things change alot she was acting all
    different with me and she whent to vacation with her mom and when she came
    back she said that she doesnt love me nomore and she want to be free with
    out responsibility and she wants to do her life and brad i havent see her
    for one month and half i really love her alot how can i know if she was
    telling me the true please help me get her back 

  5. Guilherme Pedroso says:

    Hello Brad, i’m from Brazil and i have a question for you.
    My girlfriend broke with me do 2.5 months, and i don’t forget her, because
    we have se same propose of life, and i love her. We stay together and she
    kiss me do one week ago, she wanted keep de contact with me but she don’t
    call me anytime in this period, and i too. I am make the rule of the no
    contact, but i still confused because she say to me that love me more than
    before, and she gushed when saw me. The question is, do i must keep the

  6. Alfredo Sanchez says:

    HI there Brad! Thank you for these videos that you’ve made. They are pretty

    My boyfriend and I on Wednesday 10th had an argument on TEXT message that
    escalated and I assessed the problem, because I was the one who had made
    the problem rise. We didn’t talk till Friday and I asked him if we where
    done, he said yes. I asked him why I told him not to. more like begging if
    you will. Well we waited till Saturday to talk and I wrote him a letter
    saying what had happened on Wednesday and how I fixed the problems that I
    had. He decided to not tell me his decision, and on the following Monday
    15th we broke up. What gets to me was that in the end we decided that in 2
    yrs we were still going to get back together and talk even if we had a
    partner or not, we would still see and or date if we had none. Along with
    that, we would be cold turkey about the whole “break up”, but still keep 5
    pics and take off all of our pictures from Instagram and from Facebook.
    Well I told him that I would always love him and that I would still keep
    trying to get that small bit of chance with him because I love him. A few
    days past till Friday 19th when our 6th month anniversary was to be, I sent
    him flowers and told him I loved him. He texted me how much he loved it,
    and I told him that its a small detail of the immense love that I have.
    Well up to this day Brad, he hasn’t taken anything down from Insta and or
    Facebook, so im not entirely sure now what he is thinking if this is more
    of a split now. But on Monday 22nd I placed a letter saying how much I
    missed him and how much I love him since i haven’t seen him and or talked
    to him.

    The thing is that im confused, I love him so much and miss him and I want
    to get back with him. However, would he think this now as more like a break
    or a breakup since he still has his status on Facebook and all those
    pictures up?

  7. kuhlekatze says:

    Hey Brad,
    It’s been three months since I broke up with my ex. He broke up cause we
    lost our “spark” and distance (he just moved to college in a different
    state). Its been now four months since I’ve seen him. I did the full
    no-contact and we get along well over text. Lately we’ve been talking once
    a week, twice if I’m lucky. Anyhow, I asked him if he wanted to hangout
    since he’s up for winter break and he seemed happy and open to the idea but
    added the phrase “if there was time”. I talked to him a week later on
    Christmas and asked if he was still interested. He replied back rather
    coldly saying “if there was time” after his vacation to Hawaii. If he
    really wanted to see me I’m sure we would have already met up. At this
    rate, I’m sure he will just not say anything or say “sorry, maybe sometime
    later”. I tried my best not to pressure him, but I fear I did and he has
    ignored my last text (I let him initiate 50% of the contacts). Is there
    anything I can do or say to get him to want to meet up with me? I don’t
    plan to bring up “hanging out” again either…

  8. Brooke Winter says:

    Okay. Here we go.

    There’s this guy that’s had his eyes on me for about 4 years. We had an off
    and on thing throughout that time, and he basically became my best friend
    who I was also dating. I had my doubts though. So I never would make a
    super strong commitment, even though we spent almost every day together
    anyways. I knew he wanted to commit because he had told me a million times,
    and did things for me that absolutely blew my mind with how sweet they were.
    Anyways, I broke things off about 5 months ago because I wasn’t sure if I
    could give him the commitment he was looking for, and because I had
    feelings for another person. He was totally heartbroken and we’ve hardly
    talked. Except for the last 3 weeks or so when we’ve caught up a bit and he
    stopped over on Christmas to hang out with my family. He invited me to his
    Christmas party the following night and while we didn’t spend the whole
    time together, he spent a half an hour or so showing me the downstairs of
    his new place, and then pouring out everything he’s stressed about now and
    everything he went through with our break-up.
    I asked him if he had a girlfriend just a couple days ago (since I’ve heard
    rumors and we’ve been talking more), and his response was “I have a girl
    that I am seeing”. Neither one of us have said anything to each other
    since, and I’m not sure where to go from here. I realize my mistake before,
    and really do feel that I’m ready to give him the commitment he wanted
    before. I just don’t know if that door is still open, or how I can get that
    door more open if it’s not already. I feel like at this point I’m
    initiating contact a lot more than he is, which always gets me a reply, but
    I’m not sure if it really puts me ahead at all.
    Hope I can get some help here, Brad. You’re the best!

  9. Sam Mok says:

    Hi Brad :) I know you’ll be busy answering others youtubers’ questions but
    I still hope you can make time to answer mine. I broke up with my boyfriend
    like a year ago. Like you said mainly it’s because “Loose of attraction”
    Maybe a part is. The problem here for me is my family. My family is
    opposing me to be in a relationship (They’re over protecting!) We broke up
    just after my family went to find him and hurt his feelings. He broke up by
    saying he wants me to be happy and not stressed about the whole family
    thing. He also said he really hope he can be in a open relationship with
    me. (Is he lying?) Can I ask “Is his love for me too weak to face this with
    me? If it’s a yes please don’t answer this question

  10. meg says:

    Hi Brad. I was in a relationship with a very very loving n caring guy.. But
    things went wrong last year. He said he has no feelings for me. He even
    started liking another girl. N that girl is also interested in him. I tried
    the “no contact” rule two months back. And he realised that he cant live
    without hearing from me. But still things didn’t change. He says he cares
    genuinely and I’m always there at the back f his mind. Two days back he
    told me that he wants to confess his feelings to that girl but something
    stops him. N thats the very idea of loosing contacts with me. He says he
    doesn’t know whether it’s just a physical attraction or love for that girl.
    But i love him very much. And i dnt wana loose him ever. Please help Brad..

  11. Rehan Tahir says:

    Hey Brad,

    me and girlfriend have been arguing about her friend, she said he is my
    best friend but i always felt she lying cause she share her sat feeling
    with him and she only share with me happy feelings, i said let me see you
    sat part she says i don’t wanna see you up sad because of me. she created a
    2 places one for me one for him and i don’t want that. we both love each
    other but last night she said she need some time need a BREAK like 2 or 3
    days off. the reason is she said i don’t trust he and i think she is right
    the way they talk i did not like it i’m her boyfriend and she act like in
    not her anything. i talked to her best friend he said we have nothing for
    each other but only care and friendship. and he is helping me to get back
    to her. please help me i’m very confuse what should i do next. thanks a lot
    man you are amazing job.

  12. LEE KP says:

    Hey Brad almost 2 days ago I already sent you the completed form to
    activate the personal coaching, but till this moment I haven’t got any
    reply yet… Are you even going to reply?? Things change rapidly, and
    terribly if I’ve taken wrong moves without noticing it! Pls looking forward
    to your reply!

  13. Meatball Wannabe says:

    Hey Brad,

    So I got my ex girlfriend back and I had a fight with my friend I told him
    the truth and we had an arguement, and he always copies me who I like, he
    always bothers me.. He always flirts with my girlfriend and he is still not
    stopping I told him, “Your always annoying” and he is sweating a bit…

  14. Chouaib Bazwi says:

    Hei brad, during the no contact rule, should I dissapear and try to not see
    me at school? And stop Logging o facebook/whatsapp.. Ect
    And is it hekpfull to check her tweets? And get what’s on her mind? And
    thank you.

  15. HelpMeBrad says:

    Hello , this message include an important question about my unique case and
    a question if there is a copy of you book in the app store or plans to make
    one there .

    I met that girl in the latino dancing school 1 year 2 months ago , ( i am
    30 and she is 25 ) we became close friends , best friends and friends with
    benefits sometimes and dance partners . I know that you are a professional
    relation ship coach and most clients talking about love , but in my case
    this girl is not a couple love , she is more than a family love to me and
    she know my secrets more than my sister , what u should know that this girl
    has a boy friend in a long distance relation ship for over 4-5 years and
    she love him and i helped her so many times to fix problems with him , we
    used to talk every day , see each other almost every day and chat in every
    break we have . 1 time only we had a fight 6 months ago and we didn’t talk
    to each other for few days but we saw each other in the class , danced
    without talking but the reason wasn’t so so big of the fight and in a night
    she texted me ‘hi’ i said hi and stuff and after that i asked: are you ok ?
    And she said she had a problem and she told me later that this words : are
    you ok ‘ made her into me again and we back to normal in 2 weeks and better
    Now ,
    3 weeks ago we had a fight and after a day of that fight we had a dancing
    test , so i made a big mistake and i didn’t go , ( the test is just for
    practice no marks or anything but she love dancing ) , she did the test
    with another guy , and since that day her relation to that new guy became
    stronger , he is famous and he got car , but i am better dancer , basically
    me and her are the best dancers in the school . She said that she don’t
    want to talk to me …etc , i said sorry and begged …etc , she refused ,
    but after 4 days i saw her outside the dancing club , we make a weekly
    latino party in there , we talked and she accepted my sorry and she said
    she mainly accepting for the school owner so we keep dancing together, then
    9 days passed she was cold , she was busy more than normal , she stopped
    asking me questions but sometimes tell me some news like she care about me
    , but i was very good with her and extra nice those 9 days , even sending
    stickers on Facebook and viber chat stopped dunno why , only few words .
    The in a chat she said : sorry i cant accept you anymore , i tried for you
    and for the school owner but i cant , you blew it up and its over , so i
    send her a long msg with a picture of bracers we got and the word Best
    friends on them , and ofc as you said in your videos like a wall , she said
    what should i do now ? I said nothing live your life and be happy and don’t
    msg me after this.
    She become more close to that guy , and i started the no contact but after
    4 days i skipped the class , she messaged me : she was dancing with that
    guy and some dude told her where is your boy friend , she said he is my
    dance partner not boy friend ….etc , that dude told he oh ‘ all school
    think your a couple .
    I answered her , what you mean , are you blaming me ? Anyway i am out of
    the picture and they will forget me. She said : after what ? What happened
    happened ,
    I sent her a big last msg , i didn’t know what to send but i explained that
    ppl like to talk and i did something good that i end the msg with saying :
    my doors are open for you , when you need help contact me without thinking
    so much .
    Then i skipped 1 more class ( we have 2 classes a week and 1 party )
    I went to the party and it was the birthday of the school owner , the place
    is not so big , you can see anybody from any angle , she came with that guy
    and she stayed in an area far from me and she didn’t come , she danced with
    that guy a lot and she did same stuff she used to do with me and that
    really break my heart but i tried to stay calm , and i went to her area
    just to say hi to all people there and i said hi to her with smile but her
    hand shake was too cold and not good at all , and i kept moving .
    Today i went to the class after 1 week off and she came after me , she
    didn’t look at me and she turned her head and said hi to that guy then
    changed cloths and hi to others and she stand in a far place so i cant see
    her , and make the chance of dancing with her low , because we change
    partner each song and in the full hour she changed over 5 dancers but
    didn’t reach me , and in the free dance she danced with that guy all the
    time , so is this so bad that i couldn’t say hi to her ? Are we in a War or
    she think me as an enemy ? Should i text her to ask her if she doesn’t want
    to say hi casually in front of people its fine by me but i need to know ?
    Or should i try to say hi to her with the smile after tomorrow ? Why and
    what her brain probably thinking right now Brad ? Do i have chances this
    time with all those stuff and with the new famous guy? And why she is
    avoiding me completely , what kind of signs is that ? Do i need to have a
    last conversation with her ?

    I hope that you answer me here not in the next episode because i am lost
    and need to know what to do before its too late , i can give so many
    details but this message is already huge :( ,
    By the way : i watched all your videos and the web video too , and i am
    trying to buy the book on the apple store but cant find it , i have money
    in there , but my credit is locked so cant buy the website book this week .

    My situation is bad and cant eat good , but i did hold myself in the class
    and was good today but some told me i look tired / ill, plz help me Brad .

  16. Allena K says:

    +Brad Browning Your vids are great because they’re brief and to the
    point. Two weeks ago, my ex broke up with me saying we didn’t have an
    emotional connection–because he said I don’t express my emotions. We had
    been together about 7 months (together most nights each week). I
    unintentionally (because of depression), went on NC for almost a week but
    he reached out and I saw him. I did several of the things u said not to do
    (I miss u…I love u…). Days after, I tried to schedule time with him.
    He was busy but gave me a time that would work. We slept together. I’ve
    went back to NC but since we have the holidays coming up, would it be in my
    best interest to send holiday greetings via text? Does NC work if he
    believes I am not emotionally expressive??

  17. Ashley Lista says:

    Hey Brad! I’ve just got out of a relationship with my ex a few days ago &
    it didn’t necessarily end well. At the end, I begged him to allow me
    another chance, something I knew I shouldn’t have done. He obviously denied
    me & stated soon after that he was going to go out of town this weekend
    with his roommate. I don’t know what to think of this. As soon as he did
    end our relationship, I knew I wanted him back. So I started vigorously
    watching your videos & just yesterday I set up a plan. Normally I’m the
    first person to message him, but just the other day I told him that I was
    getting ready to “go out” & then immediately after started the no contact
    rule. I’m a bit confused though, it’s barely been a day in & he’s already
    messaged me. Is this a sign, or is he just messaging me because he’s bored?
    Should I reply?

  18. SMD0010 says:

    Hi Brad,
    So my ex and I broke up about 2 weeks ago, but i tried to start the no
    contact period about a week ago when he started to contact me. He just kept
    trying to explain why he broke up with me and how sorry he was for the mean
    things he said. 2 nights ago, we spoke a little bit about the break up
    again, but then he started trying to have a casual chat with me about
    random stuff. I ended the conversation by telling him we shouldnt speak
    like that and that I had to go and he said “oh…. Youre going? Okay well
    thanks for talking. Goodbye” . Talking to him has made me feel worse. What
    do i do? What should i expect now? we haven’t spoken since then. i think
    its worth mentioning that about 3 times in 2 days he’s said “if you hadn’t
    been in your relationships before you met me, i wonder what would have
    happened between us…” (implying that if i had met him later on we
    could’ve possibly stayed together) he told me we had no chance of being
    together again

  19. James R. says:

    Hey Brad,

    My girlfriend dumped me cus she was apparently “not ready for a
    relationship” and cus she “doesn’t like me anymore”. But when I texted her
    a couple weeks after the break up, she immediately responded and we started
    a good convo like nothing between us changed. She even sent me a pic of
    herself saying hi and she still likes all my photos on social media. But at
    school, she acts different, like it’s all quiet between us. We barely talk
    except maybe a hi and short questions. She is avoiding me I can tell but
    she isn’t afraid to show a smile and a hi when we bump into each other,
    like she’s shy but she is a very social girl. Why is this? Why does she act
    the same when we text but she acts completely different in person? Does she
    still like me but she doesn’t want me back into her life or something? What
    should I do? Any help and advice would be great! 

  20. dane malikk says:

    Hello, Im dane i had relationahip with my boyfriend last 5 years but last
    year he was engaged with anyother girl he cheated me at that time than
    because of their family issue they both seprated than he again came in my
    life than said he loves me he dont want her i was trusted him and give him
    another chance but after 6 month hes again in relationship with her and he
    said to me Sorry . I need your help im so upset . Thanks

  21. Liam Bond says:

    Hiya Brad I need advice on something and will try to keep this short as I

    Me and my gf broke up about 2 months ago because of a misunderstanding.
    Long story short she fort I was flirting and liking another girl(This was
    never true) and she broke up with me. I needed a few weeks before I came
    back to her and try to sort things but when I try getting back with her
    again I got all needy and desperate because I was so upset and she said at
    first that she would like to be friends but when I got needy she was saying
    like “Not if you keep hassling me”. and as I was so upset I told her like I
    never wanted to speak to her again that and she instantly blocked me on

    I try to contact her next day with text saying like Im so sorry I never
    ment anything I said that night and I do still want to be friends but she
    wont text me back at tall and I try ringing her but she rejected the call
    and turned her phone straight off! I try again in a week but still nothing
    so I left it but what I didn’t know was that she got with someone else 2
    weeks later after our breakup and it killed me inside and still does! The
    only other way I have kinda try contacting her is I texted her on decenber
    13 to say happy birthday as it was her 18 that day! and I texted her merry
    Christmas on Christmas day and she didn’t reply to them either. how long
    should I wait before trying to contact her again and how should I do it? I
    was planning to try and contact her again in the middle of January! what
    should I do at this point? I don’t want to give up on her just yet but I
    don’t want to persuade to get with her either when I do talk to her I want
    to talk to her and try to be friends again and see how it goes! p.s sorry
    for long message and hope to hear off you soon:)

  22. Brittani Campbell says:

    Thank you so much Brad! Your time and advice means the world! I will get
    started on putting this into action right away! :) 

  23. sierra frank says:

    Hey brad, me & my boyfriend of 3 years broke up about two months then he
    started dating my ex best friend and he texted me a few times during his
    new relationship then one day we saw each other and hooked up sadly but he
    said he missed me and that he loved me so much then he broke up with his
    new girlfriend to be with me and now he acts like he wants me one day and
    not the next then he says he doesn’t wanna talk or be with me right now I
    feel like he thinks I’m always going to be here for him to fall back on and
    sadly I am we were each other’s first everything I can’t see my self being
    with anyone else I really do love him even after everything he does what do
    I do I need help! 

  24. batcher63 says:

    Hi Brad,
    I broke up with my bf of 6 months because he told me he wasn’t ready for a
    relationship. He told me he wanted to keep building on what we have now
    without a title. I told him I didn’t have time to waste for him to figure
    it out. I broke it off. He told me he wished me well and he was sorry I
    wasn’t patient enough. Now he is texting me randomly late at night to check
    on me. Why?

  25. Chouaib Bazwi says:

    Hei brad, we’re getting through the 4th year this 24/01/2015
    Should I talk to her ? Or wait till I finnish the 30 days with no contact?
    And next week she is having a big exam should I encourage her also for that
    or just let it go? Till i finnish the 30 days rule!
    Thank you so much Brad !

  26. antonio messenger says:

    Hey brad,My girlfriend Broke up with me 4 weeks ago and we were speaking
    for the first 2 weeks until i decided to use the no contact rule. At the
    moment it is difficult to fully commit to it because we decided we will be
    buying Christmas presents for each other and visiting each other on
    Christmas . conversations about this are generally short and blunt. What
    should I do. I also try to act really disinterested even though it hurts a
    lot and she seems so happy.

  27. AdViCaTe says:

    hey brad i have a question. me and my girlfriend of 2 years broke up
    officially about a month ago prior to that i had moved out to my own place
    to give her some space and we where working on things till other people
    become involved and she decided to call it quits via text i made sure i had
    the last line in that conversation and than cut communication. about 3 days
    later she texted me about some photos of her’s that i had on my computer…
    i ignored this as i knew i already had given them to her and continued the
    no contact for a few more days until she kept texting me and sending me
    selfies threw snap chat and trying to ring me at silly hours of the night.
    since than we have been hanging out alot and there has been an amount of
    flirting from her via text and in person but than without warning she will
    just go cold. so the other day i decided to employ the no contact rule
    again the other day which i received 3 snap chats and 6 texts all in one
    day with “hey you” “what you doing” “have i done something wrong”
    eventually i texted back and she came round to see me and this was top of
    the subjects she spoke to me about. all her close friends no longer live in
    our town and she goes on about wanting a friendship with me but obviously i
    don’t want a friendship with her and because im the only one here she wants
    to hangout all the time. she asks questions like are you going out tonight
    drinking etc if she hasn’t seen me

    what i would like to know is the flirting just a way for her to keep me
    close or is there more to it and should i keep pulling away every now and
    again? and if she is still in love with me what should i do.

    cheers from nz

  28. James Corner says:

    hi brad,

    your thoughts on my situation please? recently broke up with an ex,
    followed the no contact rule for about a month. we hung out the other day
    with a close mutual friend, and before we did so she texted me let’s be
    friends. i said ok, lets give it a shot. ended up getting drunk, talking a
    bit about the break up, and ultimately sleeping together (i asked her if
    she was sure she wanted to come over, and she said yes). now i’m a bit
    unsure of how to act… during our talk she mentioned she was disappointed
    with me during the relationship, that she didn’t feel i was genuine with
    her and that’s what caused her to push me away. when we were together i
    tried very hard with her, something she admitted to as well to the point
    where she said she didn’t know why she felt that way, but something just
    seemed off i guess. how do i now contact and hang out with her without her
    thinking im just interested in sex? at the same time, i feel if i act too
    cool about it she might end up thinking ‘i guess i was right’. we run into
    each other often and have some good mutual friends; i’ll probably be seeing
    her around later tonight even.

    also just wanted to say, regardless of what happens, these videos helped a
    lot in getting my thoughts together, moving on, and being sensible about
    the situation. thank you.

  29. ivana821 V says:

    Hi Brad. We have two kids, we’re together 7 years, have been talking but he
    is hooking up with someone. We can’t really avoid each other at this point
    but I have been going out with friends and he seems jealous yet says he
    enjoys the single life. Whenever I see him he is very disturbed looking and
    still tries to keep me close by doing “family” things. What do I do now? 

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