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  1. Franzmichael Bastian says:

    Hey Brad Browning !! I really need your help !! I will not contact my ex.
    But this coming march 26. My ex girlfriend is going to attend my graduation
    and she will sleep in our house. And what will I do to win her back . What
    will I do after no communication and what will I do when she is here

  2. Norwegian Boy says:

    Hi Brad, i have been watching your videos the last two months. But i really
    don’t know what to do.

    My ex girlfriend broke up with me 3 months ago. I did the worst thing ever,
    i begged her to get back with me.

    We have this ‘gang’ with me, her and many more. We are all best friends and
    see each other everyday. So i couldn’t do ‘no-contact’

    I still don’t know why she broke up with me. She did it after a few hours
    right after we had chatted for a while, we talked about our anniversary
    that was coming up in two days.

    So far it feels like she friendzoned me. She likes another guy,but i don’t
    know who. She actually liked three other boys before in these last 3 months.

    I still think about her everyday and get sad. I just remember everything we

    Our ‘gang’ spent the whole summer together, so i was with her all the time.
    Not 24/7 but we did hang out much. Me, her and the rest.

    We were best friends before we got together so i don’t know if that says
    anything today.

    But do you have any tips of how i can get her back in this situation?

    – Martin

  3. blackknight3830 says:

    Hi Brad! My girlfriend broke up with me a few days ago after a 5 year
    relationship! She said she is not in love anymore, and suggested we stay
    friends, which I accepted. Since then we haven’t texted much, I’m now
    trying to go with the no contact rule for 30 days. But here’s the twist! My
    birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and she wanted to surprise me with a
    2 day bus trip to Venice, Italy. I asked about this after we broke up and
    she said it’s up to me if I want to go or not. I accepted. This now makes
    the no contact rule a bit harder, since I will actually see her and BE with
    her for 2 days. Then again I feel this trip may have an opportunity for
    something. What do you suggest ? Please help me, and thank you:

    Peter from Hungary 

  4. Rabey Amir says:

    Hey brad I’ve been using ur system and it first I Diddnt think it would
    work but it did I got y ex back and I can’t thank you enough your system
    litterly saved my life thank you so much so happy right now I have now idea
    how to thank you cuz you really saved my life thanks so much

  5. Samuel Colon says:

    You’re the man

  6. Justyce Keo says:

    Hey Brad. I’ve been watching your videos lately and I’ve taken some of the
    advice you’ve given on how to get your ex back and other videos related to
    that. I just want to ask you something? Okay so we broke up about 2 weeks
    ago and she’s with this guy. You know that guy could be a rebound and
    that’s what I’m hoping for. But she was the one who broke up with me and
    you said she could be with him because she’s possibly hurt for having to
    leave me. She broke up with me because I didn’t exactly love myself much,
    and now I want to be happy. And watching your videos helps me being happy.
    Like you said if I’m happy she’ll more than likely be in love with me again
    because that’s the guy she fell in love with. Plus you said the 30 day
    space thing, I’m going to try that. BUT QUESTION is when I text her (Up
    until yesterday) she replied with short answers and really didn’t show
    signs of love. So does that mean she doesn’t want me plus the fact she’s
    with another guy or what? Do you think she is still willing to get back
    together with me? I know she broke up with me which explains the text but I
    want to know more on that?

  7. Cole Moore says:

    Hey Brad! First of all, I wanted to tell you thank you for all your
    relationships help. You truly have helped me with my situation. My ex broke
    up with me around 7 months ago, and I have been following your book since
    the very next day of the breakup. It really helped sculpt me into the
    person I used to be, giving me a lot more confidence in my life.

    I have however ran into a slight dilemma. I have followed your guidelines,
    and for about a week now I have been consistently sleeping with my ex. It
    has been really intimate for the past week between us(lots of kissing and
    cuddling), and she has mentioned that she missed me etc. As mentioned
    within your guide, I have been sleeping with her as much as possible, and
    ending the dates by telling her I have to do things with other women. The
    only thing is that when we had sex the first night, she told me after “This
    is really good, but…” then never finished her sentence. Despite all the
    intimacy that’s formed between us, she still mentions that she’s moving to
    Kelowna at the end of April. I told her that I’ll be moving to Vancouver,
    but she was still very hesitant. After one failed attempt, I decided to not
    mention it again, and try to make her as jealous as possible. She told me
    that she loves what we have going on atm, but she doesn’t want either of us
    getting hurt at the end..

    What should I do about this situation? Do I still play off that I am seeing
    other girls (as I have been), until she finally caves in?. She has gotten
    to be really romantic, even proposing watching the Notebook together *Gag*..
    I’m just finally stuck.

    Thanks again Brad,


    Hey brad, I appreciate ur wrk n effort n feel like u r the only one who can
    help me right now.i hav been in a relatioship for 3 months.we wr casual
    frnds before.i got accident 4 months ago, been in coma nd was about to
    die.thts when we decided to get commited.i know 3 months are not a long
    period.but we had such a crucial time.nd she came at such a point in my
    life that I decided that she wil be love of my life.evrybody says our was
    the cutest coupl of the colleg.nd she also loved me so much.she cried n
    begged to god for my life.nd now that love is gone al of a can
    this be possible?we had a fight nd she decided to broke up.we had issues
    before but this time she is not coming back.resons she gave-no future, lots
    of fights, carrier, dnt love me anymore etc.she asked me to date somebody
    else but I cnt.asked to be frnds.i begged.asked her frnd for help.we got
    together for 2 days nd break up again without any reason.during these 2
    days she told me who provoked her.nd the funny thing is she knows tht persn
    is provoking her nd she stil wnt she is evn mor irritated.nt
    listning to her frnd or anyone.i hv been through ol ur videos last week
    tried No Contact rule.she blocked nd unblocked me 2-3 times last week.she
    texted me twice just to ask my result to which I replied casually.but her
    txt was so formal nd doesnt looks like she is intrested in getting back.nd
    blocked me again.wht should I do know? Wht should I do if I found her in
    college during NC period? How should I cntact her after NC period?

  9. Justyna Ostrowska says:

    Hello Brad!
    You don’t even know how happy I am that I found your channel! I subscribed
    you because I think that your tips are great. I need your help, or opinion
    what should I do.

    I was with my exboyfriend for two years and a half. He dumped me over 7
    moths ago and of course he said that he doesn’t love my anymore. That day I
    told him that we cannot be friends and if he don’t want to be with me he
    won’t see me again, and he won’t get a chance to talk with me again. For
    month I didn’t contact him. After that he sent me a text message because he
    want to hang out with me and just talk. He said that he missed me. After
    this meeting we were a couple again- for 2 weeks.. I think that I agreed
    for comming back too fast.. And here my story starts beeing weird..
    Since July 2014 we met 8 times. He stayed in my place twice and I stayed in
    his also twice. We had sex sometimes.. Last sex we had was in December 2014.
    In July and August we sent messages really often, we talked by phone for
    long time. But I realised that I can’t talk with him anymore because I
    don’t really know where it is going. I stop contacting with him. Stoped
    initiate any contact with him. For over a week he didn’t write anything to
    me and I was thinking for all the time does he miss me? After a week he
    sent me a message that he want to give my tripod back which he borrowed in
    July 2014 and he asked me to hang out. But I told him that I’m so busy. He
    called me next week twice and still want to give my stuff back but I didn’t
    change my mind and I said no again. My last memory from September 2014 is
    that he called to me at 3 am! He told me that he is move out to another
    city (I knew that already in August because he had to choose the
    university) and he can bring my stuff back that day or we will never do
    that. WTF?! I said again that I have no time because he was totally drunk..
    One week later he tried to text me on Facebook and again he want to meet
    with me – so I agreed. I thought that I cannot always saying that I’m busy.
    So we met in a half of December. He gave me my stuff and we start to talk
    but I saw that he is totally indifferent to me – no eye-contaxt at all.

    After our last meeting he didn’t contact with me for a week so I texted
    him. I sent a message and he replied but I stop the conversation. He was
    angry and he asked me if he have wait 2 days or a week to my reply so I
    decided to call him and say sorry but I was busy and next I totally forgot
    to reply for his message. We talked over 2 hours about everything. And then
    there was a silence between us. No one initiate the contact. So In November
    I tried again to contact with him again. I called and we talk for few
    minutes but he was busy (he was studying) and I asked him if he could call
    me back when he will be available and he said NO because he is not going to
    farrow anyone for talk. So I was the one who texted him next day.. And we
    started send SMS for one weekd when he asked me to hang out because he is
    comming for a weekend to our city. I said yes and we met. We were sitting
    in the bar and drinking beer, we talked a lot about what happened in our
    lifes since our last talk and he even said that he didn;t expect that our
    meeting could be as good as was. HE also said that he is waiting to hear
    something from me. So next day I texted him, but I didn’t get any answer
    from him. 2 days later I decided to call him and ask what happened and if
    he don’t want to talk to me so he could say it to me.. And he said that he
    is angry about something (now I know about what he was angry but it’s not
    relevant anymore) and again there was no contact between us for a week.
    After that again I decided to call him. I just want to talk and we hang up
    again. He invited me to his city.. 13th of December 2014 I arrived to his
    city and we had a lot of fun until his girlfriend came to us (he didn’t
    told me when i was there). I treat her in the best way I could because I
    wanted to show him that I’m not the same person as I were when we brokeup.
    That I’ve changed. We had sex that day.. He told me that I’m still the best
    (haha WTF) but when I got home he didn’t write or call me..

    Few days before New Years Eve my friend and his cousin brokeup so we had a
    chance to talk. We were talking via phone for over 2 hours. We also talk
    about our relationship. What went wrong and he told me that sometimes he
    regrets about what happened between us (that we broke up) but after this he
    said that he is far away (he lives now 200 kilometers away). We talk about
    this girl and he said that se knows her for 3 weeks an even if he calls her
    his girlfriend he already know that she’s not the one and that is not going
    to work. After that talk we hang out. We met and we decided to find a bar
    where we have never been to. We were drinking beer and had a lot of fun
    again (dancing and talking about dreams etc) and he invited me to his city
    again but then told “but don’t feel special. I invite everone there”. After
    our meeting he sent me SMS “thank you for today :*”.

    I tried to text him again but I saw that he is again in indifferent. We
    sent few messages and I didn’t got any response for my last text so.. I
    don’t want to text him again because he could think that I’m crazy or
    something like that. :)

    It can be weird but “his girlfriend” text me and calls me sometimes and 3
    days ago she was the one who told me that “sometimes it seems to her that
    he still misses me”. I didn’t ask about any details.. but I don’t know what
    to think about it.

    I don’t know what to do anymore. We never talk about getting back and we
    never talk that we are friends. What should I do to get him back?

    I want to do 30 days of no contaxt – maybe he will miss me in that period
    of time. What do you think about that?

  10. EL Naz says:

    hey Brad :)
    tanx for the videos , i have a question of my own i’d be glad if u give me
    a clue .

    i know this guy for about 7 months ,he says he is not a husband material &
    someday our relationship gonna end since i wanna get married & have a
    family of ma own .( he has once get married and is divorced )
    he always says i deserve so much more & im ruining ma life by spending my
    whole life with him ( it sounds weird just not real to me ,i reckon if he
    really thinks i deserve better y he’s not trying his best to be what i
    deserve ? )

    should i stay & hope he ‘s gonna change his mind or should i let him go ? i
    luv him it makes me so hard to decide.

  11. ShayLynn Hayward says:

    hi my ex boyfriend left me 3weeks ago cause he said I was to needy and we
    were to different when I was with him. I text him after 3 weeks and things
    went fine but I notice he was being careful! I have done the no contact
    rule for 3 weeks and idk if it is working or not with him cause I was his
    first girlfriend and I don’t know what he is thinking or feeling. I also
    take taekwondo with him so I do see him there but I notice he looks at me
    still and every time I see him looking at me he looks away really fast and
    I also notice he is avoiding me! Idk what to do please help

  12. DARCAKE says:

    Hey brad your videos are truly the best and the most useful. I want to
    thank you for your great advices. And i want to ask if the no contact rule
    would be useful for a girl *which i personally know* who i texted her
    several times, in the beggining everything was good then i made her
    problems and she stopped replying to my texts she told there is nothing
    important we should talk about then i told her i love her she told me ok.
    Aftrr that i talked to her in school personally *i couldnt say 1 word*
    after that she unfriended me i apologized and and disturbed her with my
    mssges i told her i want u as my friend then she blocked me.. what should i
    do since we didnt talk that much but we used to look at each other everyday
    the school will be started soon. What should i do! Plz man my friends
    screwed it up when i took their advices.. how i make her forget the
    problems i gave her.. and miss me since theres nth related between us
    expect the looks at each other and the good talk we had before the fight…

  13. Deveen Joves says:

    Hi Brad I’ve been watching your videos and also subscribed to your
    program. Here is the boyfriend decided to break up with me last
    July and I always have attempt to reconnect to him but get minimal
    replies because i blackmailed him out of anger but i will never do that.I
    also sacrificed everything in my country and went here to reconcile. we
    were now OK now as friends last January however I made a mistake in trying
    to open his phone. He was so angry that time and want me to go away with
    his life.we talked again after a week and he told me that i should give him
    space and time an he will contact me just trust him and he looked me into
    the eyes and gave me a hugged. he said he will contact again once we are
    all healed and he will return maybe as friends. i know he still love me
    and I love him as well. I am now applying the no contact rule which you
    thought. what is my chance of getting him back? you know i made up my mind
    not to lose him and get back with him. hes my life Brad . Please tell me
    what to do Brad. Thank you so much for your help. I’m hoping for your swift

  14. Niko Sanders says:

    My gf and I are back together but she claims that she “loves her me time”
    to make a long story short…does absence really make the heart grow
    fonder? And should I just give her the “me-time” shes asking for? If so by
    doing what? Ignoring her? Your system worked for me…but now its like I
    dont want to smoother her and shes talking about “me-time” I just need
    advice on what I should do…Help! Thanks!

  15. vrundarock says:

    I want him back. I have deleted him from my Facebook account. And I also
    fought with him. Then called to say sorry. But he said he was busy and
    would call me later. I was about to tell him to be friends. Now he hasn’t
    call yet. I don’t know what to do. I also have deleted him from Facebook.
    What should be my next move?

  16. sampath perera says:

    Hi brad I have been watching all your videos, and first of all thanks for
    all these videos, it is really helpful during some dark times. Me and my
    girlfriend broke up at the start of the year , I used your no contact rule
    but sadly I lasted 10 days only , we had a small conversation and after
    that we quickly broke it off. I have a few questions for you, firstly she
    seems to be having so much fun without me, from all her facebook pictures
    and everything and it seems she doesn’t miss me at all, I really like this
    girl, im not sure how to win her back, I have taken this time to try to be
    the boy she fell in love with again both physically and psychologically but
    Im scared that over time she might forget me and move on

  17. JieyingElaine says:

    My ex suddenly started to ignore me. So I asked him and he said that we are
    not match and wants to break up with me. I told him I agreed to give him
    space so that he can’t think about us. But when we got together as we have
    to attend his brothers wedding together, I secretly checked his phone. He
    actually has a new gf! We broke up less than 3 weeks and he already started
    have a gf. When we were dating, he doesn’t named me on his phone as “dear”
    but now he does named that new girl dear! When I asked him did we broke up
    because of third party? He said no. Then when I asked him whether do you
    have a gf now, he told me no too. He lied to me and he lied to his gf as we
    both have sex after the wedding when he told his new gf that he won’t do
    anything wrong. What happen to him? Should I confront him again? 

  18. Eme Bossin says:

    Hey brad my ex girlfriend has found someone new and it’s killing me inside
    i dont know am I suppose to feel this way we’ve been together for a while n
    I just feel like she will fall in love with him and forget all about me but
    as from my hearing this guy is only with her for sex do I tell her or do I
    wait and let it happen 

  19. Chouaib Bazwi says:

    Hei brad, how can I completely take off the perfect image of my ex from my

  20. vrundarock says:

    Hey brad, me and my ex broke up about 15 days ago..after that i didn’t
    contact him as he was so sure about not wanting me but after 3 days he
    called me and said he just wanted to say hi. But I talked rudely as he had
    told me he didn’t need me. Afterwards he text me and I responded. And
    afterwards I text him first for which I feel stupid. Now he has stopped
    contacting me but I want him to contact me. I don’t want to win him back I
    just want to make him want me and make him realize how it feels to truly
    love someone and getting thrown out of their lives.

  21. anonymouse gaming says:

    These this girl I date but I really like her… but she keeps breaken up
    with me… then dating someone els then date’s again. I really like her but
    I dont like the way ifs working out… what can I do ??

  22. Chouaib Bazwi says:

    Hei brad, our annibersary is the 24/01/2015 Should I go and talk to her?
    Even the 30 days no contact isn’t over yet? I’ll be in the 21th days only
    And I saw from her tweets that she already miss me.
    Haha otherwise even if I don’t get my ex back, I won’t be too upset, Cause
    I already won something, and it’s your videos and everything i’ll need in
    my future relationship! Thank you so much! 

  23. Harman Singh Sandhar says:

    Yo brad wat if your ex is swearing at u

  24. Fleur says:

    Q1: I don’t agree the Dumpee should ever initiate contact after the NC
    period. Doing so will only give away the little power & dignity she has
    left. If the Dumper truly misses her and wants her back after 30 days of
    NC, he should be the one who initiates it. Your comments, Brad?

    Q2: If the breakup was caused by the guy not feeling appreciated and
    couldn’t see himself as the Provider in the relationship, would the NC
    technique work in this case? Or will having no contact push him further
    away, making him feel even more unappreciated? 

  25. TAy j14 says:

    hey brad, my boyfriend broke up with me yesterday because he is unsure if
    he loves me more than a friend yet he says he still has every other feeling
    for me hes always has and as strong as they always were. we have been going
    out for almost three years and his birthday is comeing up in a week. i have
    decided to do your ex factor guide and currently doing the no contact rule
    because im doing the program is be bad to do something with him for his
    birthday ? as he said he would like to do something with me for his
    birthday after we broke up with me.?

    thanks kind regards 

  26. bbzai1989 says:

    hi brad , i been in a LDR for 2 and a half year , I’m from Singapore and
    she is from the USA , we did have physical contact every year adding up for
    about 5 month in 2 and a half year time , she dump me on 1/11/2014 because
    she involve in a car accident with a guy who have a crush on her ,she say
    she felt tired of distance and I’m not by her side when she needed me. And
    ask for a break to see weather she can survive without me in her life or
    not .

    I did my damage after the breakup as i beg and please for almost a month
    until 1/12/2014 , after that day i basically just go no contact from
    1/12/2014 until 1/1/2015 ,and on 1/1/2015 i text her saying we should talk
    , she replied she was on vacation with family on Disney land and unable to
    talk , few days later , she change her Facebook profile picture hugging
    with that guy whom she have the car accident with , and that photo was
    taken on Disney Land at 1/1/2015 , so she been lying to me , she was not
    with family on that day but with that guy.

    We been together for 2 and a half year and she never put our photo as
    Facebook profile picture , but just after 2 month of breakup , she change
    her profile picture hugging with this guy , what does this mean?
    I’m lost …What should i do? Walk and never look back?

  27. Brad Browning says:

    Ask Brad Episode #9! Thank you for all your questions. Please watch this
    video to find out how YOU can ask ME a relationship question!

  28. CherrieMichal says:

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  29. Lida Violetta says:

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