Ask Shallon: How To Get Back Together With Your Ex After a Break Up

Want to give it another try with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend? Here’s how to renew a romance without making all the same mistakes!


8 Responses to “Ask Shallon: How To Get Back Together With Your Ex After a Break Up”

  1. Leila Pieklo says:

    You are brilliant! ❤️

  2. sophia waters says:

    shallon please help me ok here is the story me and my best friend have a
    very very strong crush on our boy best friend. he treats us both eaqualy so
    we dont know if he likes one of us. but then he came and said that he
    dosent want to be my friend any more cuz we had a fight so now she is his
    best friend and i cry every day and knight plz help i dont know what to do
    but sit and cry

  3. jaejae davis says:

    My crush stopped texting me after he started dating my best friend what do
    I do!

  4. Ally Summers says:

    Shallon, my name is Ally, I am 15 from Jonesboro, Arkansas and I still
    REALLY REALLY REALLY like my ex boyfriend. Problem being, my best friend
    dated him after I did… She said that if I ever dated him again that she
    will never talk to me again because it’s “back stabbing” when you date your
    friends’ ex, but I dated him first so technically she did the same thing to
    me. I’m a ninth grader in high school and things are getting WAY too
    complicated. We are talking and I miss him ALOT, but I don’t know if I want
    to date him again because I don’t want to lose my best friend. So Shallon,

  5. Courtney Soutter says:

    Hi Shallon I just wanted to tell you that your videos are very helpful but
    I have a problem.i know very well that you said”don’t tell a guy you like
    them” the thing is one of my friends told my crush I like him and now he
    acts really weird around me,he hardly talks to me and it’s really weird
    when we hangout …what should I do I still like him very much 

  6. olamide akindele says:

    Thx shallon for upload video everyday

  7. Shallon Lester says:
  8. shaina Raymond says:

    Thank you so much Shallon! That was exactly what I needed to hear. It looks
    to me like he hasn’t really changed as much as I have. I’m ready for a
    relationship and I’m pretty sure he just wants to be FWB’s. Ha soooo…We
    talked about it and I told him I didn’t want to play around. Since I don’t
    want to deal with him cheating on me, I decided the best thing to do is get
    over him. So I’ve blocked him from all my media so he won’t be a
    temptation. What else can I do to move on? I liked him a lot and I know
    he’s still really attracted to me.

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