Awkward situation: how long to make it less awkward?:

Awkward situation: how long to make it less awkward?

So I played games with a guy (not intentionally, tough life, no real couple interaction seen in my life, shyanxiety and panic attacks—it was so bad that i had to take meds, andddd inexperience). He eventually got sick of it and blocked me from fb and we don’t see one another anymore (college was how but now we just aren’t in the same area). Supposedly he wants to have “no regrets” and “party it up”.
That’s fine but I don’t want to end on this awkward note after I found out he blocked me (everyone paid attention to us even our teacher and ppl literally kept tabs on our fbs for us). I did send him a message explaining this (not hte meds and anxiety attacks and past history, just that i was shy, wasn’t playing games, and new to this) when i found out he blocked me through my family fb account. The last timeI saw him, although he smiled and stared (and his friends that are girls still hate me–who like him)… I didn’t know what it meant. I thought I should give space …but how much space is enough. It’s been a month. Supposedly the cutie is going to church and hanging out at home…rather than the initial need to party when he blocked me. But these are just rumors.

I don’t want it to end but if it must end, I rather it end as beautifully as it started.

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  1. RoknRob121 says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing here.

    SEE clearly that he gets to make his own choices
    just like you get to make yours, too.

    Days will turn into weeks, then months , then years.

    If you focus on what you woulda, shoulda, coulda done
    then you won’t be able to learn from the mistakes you made.
    You’ll definitely repeat them with others, too.

    There’s abook called Real Love by Greg Baer
    You can read about how to find Love for yourself
    while learning how to love people unconditionally.
    It’s a process Sister. LIke everything else.

    ~ Love & Blessings ~<br/>

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