Best Strategy To Get An Ex Back

Coach Corey Wayne discusses the best strategy to get an ex lover, girlfriend, wife, playmate, etc. back after you had a breakup or got dumped. Click the link…


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  1. Brewmaster Bane says:

    So it’s been 3 weeks since this girl broke up with me and today she texts
    me “did you block me mister?” in regard to some social media app we were
    following each other on and she immediately texted me when she noticed she
    could not get to my profile. I gave zero response and am yet to respond. My
    30 days of no contact is not up ye, still have 12 days, but should I tell
    her that I do not want to be connected in anyway unless we’re going to be
    together again? Or should this sort of thing wait until after my 30 days is
    totally up? I’m starting to feel more in control of myself and the
    situation now, what do you recommend?

    Note: I have not contacted her once during this period. She’s contacted me
    and we’ve only talked twice via text during the time she initiated contact
    with me. 

  2. Dan Mar says:

    so what happens if the other guy she started seen is a very “close friend”
    i didnt know of…which im sure has take the chance of our 4year
    relationship break up to “charm” her? (this “just started happening”) I did
    some chasing…finally i said fuck it! I told her once she gets over
    whatever hate she has for me or get over our mistakes all she needs to do
    is holler back IF im still around. And wished her good luck…also i told
    her to quit the whole “Im a bad g/f for breaking up with you and being
    difficult bla bla bla” bs because is not not fair that she “starts” feeling
    like that for the person that has chosen and invested his time on loving
    her (lamest excuse for breaking up too). Im not sure at this point if i
    ever gonna get her back which i do…big time! But idk if i did the right
    thing finally.

  3. Brythonic Man says:

    Hey Corey, you obviously don’t know me and as I live over 3,000 miles away
    over the pond in Britain we’ll never meet, but I just wanted to say a big
    big thanks! I lost my girl following a holiday (vacation) in the
    Mediterranean when she told me she didn’t love me any more & wanted to be
    on her own to “sort her head out”, we had no arguments on the holiday, so
    it was one hell of a shock for me and to say I was gutted is an

    I followed your advice to the letter, it was tough as I knew I hadn’t been
    the confident strong guy she first met, my small business was on the rocks
    & my sense of humour had been left somewhere over the rainbow due to the
    worry. I wound up my business, got a job as a Sales Agent for an American
    company who were starting out in the UK which has been a life saver and
    gave me a decent steady income. Next I had to get her back. I made zero
    contact with her on FB, text, phone ect for 2 weeks as you advised, out of
    the blue after 15 days she texted me on a Saturday night saying she was at
    a girlfriends party and would I like to come down?

    I ignored the text that night (which was very hard) & followed up the next
    day, saying I only just saw it & a pity I missed it, but hoped she was
    good. I then left it, so 3 days later she texted me again telling me she
    missed me so much & hoped I was OK with 2 kisses. So I still played it
    cool, saying I had some great news about my new job & that maybe we could
    catch up over a drink sometime? She texted straight back suggesting we meet
    that same night. When we met up, I approached her outside the bar with a
    beaming smile and a confident stance, I bought her a drink and we sat down
    and talked, she told me she wanted me back & would never let me go again &
    when I said yes, she actually thanked me, (remember this was the girl who
    dumped me!). Guess who’d thumping the air? One happy bunny here, she’s a
    girl in a thousand and she’s mine!!

    Remember guys, no matter how tough it seems, play it cool & keep your
    nerve, girls don’t like temperamental crybabies! Good Luck.

  4. fancy handy says:

    Learn an Incredible New Technique to Get Your Ex Back and Have the
    Relationship You Deserve! It Doesn’t Matter Why You Broke Up — You Can
    Still Get Your Ex Back!!

  5. Ricardo Crooks says:

    Interesting advice! Thankfully, personally I reversed my last breakup with
    a to-the-point guide. 

  6. mark Kearney says:

    Prior to seeing this I’ve done exactly what you’ve suggested. She told me
    that every time we tried to make it work she would proceed caustiously
    Waiting for something negative to happen. I responded with i can do 100
    good things positive but your sitting waiting for a negative. I told her
    that i cant compete with that type of thinking and if you focus on the
    negative they grow and vice versa…if you focus on the positive they grow.
    i said with that type of attitude your only throwing crumbs at this
    relationship maybe 50%, you have us doomed from the start. The last thing I
    said was when your ready to put us first and meet me half way look me up
    until then good luck!. It’s been 4 days and i’m dying inside. I want to beg
    stop over anything to get my fix but I KNOW the ONLY WAY is what you
    suggested….WAIT. If it’s meant she’ll call…if not she
    wont…period…Thx for comfirming i’m on the right track…i really do
    love her but not enough to humiliate myself…again…lol

  7. Luis Perez says:

    Its beek a week since my gf broke up with me we where together for 3 yrs…
    she said she needed a break nd she still loves me nd that she was tired of
    the same routine but every time i asked her wat she wanted to do she said
    nothing or idk… we where together basically 24/7 nd i miss her i keep
    looking at her fb but seen that she recently took sum pictures of us down
    off fb she only left 2 of us nd nd the pics of the dog we got together…
    im in love with this girl i want her bak plz help!!!???

  8. venus0517 says:

    Will this work if I am pregnant by him and he is with someone else?

  9. Cindy Gregg says:

    Thanks coach this well for women also… My x bf of 3yrs we broke up so I
    did the no contact and 3 months later he showed up out of the blue and he
    calls out of the blue or pops by with out calling says he wants to be
    friends says he loves me but can’t trust me cause when he broke up w me I
    dated but couldn’t do it cause my heart was w him but I didn’t sleep w this
    guy couldn’t do it he dated my was good friend the two faced beetach I will
    never speak to her again! But now I’m afraid he’s just wanting sex or
    seeing if he can trust me what is he up to???? Thanks

  10. kennedy Oluoch says:

    since most guys here, including me are from breakups, why don’t we mingle
    or do social media to make our exes jealous? 

  11. Stephan Jarmak says:

    I was dating this girl for almost 3 years. We started to have some
    problems when we both were really busy and having different schedules. She
    decided to break up with me 2 months ago and the reason was she wanted time
    and space and wanted to find herself. I want to work things out but she
    says she hasn’t had time for herself yet since she has been so busy. At
    first I really didn’t give her space she asked but recently I have and
    haven’t been texting her though an occasional one has been sent. The
    kicker is we still live together. She moved in the room down the hall and
    its been tough. We have had a few nights were we have slept in the same
    bed but no sex or anything. We have hung out a couple of times also. I
    really want her back and I know I can’t be just friends. It has been
    driving me crazy and I can’t focus properly. Need some advice anything!
    Not sure what to do. If you need any more insight on the situation I can
    share. thanks everyone

  12. Hadiya Hammonds says:

    I’m a female trying 2 get out a friends w/benefits situation. My guy friend
    was w/his baby’s mother 4 five yrs n the have a 3yr old son. They have been
    apart 4 one yr or a lil more. I don’t think he’s over her n I think I have
    come across as 2 needy so that’s y he just wants 2 b friends how can I
    change this

  13. jared cohen says:

    You should post a video on women with bpd. 

  14. GarbageTimeCity says:

    Stop asking for Cory help with tl;dr stories in the comment. Read his book
    and watch his videos. That’s the help, right there.

  15. jaredh323 says:

    my ex gf broke up with me like a year and half ago. we dated for 7 years
    started when we were 16. she said she jus needed to be own her own and do
    her and be independent. she jus told me she loves being single and doesnt
    want to get back together. im hoping that shes jus saying that and we end
    up back together in a couple years. wut do u think my chances are? honestly
    i always felt like she was out of my league but we were definatly in love
    for along time so its hard to really move on

  16. Mourad Harbaoui says:

    Thanks Coach
    J ve just done it and i already feel better.

  17. William Kempher says:

    I found this video flipping hilarious. I met a fan-fcking-tastic woman on
    one of my business trips. She was in a relationship when I first met her.
    Which didn’t stop me from flirting with her. Work took me to my next site,
    I left my number for her and she started texting me. On my return,
    ironically she had broken up with her abusive boyfriend. I listened to her
    obscenities about that guy. I always told her I’d be right there for her
    when she needed me. Ya know, something sweet to say in her weak moments.
    It’s genuine. Well… we hit it off, going really good for a little over a
    month. One morning, I felt it, I knew it. She was pulling away. When she
    texted me that morning, ( I work early and work in to the late hours
    sometimes) I asked what was on her mind. She seemed a bit awkward with me
    the night befor. Shoot, she introduced me to her 4 year old and he got
    really attached to me. anyways, she broke it off with me that day over a
    damn text! i’m sitting at my laptop thinking you gotta be kidding me?! …

    had to let it go and leave her be. she texted me a few days later asking if
    i was ok. i replied. tell me what its like to not be able to talk to
    someone you really want to see. collected a few of my things from her
    friends house. left town. she would text me she’s not ready for a
    relationship with me, just got out of bad one and she doesnt want her kid
    to get his hopes up.

    cut from the team. she stopped texting after that point. its been over a
    month. miss her sometimes. not giving into the chase but hoping she calls
    some day. however, my job has demands and travel is the top priority.

    lucky for me I had seen your video about chasing right after the break up
    went down. pretty sound advice. at least i kept my dignity. 

  18. JoMama123451234 says:

    Coach just wanted to let you know within a 2 week span, I was contacted by
    my ex, this other girl who I removed from my life, and an ex-friend who
    wanted nothing to do with me anymore. That makes me 3 for 3 when doing what
    you say in the video. I must warn everyone though that this strategy works
    well,.. too well. Be careful who you use it on.

  19. Matthew Jagnarain says:

    How can you really gauge if she really hates you or if she wants nothing to
    do with you? I mean there is going to be a period of no contact… 

  20. Saul Villegas says:

    Hey I just broke up with my girlfriend and I want her back. What should I
    do ? I am trying my best not trying to text her or call her. I am a
    freshman in college and she is senior in high school. She is so special and
    can’t lose that. 

  21. Cj Hawks121808 says:

    i been dating my ex for 2 years. she broke up with me bcuz her and i been
    in and out in relationship. she broke up with me after Christmas. she says
    that she doesnt want this relationship bcuz her and i been in and out of
    relationship.but she told me we could be friends after we moved on. her
    friends might be telling her that ohh dont get back with him blah blah
    blah. i went to her house on Sunday and told her that i cant let her go and
    she said “its always be like this every time we break up, she said shes
    tried of deal with us” i drove away and started texting her some awful text
    like “i dont wanna be friends in the future bcuz its a waste of time” ik i
    was stupid i should have never said that to her. that pushes her away. i
    dont think her wanting to be friends wont happen anymore that shes
    ignoring. i left a letter outside of her door, her friend said stop coming
    over her house she doesnt want me anymore…. but in the past she told me
    that she could never imagine being with someone but me and she said she
    loves me so much and stuff. do you think i still have a chance to get her
    back in my heart? if there is what should i do? I hope god could hear out
    my prayers. Plzz help, Thank you!

  22. Ramses Posso says:

    Scream , fuck you bitch is very helpful

  23. Anna Zheng says:

    Corey I absolutely adore you and watch all your videos to get a
    perspective. Your videos are for men but it is equally useful towards
    women. I love you Corey. Your fan from Australia. 

  24. directorilyas says:

    “Pinky swear friend” LMAO!!!! Classic! Love it

  25. Theskybluelake says:

    Once they are an ex that’s it. It’s over, Guess you want more Drama BS in
    your life. Grow up.

  26. Unknown Soul says:

    Umm does this apply to ex bf, fiancé??

  27. TheMaradona86 says:

    Your the best…..

  28. nipty bipty says:

    Ha ha I LIKE this guy a lot, he’s the right attitude about women for
    certain. Funny too and after a very painful split this week he made me
    laugh for the first time.

  29. SJP says:

    To walk away is not always the answer, sometimes you should run!

  30. Christopher Crouch says:

    Corey need help man. Me and my ex have been broken up for about 4 month’s
    now and I want her back we broke up because she said I was to weak because
    I send her nasty messages. we used to brake up all the time but I know it
    was because I was weak and I used to just agree to her. I was nasty to her
    when we broke up because I was just hurt. We did no contact for about 1
    month we talked a little but we was still pissed off at each other she has
    told me she is seeing someone else and I told her. I still have feeling for
    you and I still care about you and your dreams in life. I don’t accept in
    just being friends or your buddy. I know I made mistakes but what’s done is
    done and I have learned from this but holding on to you makes me not get
    the next love of my life. This is what I want so when your ready to start
    over again contact me. Do you think I will get her back? We was friends for
    6 years the 1st year in meeting her she wanted to get with me but I blew
    her off because she couldn’t speak English good because she only just moved
    to England she got wit someone else the next year but she still liked me
    because she told me when they broke up. She has had a tough life and I feel
    sorry for her and I want to be the one who show’s her the world I am a
    different person now and I hate myself for being clingy and not being able
    to control my anger. Love what your going your a true MAN.

  31. sasse Brasse says:

    This is true!!

  32. docluvmc says:

    Ohh and make sure that if she dumps you, it’s usually for new dick, unless
    you have really screwed up. I personally don’t recycle pussy, meaning I
    would not recommend taking someone back if they have either cheated on you
    or dumped you so they can (to avoid the guilty conscious), wink, wink. If
    you do take her back, it should strictly be just for sex. That will drive
    her crazy, if it’s her idea to get back together. I suggest you just move
    on, all together. Value yourself. No matter what happens, forgive her and

  33. Michael Fayfitch says:

    Coach, I just let my ex go today. Told her I cant’t do friends. Just
    everything you said to say.. How long do I have to wait Coach? Someone?

  34. MW12 says:

    wish i found you out earlier Coach, i didnt have the chance to read the
    book in my situation (it is ordered) i would some feedback on how i did, I
    guess why im writing is cause im heartbroken an hope someone would say like
    oh yeah shes coming back but i know she wont lol but be kind she texted.
    basically my rship spark died she lost interest an attraction

    I’m not seeing anyone new ( I haven’t moved on that quick) you mean a lot
    to me too, but in a different way, I honestly think we’re better off not
    together, I’d love just to be friends but I know you don’t want that, the
    time we spent together was amazing, but I don’t think we were meant to
    last. One day in the future maybe when I’m more mature, older we may
    rekindle our relationship but for now I’m happy being on my own, and just
    focusing on me, I know that sounds incredibly selfish and it is and I’m so
    sorry, you are probably the nicest guy ever, you always treated me right,
    you were never hurtful, you don’t deserve to be hurt like this, I’m going
    with my gut instinct here. I hope you’re doing well, congratulations on
    your graduation ceremony, I hope your family are well too x

    i replied,

    I understand and your not being selfish. I understand why we went wrong I
    fucked up an you just loss the interest/attraction. I want to show you that
    I’m still the man you fell for but you are right I’m not interested in
    being just friends. (Plus I doubt we can keep our hands to ourselves anyway
    haha). I hope in the future you don’t find someone because my future self
    wants to be the man who takes you home every night. I still would love to
    see you an catch up have fun go out nothing serious and see what happens an
    see how it goes. I love you, I adore you. Give me a call and Let me know
    when you change your mind x

    love of my life just left so forgive the cringeness, would what coach
    thinks an hope shell come back an call me one day. i like to think my
    situation relates to this but i doubt my ex will return tbh, life eh, would
    love some feedback for some reason and i hope my ex comes back Coach what
    do you think?!?

  35. King Juhrama says:

    lol you made me laugh good job 

  36. crackersnbed says:

    Good advice. My ex dumped me-not sure why….maybe she found out my prison
    time for killing those very annoying people years ago….I am so glad I
    found this vid because following her everywhere she goes is not working at

  37. Francis W says:

    Hey Corey, whats up awesome videos man bought a paper copy of your book
    also on my third read through so far. My girlfriend broke up with me a few
    weeks ago, after confusing my caring behaviour with needy, and also we
    weren’t having sex cos i was stressed and couldn t get hard for her. she
    felt rejected. admittedly i probably should gave her more space, she is
    very vulnerable at the moment and doesnt have any friend or any money or
    food to eat, ive said im not interested in friendship and walked away, but
    i keep getting anxiety about her being safe and eating properly. 

  38. nic anderson says:

    How do you know interest level below 50%. My ex gf left me about two weeks
    ago said she hate me don’t love me etc. and I tried getting her back but
    eventually agreed. This caused her to find dumb reasons to contact me which
    I reacted to smh and now I haven’t heard from her. As you said guys been
    hitting on her but they all wack so I’m not worried I just wanna know the
    chances. I was a great guy just got a lil soft lol and I wasn’t working so
    that may hv influenced it. 

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