Bleaching My Hair 50 Shades of Gay (ft. BertieBertG) | Tyler Oakley

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25 Responses to “Bleaching My Hair 50 Shades of Gay (ft. BertieBertG) | Tyler Oakley”

  1. Audra Sargent says:

    So this is where it all started. The 1st video I watch of yours, was with
    the lilac color. And I was thinking, OMGs he is so hot.
    Love your videos Tyler
    Love from Michigan

  2. Dominga kirshenbaum says:

    I think Tyler Oakley looks good in both the blond hair color and the
    silvery hair color

  3. Christina Pippas says:

    omg i luv it

  4. Chriss Nath says:

    It looks adorable :)

  5. Phylicia Rizo says:

    Your hair looks so thick and awesome. I love it.

  6. MadQT16 says:

    Omggg how you do that?! I want my hair like that!

  7. TheANiMeCrAzY21 says:

    He’s beautiful O.O

  8. Hope Everdeen says:

    Ooh hello Tyler ;)

  9. Will Andersen says:

    Love the hair

  10. Sierra Parker says:

    It’s nice

  11. casse marshall says:


  12. jordan ricciardi says:

    I LOVE it so much

  13. NinLeahNinja says:

    I’m always in a good mood after watching your videos.

  14. Emma Burwick says:

    It’s blonde

  15. Claire Goetz says:


  16. Claudia DellaSantina says:

    Omg I love it !!!!!!!

  17. Kitty Cat says:

    Tyler: So if you leave a mean commet, I’m gonna f****** kill you XD

  18. samantha inglefoeverandalways says:

    Our whole swim team bleached there hair

  19. Blackshadow88 says:

    that hair is better then the old you it is amazing

  20. Blake Miller says:

    you look sooooooooooooo cute

  21. Isalizzie says:

    I love the background song! It matches you!

  22. Otaku AnimeWorld says:

    Really really really cute!!!! Loved the color!!!! I’m looking forward to
    this to my hair! Love you!

  23. 2ndincommand says:

    I love this color 

  24. Amy Batt says:

    It looks blonde

  25. HeyyoHanna says:

    Love it Tyler!!

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