Blog name for relationship advice?:

Blog name for relationship advice?

I’m making an attempt at starting a blog. The focus is on people who need relationship advice, are going through a rough breakup, or have good advice for other people who need it. I’m trying to think of a few good names, and so far all I’ve come up with is “Why Mascara Runs,” “Fix This Heart,” “The Heart Bandage,” and “Help for the Broken Hearted.” I’m not sure any of these really have the impact that I’m looking for, so what do you guys think? Have any better suggestions? Like any of my names?

I’m also going to be eventually looking for other authors to have access to this site, assisting in giving advice to people.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. A Sentence About Myself says:

    I like “Why Mascara Runs”, but I think it would be better as “When Mascara Runs”.

    Other names could be something like:

    “The Rundown on Romance”
    “Love; The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly”
    “Advice on Amour”
    “Juliet’s Diary”

    I hope these help :) Also, in the answer to whatever BA you pick, could you give us the link? I would love to follow your blog :)

    P.S. Writing sounds fun, but being in my teens, I would only be able to give advice if you had a reasonably young demographic – though I would be very keen to help.

    Good luck!<br/>
    A Sentence About Myself

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