BLOOPERS from Relationship Advice with Miranda Sings

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “BLOOPERS from Relationship Advice with Miranda Sings”

  1. Harry Simpson says:

    3:08 I was literally rolling on the floor with laughter and my stomach
    still hurts.

  2. Micheal Ulner says:

    What iz up with the lipstick gurlll.

  3. mortic0n says:

    You guys would be so fun to hang out with.

  4. Terese Best says:

    i love these bloopers!

  5. Emma Connell says:

    Damb your lips are big as he’ll

  6. Emmanston Prescott says:

    I smell cheese

  7. wow1371 says:

    It is really good to every once in a while watch a video like this from you
    guys, just to be reminded that you both are sane in real life :P

  8. protolexis says:

    Is the excess lipstick part of her shtick?

  9. trinity sweany says:

    Holy shit that was probe really hard to make a video cause they both play a
    character lolz 

  10. Don Chappell says:

    laina sent me some puss from one of her zits and I used it to spackle a
    hole in my wall

  11. thisbajoke2010 says:

    HI HI HI 666

  12. Ty Underwood says:

    I smell cheese…

  13. Bill Jenkins says:

    The stories that bear could tell. Wow!

  14. Noa Beusan says:

    more bloopers

  15. Paul Jacobs says:

    You two need to collaborate together in a movie

  16. Christian Rosario says:

    You two are funny 

  17. crazyelfs says:

    random chia pet

  18. Thomas Kaminski says:

    “I smell cheese” LOL

  19. 455Mememe says:

    I ship Miraina :D

  20. Joseph Colon says:

    I’m glad Miranda doesn’t act like she does in the vids she makes no offense
    but it creeps me out

  21. MattTheMoogle says:

    “I smell cheese..” I died.

  22. Emmarose -x says:


  23. ZeppelinWolf87 says:

    im in lesbians with laina >.>

  24. christelle2194 says:

    one of my favorite collabs

  25. molly triggy says:

    at 1.41 the way Miranda said “on accident”…i just….crying with laughter

  26. Zoltán Moravčík says:

    this will be some funny shit :D:D:D

  27. yamar says:

    Ahhh shitttt! Just subsrcibed lmao

  28. olfan92 says:

    girls want it hard in the ass they just lie.

  29. Ara Conet says:

    “… the twin sent u and let’em know who do ya want dem to interview,
    mayne” lol

  30. Donna Harper says:

    Leave ya situation in the comments or email or maybe I
    can help but I can’t promoise ya anything.Best of luck and prayers goes out
    to you and everyone else.

  31. TheTrueScource says:

    What is their email?

  32. i8killed8jacob says:

    ok heres my dilemma.. what if i am a shit fcuker… as in im crap at sex..
    im a virgin and for the longest time i was proud of myself (coz im waiting
    for marriage.. :) but now im worried i may have missed out on the time when
    everyone else is beginning sex and ur all allowed to be shit, awkward and
    inexperienced. shit! what if i dont like it but i have to do it?? can u
    imagine the next 40 odd years doing something u hate!! 😮

  33. Paula Marija Krūze says:

    You guys look like Dwyane Wade!

  34. Nbaballer2409 says:

    How do u Email them

  35. TheJigoChigo says:

    will you guys be at the FIBO?

  36. halalgirl17 says:


  37. Peeenos says:

    Ian mccarthy should give some advice, Step one – aquire a turtle neck
    sweater, Step two – learn some long words to impress, step 3… step 3
    don’t matter when you’re living at home and lookin all pop tart bloated
    lol. awwwwwwwwwwwww snap

  38. Mariam Akbar says:

    What the Hell lol, why are you so possessive of these two guys, she didn’t
    propose marriage or a relationship or a FUCK to them, she simply
    complemented their eyes. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? You think if someone
    complements a married man, means they are a whore? Are you in a third world
    country such as Saudi Arabia or Pakistan etc. to have such backwards

  39. Sad Boehner says:

    Bunch uh faggots on lately.

  40. cesarseizure says:

    Where do we email them

  41. torrance143 says:

    Subscribe ballsdeep

  42. TochiAlucard says:

    lol and now they have

  43. hilarybanksdiva says:

    These dudes are both married so maybe they doin somethin right…unless
    they..married to..each other… :-l ….

  44. WoahThere says:

    What is your email?

  45. sushimitten says:

    I agree. That was unecessarily harsh. She just complimented them that’s
    all. I don’t see why she needed to be insulted like that.

  46. xDdody123 says:

    How can I get my Mushroom tip into my girl’s suga walls?

  47. Quoc Anh says:

    Shit. I have just turned out to be really envious towards my cousin. He’s
    actually been alone for life. However he’s caused a part-time model to
    proclaim to him she is in love with with him in under a thirty day period.
    How can that be even thinkable? He explained to me he tried the Cupid Love
    System (Google it!) I wish someone attractive said that to me… I really
    don’t recall ever previously seeing him so positive. Sort of makes me sick.

  48. decodeezzy says:

    lol whores

  49. Shockhalo887 says:

    Haha Hes Cool people

  50. KD Ent says:

    looooool ballsdeep question im subing

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