Break and Make in a Relationship: Step by Step Guide on Dealing with Breakup and How to Get Back Your Ex Lover

Think about it – if someone liked you enough to go out with you for a while and continue a relationship for more than a few dates, there was something there. There can be a variety of different reasons why he or she broke the relationship. In most cases, one person is moving along too quickly for the other person. In other words, you are not both on the same track. The person who is moving too quickly has to slow down and get on track with the other party and get them to move along a little in order for the reunion to work. This is not difficult and happens all of the time. If you follow the rules. This book will take you step by step and teach you how to get your ex-lover back. This is not “stalking”. This is not obsession. This is not even unhealthy. This is simply about getting giving yourself another chance at something that you want.


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