Breaking Up: Relationships (ft. Jimmy0010)

Adding to our internationally acclaimed series of relationship videos, such as Worst Relationships and First Relationships, comes Breaking Up: Relationships….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Changing our negative behavior patterns in relating to others can positively shift the whole relationship. This video guides you to understand the underlying…

25 Responses to “Breaking Up: Relationships (ft. Jimmy0010)”

  1. neafcy says:

    Chelsea’s inability to leave a bad relationship reminds me of Matt Damon in
    The Departed: “If we’re not gonna make it it’s gotta be you that gets out
    cause I’m not capable. I’m fucking Irish, I’ll deal with something being
    wrong for the rest of my life.”

    Maybe she’s Irish.

  2. jimmy0010 says:

    Did we forget how to do sentences? 

  3. Choncey Boddington says:

    When you said consider yourself. I burst into song. Then you both burst
    into song. Surreal musical reality existed. 

  4. Indi Heaton says:

    Chuck them a sock and say ‘Dobby is free.’

  5. Zyla Krazi says:

    Oh. I thought u were going out with Myles.

  6. Sumaia says:

    Did the fact u both have the exact same hair colour have anything to do
    with it? 

  7. Ophelia Dagger says:

    You can’t say we didn’t try. Well. You can say that if you want. And it
    would be true. I love a dog’s nose.

  8. Caleb J. Ross says:

    Practice on me. Pretend I’m a going-nowhere partner. Tell me off. If it
    helps pretend you just caught me doing something awfully boring like
    shopping for sponges.

  9. Garneleaf says:

    If Jimmy tried to break up with me I would hoot and holler like a total
    madman wow.

  10. Gary C says:

    “I know you’ll never break up with me” that would push me a bit far if
    someone said that to me! x

  11. jfhburr123 says:

    Yeah I could never end a relationship, even a friendship, without at least
    taking to them. I think in all relationships one person tends to love the
    other more. That imbalance can be scary, especially when people get clingy.
    I think the one most loved owes it to them to be kind and let them down
    easily, at least I wish that had happen to me more often. . 

  12. Ralphatality says:

    “I know you’ll never break up with me”.

    Yeah, we have to talk.

  13. Gabby King says:

    I actually stopped talking to them so that they would stop liking me
    because I didn’t like them and didn’t want to be the bearer of bad news. It
    seemed so logically at the time but it just turned everything into a right

  14. Ben Grace says:

    I actually lol’d when you said we’re all going to die. I mean, I LITERALLY
    laughed out loud. Literally. Not figuratively. Literally. 

  15. Ant (mrheavyhand) says:

    “Whacky” is the word of the day, now.

  16. Emily Xzy says:

    watching you and JImmy talking together is so entertaining. 

  17. JustSomeGermanDude says:

    “Philosophically romantic.” Gotta steal that…

  18. robsab20 says:

    “Worst Relationship”, “First Relationships” and now “Breaking Up:
    I can only imagine what’s lined up next: “Multilateral Diplomatic
    Relationships from the Viewpoint of Middle Powers” by O. Dagger, J. 0010 et
    al., 2015

  19. treediaphragm says:

    I live for Chels and Jim videos they’re so cute and happy ugh

  20. T MC says:

    I’ve danced with joy on the ashes of every relationship I’ve had, but I’m
    quite dead inside so that’s so be expected. 

  21. Agnes Checka says:

    Well this was really clever but also unreasonably adorable. Your brand
    right there Chelsea

  22. earthandemily says:

    Took a lovely turn with “we’re all gonna die one day.” I’ll hold onto that
    for a future break up.

  23. Taylor Rowntree says:

    I purposely become everything I know they find unattractive in a person so
    that they want to break up with me. That way nobodies feelings are hurt,
    they don’t like me anymore and the fact that I planned it all stays my
    little secret.

  24. Luísa Fernandes says:

    I really like your videos 

  25. gwynnigator says:

    The only reason I’m subscribed to other youtubers is so I have something to
    do while waiting for your videos

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