Bring Back Love Spells: Make Your Ex Beg For Your Love Have a stubborn ex who will not listen to reason? Your ex does not answer your calls or text messages? What can you do when y…


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  1. Taricco Enderitta says:

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    situation seems hopeless

  2. William Goodman says:

    Learn Bring Back Love Spells: Make Your Ex Beg For Your Love

  3. jake slavic says:

    I bought a love spell from them lets just say its been over two months and
    still no results. On top of everything else they still didn’t give my
    refund back like they said they would. SCAM, FAKE!!!

  4. cris castillo says:

    So I left my ex not to long ago I didn’t fell anything for her anymore and
    two months show she said hi to me out of nowhere I’m trying desperately to
    get back with her I’ve cried begged I’m doing all I can ti try to get her
    to love me back but nothing is happening was I witchcraft? If so what can I
    go to reverse it or take it off?

  5. Sugar Plum says:

    u sound like a robot XD

  6. kurt86hawkins says:

    +Irish Ado
    Seriously, I did that also but it didnt worked. It
    just made me crazier. Good thing my friend
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  7. Robert C. says:

    We all know she broke up with him to get somebody else she was cheating on
    him with. So this is total bs.

  8. Aubrey Santos says:

    THANKS @florescarlo

  9. Rolando Armano says:

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  11. Shallon Pereault says:

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  12. aLLsTaR says:

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  13. Dollie Hinton says:
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  16. NeonFire says:

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  17. John Thomas says:

    Text them a love message Place a love note somewhere it will be found
    easily, in their car or lunch bag or under their pillow or taped to the
    phone receiver or their computer .

  18. Adam richardson says:

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  20. NeonFire says:

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  21. Susan Greene says:

    Are these spells demons

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  23. karlie bieber says:

    Naw this ant right

  24. Rebecca Dominguez says:

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  25. sheena Lemuel says:

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