Can you get back with an ex if she dumps you?:

Can you get back with an ex if she dumps you?

Ok so i really wanna get back with my ex. She said we broke up because she said she wasnt ready but she said that in the past and went out with me anyway. Im sure thats not her reason she dumped me but whatever. So meex recently started talking again and i asked her if we were all good now like if we were friends now or what and she said yes. We are starting to text a little more and talk at school more now to. The thing is schools almost over and i want to get as close to her in these last few days we have because i wont see her everyday in the summer. I really need some help or advice on how to move are friendship back into a relationship.

Oh one more thing. We are having an end of the year dance and i plan on having the DJ play “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias. (It was our song) Then ask her to dance with me on that song and maybe tell her how i feel. Idkk yet though…
I want to get with her now more then ever to because now that school will be over she will be staying at her moms and her mom lives right down the road with me so we can spend so much time together!

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