DATING A VLOGGER?! (Last Moments of Relationships #13)

DATING A VLOGGER?! (Last Moments of Relationships #13)

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25 Responses to “DATING A VLOGGER?! (Last Moments of Relationships #13)”

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  3. TheFineBros says:

    Watch Grace Helbig and Shane Dawson in the NEW episode of LAST MOMENTS OF

  4. Odium Fati says:

    That plot twist tho XD

  5. miller 126fc says:

    i am on seth side 

  6. chico marico says:

    My name is seth !!! =D

  7. Alex Webster says:

    who played jenna?

  8. pixelater says:

    Seth’s side for sure

  9. Vincentas Bart says:

    Team seth

  10. K Po says:

    uugh she irritates me so much D:

  11. Celeste Orellana says:

    Team Seth because team Natalie is crazy!!!

  12. Chris Hartwig says:

    That plottwist, though

  13. Chantal Ward says:

    lolol when you saw the different angle, I just about lost it with laughter.

  14. Jeanette .Leech says:

    everything in that room fits with the character Grace is portraying
    except….. Abraham Lincoln?

  15. kendrick tran says:

    wtf did i just watch

  16. Iain Watkins says:

    Team Nate

  17. SuperKiara says:

    I’ve just found this sort of “web series” and…omg i love them :D. They’re
    very well done, congratz!

  18. natalie Newman says:

    funny my name is natalie but its obvious 

  19. Henry Tusi says:

    hah the camera was a photo of the chapel from oblivion

  20. Renee_ says:


  21. Elias Conradsson says:

    Totally on shawns team

  22. perihan genc says:

    natilie :)

  23. Leslie Sanders says:


  24. Yogya Atwal says:

    this is actually really funnny 

  25. Ryan Henke says:

    Crazy in the head, crazy in bed. Just don’t marry them. 

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