do you think my ex will be back?:

do you think my ex will be back?

About two months ago, he broke up with me b/c of his own reasons (he works a lot and doesn’t have time to commit to someone etc., also religious reasons b/c in our religion pre-marital relationships are wrong) I took it very, very badly. for the last two months there was little to no contact, messy things happened in between, in which people (I don’t know who) went upto him and told him I was talking crap about him…but I’m sure they made it sound worse than it really was..i was really frustrated, angry, hurt and might have said some things, but it was nothing ever too bad plus I don’t know anything about what he’s heard and he refuses to tell me, he told a person we mutually know to tell me to leave him alone because of his own reasons, however, a couple days ago I texted him that I’m really sorry, and he asked for what, and I told him to tell me what he heard but again he refused, but I apologized anyways for whatever that I might have said or done to upset him, he accepted my apology and appreciated my effort, I thanked him for trying to understand, and also that I didn’t know if this changed anything, but I felt it was the right thing to do, yesterday he came online and IMed me to tell me he’s sorry for what he did, I accepted and I wanted to know what was his explanation in the first place and he said he’d tell me some other time, but it was for personal and religious reasons, and I believe him, there is no other guy or girl in between us and most likely wouldn’t be, and then he said we’d keep in touch over time, isn’t that a good thing? is it possible he still cares for me anyways? Is it possible something can work out?

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