Do you think true love is for the lucky ones?:

Do you think true love is for the lucky ones?

It’s hard to find true love these days I think. Well not that I’m looking or anything. But I know true love exists, the love that is so strong between a couple and nothing can break them apart. I just feel its for people who get lucky 😕 what do u think

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  1. Love guy says:

    Not at all! You can improve your chances of finding true love by learning more about it!

    10 things you probably don’t know about love – but should
    1.Realize there are several types of love – physical, mental, spiritual and true love.
    2.Love is not chemistry. It’s energy – in particular a flow of energy – this the saying ‘the power of love’.
    3.This means you’re not at the mercy of mechanical chemicals and not able to do anything. Rather, by better understanding energy you can understand how to find love.
    4.Determine why you want love? Do you want it to feel better, to be like your friends or because you want the noblest thing in life? Your relationship to love, how you think about it, is often a reflection of your relationship to yourself.
    5.Strong, true, relationships depend on strong self-awareness. If you don’t ‘love’ yourself how can you expect someone else to love you for who you are?!
    6.Find someone who’s energy adds to yours. Finding a partner whose ‘love energy’ adds to yours is like someone pushing you on a swing, it will go higher and higher.
    7.Don’t just focus on physical attraction and love. Ensure you add emotional, mental and spiritual love to your relationship and love making to create something even stronger.
    8.We each have five needs that have to be met for us to have a happy and successful life. Love and connection is just one of those needs. (See here for more details on these needs and how they relate to love).
    9.Find a partner who’ll help you fulfil those other needs and you’ll find true love – and the key to a successful relationship.
    10.You’ll know when you find true love as it’s when you partner values you for who you are and encourages you to be you and loves you for who you are (sometimes even despite who you are)!<br/>
    Love guy

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