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  1. Ali Cameron says:

    Hi – I’m 30 and my ex is 25. We were together for about 1 – 1 1/2 year. I
    have my career and he is struggling to get his underway. We have had some
    discord because of this, and he tries to tell me to find someone else who
    has their act together.. but more of the discord originated because of his
    mother enmeshment and her interfering, judging me harshly and trying to
    break us up for no reason other than he’s her only son and I’m ‘stealing’
    him (but he still lives in her house so he has to do what she says). This
    built up a lot of toxicity between us, and he will become distant to the
    point I think he doesn’t care about me anymore, and when I confront him on
    it, he will then tell me that I am the one who does not love his family
    enough, so I will break up with him… but even though I know his family
    fuels a lot of things, I also know some of this has to do with me and I
    started seeking therapy and focusing on myself. Now I want him back again.
    When we broke up the first time, it was mostly just us not talking for 30
    days after a fight and I made the move to get him to come out and talk.
    This last time, I felt like he didn’t care about my feelings and told him I
    wasn’t going to share my life with him if he wasn’t interested in being
    with me, even though he said that’s not how he feels. I know I was angry at
    the time and there were other factors involved, but now I want him back and
    he is just telling me to go find a 30-something, he says he’s a baby and
    immature and can’t love me like I need him to. I don’t know if it will work
    this time :( Should I keep trying? 

  2. Tara marie says:

    I was dating this guy for a year. Him and I were really good friends before
    our relationship, so we weren’t strangers. We were like brother and sister
    and were always so comfortable with each other. One day we woke up and
    something sparked that I can’t even explain. He was a wonderful guy. He had
    some issues, I did as well. Him and I fought here and there. Things
    shouldn’t have ended they way they did (he got very upset with me for
    something that wasn’t even that big of a deal.) He overreacted and ended
    things coldly. Didn’t even approach me in person. Long story short, he
    dates another girl a month after him and i split. Once 6 months passed
    after the breakup, i decided to forgive him in person.. because i needed
    closure and couldn’t take the pain anymore. We met for coffee, and it was
    casual. Not awkward (it was like nothing had changed. We spoke to each
    other like old friends.) He mentioned he enrolled in the marines. I asked
    him during coffee if i could say goodbye to him, and he promised he wanted
    to! So, i got all excited and thought that him and i were on good terms..
    Then a week later, he starts dating ANOTHER girl.. which confused me? so he
    ships out this July.. and whether he’s still with that girl or not, should
    i still say goodbye? I don’t know how i feel about this and it’s been
    bothering me. I deep down still care about him… But in a way I almost
    want to see if he’ll make a move this time. I’m tired of doing all the
    talking here. What do you suggest?

  3. Ann Griffin says:

    Hi Brad. I asked my husband to leave our home July 2013 (he has a gambling
    addiction). Today we are still apart even though I asked him to come home
    2x. He said he wanted a divorce, but did not file for 1. Fast forward I
    filed for legal separation Sept. 2014. He says he is “talking”to someone.
    We have 2 children together & he does not give any financial support.
    Sometimes when the kids call him he doesn’t answer. He still lies to me & I
    know he is. We have been together for 20 yrs, married 8 (this month). I
    often times find myself thinking about him. Need some advice, because RIGHT
    now I am thinking of going for a divorce because I am tired. HELP!

  4. Joshua Oxendine says:

    Hey brad, my situation is a little unique. ANY help at all would be very
    much appreciated.

    I broke up with this girl, and she tried to get back with me. At first i
    said no, then I realized i loved her a lot more than i thought. So then i
    said yes, lets work on things. Then SHE said no. Which confused me to no
    end. I ignored her for a bit and she began texting me when i asked her not
    to, seeing as i was hurting, but she didn’t stop. Finally i messed up and
    began calling her crying and begging for her back, making myself look
    pathetic. I asked her why she wouldn’t be with me and she started giving me
    very lame excuses like “I feel like you would break up with me, i’ve never
    given second chances before so i’m scared, I feel you would be happier with
    someone else, etc…” saying all of this while crying and telling me she
    still loved me. When she came to my house to pick up her things, we talked,
    even ended up having sexual intercourse, which during i looked her in the
    eye and told her i loved her, and got no response. We haven’t talked since,
    but we work right across the hall from each other so i see her on the
    daily. I’ve never felt so used, and lonely, and stupid in my life. All i do
    is sleep and cry myself to sleep which isn’t like me after a breakup.
    Please any advice would help. I want her back.

    Thanks, Josh 

  5. OMGitsRACHO says:

    Hi brad, me and my ex have been together for a year. We have been fighting
    quite a lot over the past few months. When we are not fighting we are so
    good together and talk about our future together. However yesterday over an
    argument about washing he ended up breaking up with me and said he doesn’t
    feel the same. But says Im the best girl he’s ever met and still loves me.
    I don’t get whats going on does he love me or not? I’m going to give him
    space but my heart is breaking. Please help

  6. Crazi Azn says:

    Hi brad,
    Thanks for this video. I noticed my ex does some of these signs, however it
    comes off more of a sexual/hookup “want to get back level”.

    Would that be a complete red flag for me to realize it won’t work out the
    way it did before? I would still want him back but it seems like his
    reasons may be different than me. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks! 

  7. Valerie Rasmusson says:

    I dated my ex for 9years we had a bit of a blow up we’ve been broken up for
    5months he did however get a new girlfriend … He’s been texting me for a
    little over two weeks I miss you I love you calling me daily texting me
    thru out the day…. My question for you is how do I work on getting my way
    back into his arms…… 

  8. Edward Hiroko says:

    Hey Brad, my situation is extremely unique and different from others’.
    I fell in love with a student who studied with me.
    I’m 21 years old, she’s 40, married +3 kids. We’ve been dating for half a
    Things were PERFECT, things were amazing, sex was powerful, she felt so
    connected to me.
    She always kissed me passionately and not just a regular kiss… We felt
    our emotions in the kiss.
    She enjoyed the sex like hell, was always horny at me… Also, we’ve never
    fought before, not even once.
    We kept a daily contact, we’ve spoken for 2-3 hours daily on the phone and
    met 1-3 times a week.
    In the past month, she was thinking a lot if she wants this relationship or
    not, and I don’t understand why she’d think that if she enjoys.
    At first I thought it was her husband or kids, but turns out it’s something
    She says that lately she’s been thinking this “When I’m physically with
    you, I enjoy a lot and feel like in heaven… but when I’m without you,
    then I start thinking ‘Do I really need this relationship? I think I’m
    better off on my own and alone with my friends’…. I was never in this
    situation before, thinking if I want a relationship or not and I had 2 exs
    while still being married and I’ve fought for those relationships and
    wanted them and never thought to end them, but in this relationship I wanna
    end it… And I lost contact with my friends because I was committed to
    you, and I was cold to whoever tried to approach me. I just realized in the
    past month that I just don’t wanna be comitted to you, I was always
    thinking maybe I want it or not, but now I know that I don’t… Please
    understand me, and when you were not around me for the last 2 days, I
    didn’t miss you or felt that you were missing in my life…”.
    What the hell do I do now? I said “sure”…
    When she took a break from me last month, I kept no contact rule because I
    knew she’d come back, it was just a break.
    After the break she said she feels a lot more connected to me and loves me
    a lot more, but after 2 weeks, same thing happened, she called me today and
    said “Yeah, I thought about it again, and I just don’t want to conitnue
    from here”.
    Pretty unstable, and I had no urge to call her during the break, but after
    the break up I feel the urge to contact her because she reminded me of her
    exs and that she wants to be free out of commitment and that definitely is
    a red flag for me. I don’t want her to start a relationship with a new guy
    or one of her exs, I’ll lose my chances of getting her back! I know that
    once she comes back to her ex who she was with for 2 years, she’ll stay
    with him and forget about me. Because she used to tell me sometimes how
    crazy he was and how heartbroken she was when she left him, and now she
    reminded me that she wants to give it a chance and I feel the urge to fix
    things FAST because if I keep the no contact rule, she’ll definitely meet
    with him soon.

  9. sampath perera says:

    Hey brad , me and my girlfriend were dating for about a year but over time
    I slowly pushed her away due exams and work, eventually it came to a point
    where I went into depression and took it out on her, by cancelling atrip we
    were suppoused to go on and saying we should break up. For the last three
    months we have been trying to get back together but we keep fighting at
    times and it always ends with us breaking up again , I know shes the girl
    I want to spend my life with , but recently she said that we need to stop
    contact because she cant move forward otherwise and that she believes I
    haven’t changed, slowly but surely I have been putting my life back on
    track . Do you think she still has feelings for me, do you think she will
    take me back after ive dealt with all my problems, she said she wants me to
    change but cant wait on me to do it.

  10. GamingGuy5 says:

    Hey Brad, my situation is confusing. I am 14 years old and she is 13. My
    girlfriend was dating her ex for 8 months.. He cheated on her multiple
    times. And I think she has feelings for him, and secrets she’s hiding from
    me, but not only from her ex but one of my friends. On Instagram she always
    likes “rate photos” such as, 1-10 how hot you are, “like for a rate”.. And
    I always let her look through my phone, but when I try too get on hers, she
    says “It is uncomfortable for me getting on her phone. So? Are there any
    signs she is hiding something? Because I get worried about her. And I get
    nervous, please respond, would be great man.

  11. RebeccaWayneGacy says:

    Hi Brad, my boyfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago. We dated for
    over a year and we still talk every day, and see each other every so often
    (maybe once a week). It was a very serious relationship. We didn’t talk for
    a few days, but I caved in and started to text him again and we have talked
    almost every day since. I have made the mistake over and over of telling
    him how much I miss him and love him and want him back and he gets mad at
    me. He keeps changing his reason as to why he broke up with me. At first it
    was because he didn’t make me a priority, then it was because he didn’t
    have time, and now he’s saying it’s because he doesn’t think he’s good for
    me and that he will only bring me down (but that’s not true). He is very
    depressed because we both lost a close friend of ours over the summer and
    he has taken his death very hard. I think my ex is afraid of love and
    getting hurt, because I didn’t see the breakup coming at all really. It was
    a shock to me. He still says he misses me and that I make him happy, but
    then he avoids me. He keeps changing his mind. I think he wants me back,
    but I think he is just scared of love and commitment. He will say he misses
    me, but today I got in a car accident and he didn’t even want to come over
    to make me feel better. I want him back, and i don’t want to wait forever,
    but I can’t give up on him. Any advice?

  12. Kayla The Beast says:

    Hi brad, me and my boyfriend broke up about a week ago. We dated for 3
    months. We haven’t had a real conversation for about 3 days then he
    randomly texts me today saying whats up and telling me he heard i had a new
    boyfriend. Do u think he is jealous and still has feelings for me even
    though that a few days ago he told everyone he didn’t like me anymore? 

  13. Jordan Domingue says:

    Hey Brad, I have unusual situation and I value your input. I ended the best
    relationship I’ve ever had 5 years ago. We dated for around a year and half
    and it ended on good terms because of our lives were heading in different
    directions (Me joing the Marines, and her going to college). She decided
    it’d be best if we didn’t contact each other, and after many desperate
    attempts on my part she eventually just cut me off completely. Now its been
    years later and she has recently reestablished minor contact with me. I’m
    not sure where she is going with this, but I’d like to try again. She still
    means alot to me even after not sharing a single world with her for years
    now. I’ve been living my life and honestly I’ve moved passed her. I guess
    my issue is now that she is contacting me, I dont want to come off to
    strong and push her away for good. When you can please respond and lets see
    if you can make me a believer.

  14. Melanie Zaraga says:

    Hey brad i need some advise from you me and my boyfriend broke up a few
    days ago but i still love him
    I do it what you said no contact but i have mistake cos i tell him dont
    call me again
    What should i do now?

  15. Jirred Vang says:

    I am not completely sure if my ex does miss me or not I haven’t reached out
    to her yet nor has she reahced out to me I’m still in the no contact period
    and she doesn’t seem as happy as she did when she and I were together I
    share mutual friends with her however in our group of friends I have a
    smaller group of friends within our group that she never really talked to
    but about two weeks after our relationship ended she started talking to
    them if we’re hanging out and just talking she will call for one of my
    buddies and she’ll just ask what we’re doing and she’ll always get in our
    business then another time me and one of my buddies were sitting across
    from her she calls for him but all she had to say was hi which is weird
    because she normally never does this to anyone except for me when we were
    together and like I said she never really paid attention to my friends
    until recently I have found another girl but recently I’ve started missing
    her so is she trying to get my attention its really hard for me to tell
    because I’m still in the no contact period and haven’t contacted her yet

  16. Eva blup says:

    What if your in a long distance relationship and your useing the 30 days
    rule.. Then maybe i miss the skype call where he crys ?
    What if he shows concernt about how I am.. But he just spent 4 days at this
    new girls place ..?

  17. shraddha epil says:

    Hey Brad. I saw almost all your videos. I tried some of your tricks and
    after watching this video, I assume that he seriously likes me. He messaged
    me after a long time saying he loves me and misses me. I don’t know what to
    say to him. Should I tell him that I love him or wait for sometime. Please

  18. james jones says:

    Hey brad, me and my girlfriend had broken up a few days ago and we are on
    good terms, but I really want her back, we went a little while without
    talking and then I texted her one night and we had hungout for a little and
    she said it was very comforting, the original reason we broke up is because
    she said “I’m not what’s best for you” and she made it up in her head, she
    tells me she loves me still and she wants to work, but it’s just not the
    right time, what should I do?

  19. Margaret Lowery says:

    Engaged 9 months after we started dating
    YR later gave him the ring back
    Only lasted 2week I told him I made a mistake. We talked he told me he
    couldn’t make any promises. Now I’ve been living with him for 4 years . We
    had some disagreement ,he a quiet type don’t say anything back . he’s been
    working out of town later part of 2011 Comes home on the weekend. Been
    doing good off and on some weekend he was irritable are I was in a bad mood
    from missing him . then around middle of september 2014 told me he was done
    couldn’t get over the past me breaking up and giving the ring back I told
    him it took 4 yrs to tell me u can’t get over the past. Took me a few weeks
    to move. When he told me was done it was cut and dry .wouldn’t sleep in
    same room with me treatment completely like I didn’t exist .a month later
    he seeing a ex girlfriend before me that lived with him with 2 kids now she
    has 3. Won’t text me back are return my calls. His best friend told me I
    need to get over it and move on. .I’m in total shock and devastated. I love
    him want my life back with him. Some of our friends said what is he
    Please give me some advice on this
    About to lose it I’m so hurt 

  20. Gameanimedragon says:

    +Brad Browning hey brad! my ex wants me to pick up my mail at her and she
    asked how I was feeling. are there any signs?
    because she has been with someone else who I think it is rebound and do you
    think she has begun to think of me?

  21. Anthony Voltaggio says:

    My ex girlfriend wants to still be friends but she also texts me just about
    every day either to see how I’m doing or my daughter is doing. Also she
    will ask me to help her with some of her bills. Of course I’m not going to
    pay her bills but do you think she still wants me?

  22. Rocky Beeman says:

    Hey brad what about if I text her and she texts back every time

  23. Game over Roger says:

    Hey Brad, my ex where i broke up with 8 months ago still show all the
    signs. We did have no contact for 6 months after the break up but after
    that we where going up and down again. If i had the change to get back with
    her, i’ll do it but she doesn’t know if her love for me will be as strong
    as in the beginning. So i decided again to move on and break all the
    contact again. What is the best way from now on cause i want to go on with
    my life, but there is something i don’t want to lose her :(

  24. gamerLegalChannel says:

    Hey I need help me and my girlfriend broke up a few days ago because she
    was thinking I was sending her nude to people but I didn’t can anyone help
    I with her back!!!!

  25. Pierre Hillman says:

    This explained everything that has happened to me over the past 10 months
    but I still don’t think she wants me back. I love her so much but I ruined
    the relationship a lot bcoz I didn’t appreciate what I had until she wasn’t
    wanting me. And its even harder coz we have kids together…. help

  26. Sarah F says:

    Hey Brad. My situation is a little too confusing and I’m worried I might
    have messed things up. We’ve been dating for almost a year and my boyfriend
    works out of town and leaves for a few weeks before coming back for three.
    He broke up with me a little over 2 weeks ago, right before he left town,
    and ever since I’ve been contacting him and telling him exactly what I
    shouldn’t be telling him, stuff like “I miss you” and “I love you” and
    begging him and pleading. I did that three times so far and all the other
    times I’ve contacted him were to check up on him. We’ve had good
    conversations, and we’ve had really bad ones.The reason he broke up with me
    is because he felt like I never showed him that I care about him or that I
    love him which is why I made it a point to check up on him everyday if not
    every other day. The last time I poured my heart out to him he basically
    told me that it wasn’t healthy for him to get back with me right now and
    that I keep hurting him more and more (unintentionally). But here is where
    it gets confusing, 2 days later I called him up to check up on him and he
    told me that he went to a souvenir shop and got his family some small
    gifts, including me.I’m not sure what to think of that. I realize now,
    after watching your videos that I went about it wrong. Is it too late to go
    through the 3 stages of getting him back? If not, how can I fix? And should
    I contact him when he comes back? Keep in mind he is not one to show his
    emotions, he is a very reserved, logical and pragmatic person, so even if
    he really does miss me and loves me still, there is a big possibility he
    might not want me back if logically it does not make sense to him. And if
    he does want me back he might not show it.

  27. Emma Stenborg says:

    Hi brad. I’m 13 years old and broke up with my boyfriend cuz he said that
    he has lost his feeling for me. We dated for over one year and we go to the
    same school. We where best friend before we dated and I can’t explain how
    much I loved him. We are now “friends” two days after the breakup and I
    fell happier cuz I could actually look into his eyes without starting to
    cry today. But I want him back SO badly and I miss him so much that it
    hurts… Do you have any tips how to get him back or how to get over him.
    He changes school in a week. Thank you.

  28. ilovenyc2129 says:

    Hi Brad. I made contact with him and we texted a bit. At some point he did
    text saying he was around and asked if I wanted a drink but I told him
    another time. I also texted him a funny story and a Merry Christmas and he
    wished me a Merry Christmas as well. Where do I go from here?

  29. uday jani says:

    Hi Bard, I am going through a similar situation in my life. I am married
    for two years and my wife broke up with me 1 month back. She went to her
    dad’s house stating she will come back as promised for the holiday we
    planned for 2nd marriage anniversary on 10th December. However at the last
    moment she backstabbed, she told in public that she don’t like me anymore
    and want to breakup since I am diabetic.

    I was in so much pain, hurt and anger that I called up all her relatives
    and spoke all bad things about her. This made things more worse. She
    switched off her phone. Neither her dad, mom, brother picks the phone.
    However me and dad went to her place and apologized for the mistakes.
    Although she rejected to come back with me and told she needs sometime to
    thing and will not come back for now. She was very hurt that I told bad
    things about her to everyone.

    She requested for some time and promised she will communicate through phone
    however I was very impatient. I left her place and kept calling her every
    day but she kept saying she is no mood to talk right now. When she becomes
    happy, she herself will call me. But the pain of separation was killing me
    from inside. I kept calling her and she kept saying the same thing. When I
    was at her place, i gifted her new smart phone, clothes and jewellery which
    she denied but later accepted. But she is yet to switch on the new phone
    which I gave.

    I was so impatient that I finally decided to breakup with her. I gave her
    time until end of this month for a response if she wants to stay with me or
    should we move legally for a divorce.

    Please let me know did I move very fast and did not give her time to think?
    Should I have waited for sometime and gave here time to think and miss me?

    What should be my approach moving forward? Her mobile is switched off, she
    don’t have facebook nor we have any mutual friend. How can I communicate my
    feelings to her?

    Coming 10th December is our marriage anniversary. Should I send her a small
    greeting or just wait until end of this month? Please I need some guidance.


  30. Paul Fitzsimmons says:

    Hi Brad,

    Firstly I am wondering will your guide apply to my situation?

    The signs from your video that apply to my situation are 3,5,6,7.

    Below is a quick recap, would appreciate your thoughts on this.

    I work with a girl and we had a one night stand which she instigated
    about 4 months ago. I knew her personally prior to this and we got along
    very well. I thought it was a one off sexual encounter. This is because she
    was seeing somebody else at the time (I only found this out the day after)
    We both seemed to accept it for what it was at the time, but that only
    lasted approx. 1-2 weeks.

    This is because about that time I was at home in bed watching a movie with
    another girl I started seeing, when numerous texts messages started up
    again from this girl I work with. To me this was her wanting to rekindle
    something between us. I found out soon enough that she was still seeing
    somebody else at this time though.

    We began to date regularly regardless and have had many sexual encounters
    together. I did this because I thought I could win her over, and that she
    would also see sense and finish with the other guy so we could have
    a normal relationship. Long story short it seems that she wants the best of
    both worlds, and when I kept pressing her that she couldn’t date two people
    at once (its not the right thing to do) she said she was choosing the other
    guy, reason not given..

    Since her decision (approx. 2 weeks ago) I have been trying hard to be
    distant and avoid contact at work, texts and calls. But for all the good I
    have done standing my ground, I eventually cave and am respondent to her.
    This is because in that 4 months I have developed feelings for her that I
    have never felt for anybody else.

    We have been physical with one another very recently (even though she
    supposed to be with someone else) and as good as it is each time, my head
    is in a spin after and she consuming all my thoughts. I do want her bad,
    even for all the bad that has happened there has been good too, which is
    what I draw on.

    She isn’t the best communicator when we talk about US and its hard to know
    where I stand. So I guess all I have to draw on is her actions. She wants
    hugs, brings me treats and visits me at work when im on. She says that she
    can “only love me as a friend” right now, because she was dating someone
    else first. By the way, she is my age whereas the other guy is 13 years our
    senior, to put things in perspective.

    I know for certain that I am meeting her sexual needs, whereas someone else
    allegedly is not.

    What are my options?

  31. Zexy says:

    Hey, am 13 year old and my ex boyfriends is 14 and we are in the same
    school, form & lessons. We were dating for about 5 weeks then we broke up
    like more than a month ago and I want him back cause I still have feelings
    for him but I don’t know if he still love me. None of us wanted to break
    up, well the same person that got us to admit that we like each other is
    the one who told my ex that he need to forget about me and after school on
    the day we basically broke up he was talking to me and he said that he
    still like me but since that day we never talked about it. He had a
    girlfriend but they broke up like 3 days later then he asked a girl out but
    she rejected him. And I really need him and he’s the only thing that I
    think of. He has been flirting with me exactly the way he used to do
    before we went out, and I did respond to him by the same way sometime.
    Thank you and please help me cause I have been crying since that day &
    thats my Email +Nora A on gmail

  32. Shahonij says:

    Hi Brad, I got my ex texted me in the morning. To keep it short, she wanted
    to hangout with me. I told her I can’t cuz i ahve doc’s appot and i dont
    have a car as I had an accident. She offered if she can come with me to the
    doc, I said “no thanks, i’m cool”.
    My no contact duration of one month ends on Jan 20th. When I said, i can’t
    meet her today, she offered to meet tomorrow.

    What do you think, i should do at this point?

  33. Sam Allinson says:

    My ex Bobby texted me the other day saying he still misses me and want me
    back but I still haven’t got over my past ex Shelby (that’s right I’m
    bisexual) who I still can’t get over because I miss her terribly. I gave
    him 3 chances but he was still controlling & I still have some feeling for
    him but not as strong as they were so I messaged back to not hurt his
    feeling in anyway I have sent Bobby this message:

    “Look I am not saying we are together at the moment just give me time and I
    will think about it and see what is best for me and I don’t want to make it
    proper to hurt your feelings because I am fine at the moment being single
    we will still be friends at the group and in a few months or so I will let
    you know my final decision. Also I am am suffering with depression at the
    moment with my dad suffering from post traumatic stress after his accident
    and I don’t want the pressure of a relationship on my back. I’m saying no
    for now but give me chance to let me get back to my normal self.” Let me
    know if this is a way of explaining to him because me and him both have

  34. loughrey101 says:

    I’m going through a divorce with my ex, it’s been almost a year now, It
    seems that the more I reach out to her the more she avoids me and becomes
    less friendly etc. But when I get caught up with things for weeks and we
    don’t really make contact, she makes the effort to come back, looks out for
    me on Skype and always in the heat of those initial chats she speaks of the
    great times we had together and how emotional she can get when she sees
    photos of our wedding, and comes times imagines us together again but then
    sees the fighting etc which led to it. Then I go in for the bait and as
    soon as I express more interest in her the more she distances herself from
    me. I’m very confused, it seem one part of her wants what we had back, and
    the other side of her doesn’t and is running from my efforts to reconnect.
    I don’t know what these things mean and how I can one day win her back and
    have all of her wanting me. She keeps talking about her desire to remain
    friends etc. but as you said, I think once you get caught in the friend
    loop it’s difficult to get beyond that. I wonder what do I do? And what do
    I do when she chooses to re-add me to FB to be friends? How do I avoid the
    friendship request without sounding like you don’t want anything to do with
    them and giving them the wrong signal and cause them to move on? I guess
    I’m afraid to disappear for too long in case, as the Dean Martin song goes,
    distance makes the heart grow fonder, for someone else. She has not been in
    another relationship since we broke up. We have been together for 3 years. 

  35. kakoy says:

    hi brad me and my ex fiance dated almost 1 year and 3 months but he thought
    i was cheating on him now he hates,disrespect,cursing me by the way he
    txted me and he did every bad things to embarass and put me to shamed coz
    he tot i cheated on him but i didnt we didnt say goodbye to each other we
    dont have closure i just blocked him everywhere so i couldnt read his
    hurtful msgs to hurt he is going back to his wife they are separated
    they are not living together but not yet divorced now he posted pic
    together with her saying i love u to her using his wife fb saying shes
    pregnant but he said its not all true he is doing his best to hurt me as a
    revenge cos he tot i cheated on him we lost contact 3 weeks ago i try not
    to get a contact from him one month cos i watch ur video he supoz to come
    here in the philippines to see me but i think he is not going here anymore
    i think he find himself to his wife again,ive been in hell in this
    relationship ive been so hurt almost everyday physically emotionally
    mentally and morally but i still love him..i blocked him but i still love
    him i tried my best to explain but he doesnt listen to me at all and belive
    me and maybe because his wife brain washing him about me cheating on him
    his wife fighting for him but my finace chooses me and love me his wife
    even told me that my fiance loves me so much,i blocked him to finally move
    on but eveyday i recieved phone calls from other number i knew it was him
    i knew he i is still stalking my fb i know he still love me i know he just
    hate me now cos he tot i cheated on him what should i do?we have a very
    complicated relationship…and u know whats hurts most he
    embarassed,disrespect cursed and put me to shamed in my family friends even
    those old guys that flirting on me he spread a very nasty rumors about me
    and his reason is so nobody will want me despite of all the bad things he
    did to me i still love him what should i do should i move on or chasing

    thank u brad…

  36. Amanda Gardiner says:

    My boyfriend and I broke up 4 months ago. We were together for 9 months
    and were very much in love. I thought we’d be together forever. We’re both
    in our 30’s and have been married before. So this was our second chance at
    a happy ending and it was great! He broke up with me this summer when he
    was having a hard time with life, depression and health issues and decided
    that he needed to figure some things out and couldn’t be with me. He never
    said that he didn’t love me. I always got the impression that the break up
    had nothing to do with me and everything to do with him and his habit of
    running away when things get difficult. Our relationship was good. We
    never fought, we got liked the same things. He was everything I had
    searched for and he felt the same about me. Said I was the love of his
    life. Needless to say I was pretty shocked and upset when he ended
    things. I gave him his space. I knew he was suffering from depression and
    that I couldn’t help him with that. He had some major decisions to make
    about where his life was going and I understood why he needed to walk
    away. It’s been 4 months. We’ve been in contact. I hadn’t texted him when
    we first broke up. I tried the no contact. We had coffee back in Sept and
    he said that he was content with his life right now. I said that I didn’t
    understand how he could say I was the love of his life and then just walk
    away. He said that he was still trying to figure his life out. At the
    time he was still living in a room in his friends basement. He had lived
    there the whole time we dated and has never really had to be an adult and
    be on his own. That was a big part of his issues. Anyway, that day he
    said let’s just be friends for now and take it one day at a time. I was
    upset but gave him his space. I knew not to push him. We run into each
    other at the gym as that is where we met. I hadn’t seen him there much all
    fall but he is starting to come back again. Anytime we have had contact
    through texting it has always been me that made contact and he has always
    responded. I saw him on what would have been our 1yr anniversary at the
    gym and we talked for a half an hour and he hugged me goodbye. (not sure
    if he knew it was our anniversary) That was just over a month ago. I’ve
    seen him quite a few times at the gym since then and he always stops to
    talk to me instead of just going straight into the changing room. Well
    last week he sent me a happy birthday message and asked if I was having a
    good day. That is the first time he made first contact since the break
    up. I saw him that night at the gym and he gave me a happy bday hug. He
    has texted me twice since then. Once just to chat about the American Music
    Awards as he saw on FB that I was watching it and sent a random text Sunday
    night. Very unlike him. We chatted throughout the show about the various
    acts. Then on Thursday he texted to tell me that he had bought a new car
    and wondered why I wasn’t at the gym that night. I asked when he was going
    to take me for a drive and he said soon. He seems to be coming to me now
    instead of me going to him. I’ve been very patient but I don’t want to
    spook him and blow it. I am still very much in love with him and it’s not
    getting any easier. He always seems happy to see me. Without knowing a
    whole lot about our situation, do you think he’s coming around? Or am I
    reading too much into things. He’s not the type to lead people on or just
    want a plan B. He hasn’t dated anyone since our break up and has just been
    keeping busy working and drinking with his buddy. I’m at a point where I
    know I have to let him go soon or go for it cause what have I got to lose.
    I need some advice. Sorry for the long message..

  37. littledarling9 says:

    Hey Brad, I have a bit of an interesting situation. I have been in a
    relationship with a great man for awhile but I kept sabotaging our
    relationship. Unfortunately right before the holidays I managed to do it
    again and this time he told me that he loved me but wanted to be alone for
    awhile. I understood and left him alone. I sent him an email to apologize
    which he responded too and since I had started to put together his gift, I
    dropped it off at his house (which he wrote an email saying thank you and
    he appreciated it). Now that we are apart, I have been working on me and
    seeing a life coach to stop self-sabotaging a great relationship. However,
    only from the email responds, etc, I haven’t heard anything else from him.
    Think its over for good? Thanks 

  38. Jennzee Kara says:

    Hey Brad, my ex broke up with me for another one and I don’t know if she
    still feel something to me or if she miss me. Any ideas what should I do?
    because I really want her back.

  39. Georgia Gallon says:

    Hey brad, I have a situation with my ex, he broke up with me about 2 weeks
    ago before he went to Australia for 6 weeks and his excuse was apparently I
    wanted to meet with him all of the time, which wasn’t true i met him of the
    Friday and we kissed passionately and then I asked him if he would like to
    meet on the Sunday because that was the only time that I would have been
    able to meet him before he went away on the wednesday, I have feeling for
    him still but I just don’t know what to do?

  40. Pixie Tay says:

    Hi Brad, I broke up with my boyfriend 3 weeks ago. I did those begging,
    pleading, phone calling mistakes during the 1st week. He got all his stuff
    back from me during the 1st week. I tried my very best to calm down during
    the 2nd week. However, I still contacted him at the 14th day after breakup.
    I asked him “how are you” and his answer was “never been this good”. This
    totally broke my heart. After that I tried to focus on myself instead of
    him. I focus on my studies, went out with friends to have fun and do things
    that make me happy (watching video, singing, shopping, reading) I have not
    contacted him for 2 weeks after his “never been this good” reply. I
    unfollowed him on FB, realising that I don’t want to block him( this will
    lose my grace) and he constantly posted photos with bunch of friends with
    girls standing besides him. Seeing all his photos made me really sad and it
    seems like he has moved on. He isn’t used to update his social media so
    frequently and he did all this after breakup, as if he is trying to convey
    the message that “I’m good without you”. Our relationship was really a
    lovely one. We had been together for 4 months and our friends saw us as
    lovely couple. He broke up with me because he thinks that we are not for
    each other and he wants to focus on his studies and career. During the no
    contact, I calm down and start thinking about what went wrong. I realised
    that I seemed to be a bit too dependent on him. I do not cry or beg or
    plead him to come back now. I’m totally okay but I still want to get him
    back. My gut feeling told me that he is THE ONE. However he doesn’t even
    bother to contact me and appear to be so much happier in social media. He
    seemed so firm with his decision. The other thing is we live in different
    cities. (We used to spend our weekends together in each others’ cities)
    Brad, what should I do now?

  41. Emaleen Natasya Minhad says:

    Hai brad.. I hope that you can help me.. The thing is.. I have been with my
    boyfriend for 9 months.. And all this time i have been patience with him..
    I never stop him from contacting others and if i found out that he lied to
    me, i was heartbroken.. But i never stayed mad. Instead, I forgave him…
    But last few days, two of my best friends came to my place and surprised
    me.. It was unexpected.. I was too afraid to tell my boyfriend.. Because he
    is that type of boyfriend who controls a lot.. I didn’t tell him and
    probably he thought i was lying to him.. I was going to tell him.. But
    then.. He never contacted me.. He didn’t picked up my calls and he even
    said cruel things to me.. He even said that we are through.. But i don’t
    believe him brad..I’m devastated and i don’t know what to do… His ig
    still have my pictures and his profile picture also has me on it too.. Does
    it mean anything?… Please brad.. Help me.. 

  42. Nic Vane says:

    My girlfriend broke up with me solely because she said she started to have
    feelings for another guy. She got scared having these feelings and felt
    like we should take a break. Things left off well, she told me she would be
    crushed if she lost me completely from her life. The big problem is she
    wants to stay friends. She said our relationship was so strong and we
    developed a special friendship she doesn’t want to lose. What should I do?
    Her saying things like this makes me want to text her and hang out with her
    all the time. But is that a good idea? Or should I act like I’m losing
    interest in her? I’m just so confused about this situation.

  43. Saydur Rahman says:

    Hey brad, my ex texted just the day after we broke up and she said she
    misses texting me, is that a good sign?

  44. ximena duque says:

    hi brad please help me..i initiated the break up with my ex we were talking
    for couple of months and started seeing each other for last 2 months
    every weekend . so yes we didnt see each other often but we talked
    everyday. about 5 weeks ago we started having problems i felt like he tried
    at the beginning but then acted careless then he said he didnt want things
    to end up like that between us & i gave him chances but he took it for
    granted now we barely talk he contacted me a week ago saying how was i
    doing i answered cold saying good n thats it then he followed me on ig n i
    followed back he has liked my pics& i also liked his but thats it so idk i
    really miss him n i wish he can say sorry to me but idk please help will he
    ever want me back?

  45. Ronit Mukherjee says:

    Hey, my ex contacted me 2 days prior to her Birthday after being in the
    no-contact period for almost 9 months ! She did so because she thought as
    it was her birthday week, she wanted to apologize to anyone that she might
    have hurt in the past. She started her message by complimenting me and how
    ultimate her time was with me. She apologized a lot and even asked for a
    new (old) friendship. She even sent me a fb request, whereas she was the
    one to remove me from her fb a few months back, lol. She promised me that
    she’d message me after her exams get over. Her exams are yet to get over.
    When we used to be together, she didn’t like my drinking or smoking habits,
    a few days ago she had asked me whether I still drink or not, I told her
    that I don’t drink much. Was it smart of me to give such an ambiguous
    reply? 😛
    What do you think is up with her?

  46. Divaaa90 says:

    hey brad, my ex broke up with me month ago. He is showing ALL of the signs
    you mentioned. Well, he is’nt reaching out for me every day or so, but he
    phoned me a few times. The Main reason for our break up is his parents.
    They are Croatian and his parents have been always stressing him because of
    me – because I’m not a Croatian girl. It’s really dumb right? His mother
    would’nt talk to him for a while and his father is dissapointed. Really
    can’t understand something like this, his parents dont even know me in
    He could’nt stand it anymore and broke up with me.
    Do you know cases like this and do you think there is a possibility of a
    happy ending?
    (The sad part is: He is already 24 and not a kid anymore)

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