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Q&A on Relationships & Dating | Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke

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50 Responses to “FAQ’s ~ Interracial Relationship | Couch Conversations”

  1. Melieka Nicole says:

    I love interracial relationships. I am a product of one and think it is a
    beautiful thing. My best friend is in one and I love watching them and
    their respect for one another. People say love is blind, but I think a
    love that is colorblind is one amazing thing!

  2. Kendra Foerster says:

    Guys if you’re HAPPY and you have a HAPPY AND HEALTHY relationship then
    never let anyone or anything EVER get in the way. I’m so afraid a these
    comments will at some point have things running through one of your heads
    if not both. Treat eachother like human beings, and people you love, and
    you’ll be just fine

  3. White Hammer says:

    I love y’alls relationship. I myself is in an interracial relationship with
    a black woman. She is 7 months pregnant with our first child. It is a girl.
    I agree, with everything y’all said. Don’t look at each other as race. Its
    so much more than that. Love them for who they are as a person. Too me love
    goes beyond color. Or should.

    My fiancé and I get looks but as y’all said, No one has been stupid enough
    to come at us disrespectfully. And I also look back at them crazy. We are
    always complimented on how cute of a couple we are and how beautiful our
    baby is going to be. I also, agree with Chad I grew up the same way. With
    the genre of music and things like that and have always been attracted to
    black women because of their strength and confidence. And you’re right
    there is a difference between black women and white women when it comes to
    confidence and strength. And that is what attracts me to black women. 

  4. Rachel noneyabidness says:

    Usually the baby would be brown.. I guess daddy’s genes are stronger ! Lol
    I was surprised. Your baby looks 100% white. Beautiful though and lovely

  5. Slishes Maloney says:

    the fact that no one could tell whether this man was white or black is a
    good indicator that we should stop looking at humans as separate races,
    but, rather a single species. Culture and personality, on the other hand,
    is a bit more complicated.

  6. doriembombo says:

    Idk if you guys will ever get to see this message, but I just want to stay
    that 1) I had to post this video on my Facebook page 2) I just subscribed
    today and I love you guys already. Whenever I am watching Nikkie&Jamie,
    your videos were always lingering on the side and I was a bit skeptical to
    click on them, mainly because I felt like you guys were going to be boring.
    After almost a year of seeing your videos on the side i clicked on it for
    the first time today, and I got to say honestly you guys have restored my
    faith in humanity/dating/relationship/race. I love how highly your husband
    speaks of black women. I have been seeing and reading so many negative
    comments regarding dark-skin girls/women and honestly I cant even say BLACK
    girls/women because apparently black doesnt exist anymore in the eyes of
    many black people. Its light-skin and dark-skin. these negative derogatory
    comments towards dark-skin girls/women are coming from black guys. People
    that are suppose to love us,protect us more than any other race you feel
    me. As a dark as I am, I am always feeling some type of way so often find
    myself defending for black women all over the world. So I want to thank you
    guys for sharing these videos with us. I love the two of you, you guys dont
    know how many lives you are changing. Your husband just made me feel like I
    was the prettiest girl in the world dark-skin and all. Keep up the great

  7. BeautyEffect says:

    people on here acting like straight cave men poking at this married couple
    and its always always always white people. Claim we’re thugs but clearly
    whites been robbing people since the native american year. White people
    have NO culture. their culture has always been evil

  8. johnny Harris says:

    Obviously as a black woman you are not familiar with your history, the
    struggles of black people , from the beginning of time and hardship . and
    struggle that black men have had to go through just to survive . where
    black men were given no choice but to pursue a life of crime just to have
    the finer things in life .this is a direct Racial discrimination from
    only the white (.MAN ) I consider you a traitor to your race.

  9. TheIntervurt says:

    I remember reading an interesting scientific article which mentioned that
    far in the future the majority of humans will be of a certain “mixed” race
    which will be a combination of all races. 

  10. Patricia Nicolas says:

    My boyfriend is white and we always get the rudest comments from black
    guys. I wonder if that’s ever going to stop?

  11. Keturah Psalms says:

    +GabeBabeTV your an absolutely great couple!!!! Ignore the Hate and
    Ignorance I’m black and i’m “PROUD”!!!! To be dating and be seen with White
    guys regardless of what people think My all family love the fact that i
    love white men i think i always had and that’s what i love i love something
    different! and that’s me that’s how i i’m i see myself marrying a white one
    day and i’m excited for that i look forward to that and what God has put
    together no man shall separate so i’m glad you two are together you have a
    beautiful baby by the way! God bless you!

  12. Nina ait dammou says:

    I highly doubt they are together just because they are “cute” together.
    They are together because they are meant to be, no matter what color,
    culture, race. I am very glad to be multi racial (more than 2 races) myself
    and being from a multi racial relationship. I have never seen a reason for
    people not to date or marry outside their race. I feel sorry for those who
    judge one race based upon one or even many negative experiences. Each
    person is unique. I think anyone who allows the past to affect them, should
    get counseling.

  13. jojow158 says:

    Why does America seems to have such a huge racial divide??
    “How do I go about meeting a white man?” dafuq mate.

  14. Early Da Prince says:

    Of course he always preferred black women. There is nothing like a black
    woman because she is the mother of the humanity. 

  15. Sal Amander says:

    I like it when white guys date black women because it leaves more good
    looking white women for me. Black men dating white women is totally
    disgusting though.

  16. corey fisher says:

    that kkkracker hates NIGGERS….black people can be so stupid….how can
    you trust people that treated you worse than a damn dog?

  17. Ida Flores says:

    I think you guys made some very great points in this video. Especially when
    mention that if we stop looking at black r white and start looking at
    people for who they are things would be better I have been saying that for
    the longest. Amazing video.

  18. Rebecca Maurine says:

    Forget about all this!!!dafuq they talking about white or black…we all
    souls that lives within!!!Between that Dog up there on top of the couch
    stole the show for me!!!

  19. Rachel71 says:

    No disrespect to Gabe and Chad, but racism is still real, so saying forget
    about what happened in the past is wrong…What happened in the past is
    what help us as a race to have some some “privileges” that was never given
    to us before. I thank Martin, Malcolm, Freedom Riders, etc to help us to
    move forward. 

  20. Jerilyn Ezell says:

    I didn’t know LOVE was defined by color. Congrats to any and everyone who
    has learned to get past what holds us back and keeps us divided. Being
    proud of who you are doesn’t mean you can’t love someone who doesn’t look
    like you. I say date, love, marry and procreate with whomever YOU want. We
    all have choices. Utilize them.

  21. aisha nassuna says:

    love u guys!

  22. vickinicole says:

    I’m a black woman and my boyfriend is white, we live in Arizona. We never
    get negative comments, there’s been a few people who have commented that
    we’re a cute couple. I appreciate this video.

  23. Florentine Jones says:

    That confidence level that Chad is talking about, the world calls an angry
    black woman. You go Chad I’m glad you see it for what it is. CONFIDENCE.


    I’m so glad I found your channel. I like white guys always have and always
    will. I never dated one though. I just can’t seem to find a white guy
    that’s interested in black women. You’re family is so adorable. 

  25. itsMommyMadness says:

    +GabeBabeTV you two are the most beautiful couple! I just got done watching
    your meet and proposal video and I thought it was so sweet :) God bless
    your marriage and your growing family!

  26. Jefferson Bethke says:

    Hey guys! You can get my audiobook for free right now when u sign up for
    free trial at

  27. Sabika Mirza says:

    I am Muslim, and I can relate to this 100%. Didn’t realize how similar our
    principles were. :)

  28. Maurice Harting says:

    Clear in the relationship between Jeff and Alyssa is that Jeff is the
    dominant person and Alyssa is like the “after thought” is answering the
    questions. Maybe Alyssa should answer the questions first and have Jeff be
    humbled and listen more?

    Jeff would benefit more in his relationship with Alyssa if he listens to
    her more and talk less and Alyssa needs to grow in her knowledge of Christ
    and His Word more by maybe going to seminary?

    These are just some of the observations I would make here ….

  29. erin hill says:

    I have been watching your videos all day. I have had a horrible last week
    and your videos have just really helped me with my faith and having hope. I
    hope to one day have a relationship like yours. Please keep posting. I
    shared a bunch of your videos on facebook haha. I have showed everyone in
    my dorm you guys! Thank you guys so much for being so open and honest in
    all your videos. It is so appreciated! 

  30. Sammy Grint says:

    Hey guys! I just found your channel recently, and I am so thankful for you
    two! I have been trying to find christian youtubers for awhile now, and
    while I wasn’t even looking, I found your channel. And, hear this-what you
    said at the end about you not being actual mentors and pastors to your
    viewers, I completely understand considering you do not know our
    situations. But, you guys are the closest community I have right now
    besides my best friend. I am not from a christian family, nor do i have
    many Christians to talk to. I go to a youth group at a church called OCC in
    federal way with that same best friend almost every week, but like so many
    others of course, being that light of Christ is just so hard. I want to
    persue god more than anything and I really appreciate all of your videos. I
    am going to watch them all soon. You have opened up my eyes to many new
    ways of living a christian life. I am 17 and became a Christian – a real
    Christian, about 10 months ago, and my life hasn’t been the same since. I
    love what you said Alyssa-about really knowing when you’re ready to date. I
    am struggling so much with that and so many other aspects of life. My plan
    is to go to a christian university to grow stronger than ever in that
    community of faith, I am thinking Biola or another in California. And
    jeff-that video of you speaking at them got me excited. Anyway, this
    comment is long, but lastly I will tell you I live in bonney lake, and
    would love to talk to you guys some day. God bless and love you both!

    ~Sammy G.

  31. sweetcanada17 says:

    I think a lot of “Christians” are dating too long nowadays. They say they
    “can’t afford to get married,” and then they just live in sin. I got
    married at 21, and we only spent $2,000 on our wedding, I simply wore my
    mom’s old wedding dress to save on the dress. And we only invited 40
    people. Remember: invest in the marriage, not the wedding.

  32. Beth DeRoos says:

    I know this video was made over a year ago, but as a widow and a woman old
    enough to be your Grandmother, you should know your Godly wisdom is not
    just for younger men and women.

  33. Yi Qiao says:

    “you are never emotional, btw, never emotional…” :) aww…seriously? 

  34. jaahnavi ramdass says:

    wow o.0 her voice is ………… X_X

  35. healthmusic says:

    Interesting you would go into dating and relationships. I have Aspergers,
    romance comes very hard for aspies; but I am living proof it is not
    impossible. June 13 was our 27th wedding anniversary. I agree with your
    “Why I hate religion but love Jesus.” 

  36. Julian Arena says:

    I am not a Christian but I admire you, Jeffy

  37. kelly currier says:

    thank u for this , we are beginning to organizing a “girls conference ” for
    teens in our community. and this would be a great video to share.

  38. Pete Peters says:

    Good advice and backed with God’s Word. God bless

  39. Melania Mailoa says:

    Thanks and God bless… this video helps me a lot! Please pray that I will
    be brave to make the right decision in the nearest future >.<

  40. CupidsPulse says:

    We really loved your video…

  41. persianboy153 says:

    My friend my mom needs to fix your hair the line it’s killing me sorry.

  42. Mavett War says:

    I was with a girl and she showed me n reminded me how it was to be with the
    Lord….n I really love her aswell n she loves me too…but we’re putting
    God first on everything do u think we shud date


    Q&A on Relationships & Dating | Jefferson & Alyss…:

  44. Suzanne Roxanne says:

    So good! So much wisdom! They are so cute :) 

  45. FrancesKay1 says:

    *Comment on the first q&a – What if you are dating someone who is not a

    When my mom was dating my dad, my mom was a Christian and my dad wasn’t.
    The Holy Spirit worked through my mother and my father accepted Christ and
    was baptized before they were married. My father has been in incredible
    Christian influence and role model throughout my life. He has given much
    time and money to the Church; he was our Church’s president for several
    years too. How would everything have transpired if my mom had just dumped
    him just because he hadn’t been shown the truth yet?

    I think their answers were good regarding many situations but I’d like for
    you to also keep my parent’s story in mind.

  46. PiercingKnight says:

    Loved it, good stuff, thanks for helping see things more clearly

  47. Valentina Gurina says:

    You guys are a great example of what marriage should be and I hope one day
    to have that. God Bless you two!

  48. beeanca13 says:

    You guus are such a blessing to all of us. Thank you for your advice, you
    don’t know how much it helps (‘:

  49. Cc sablan says:

    Hi! Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke. I just wanted to say that I loved most of
    your videos without a doubt but, I came across this one and on your first
    answers to the first question I found myself confused. All your videos
    speak so pure with meaning that open the eyes of even the blind like
    myself. But! when you say break up with the non-believer because it is just
    not right!!! That is confusing to me because wouldn’t that be all the more
    reason why you SHOULD be with that person. To show the word of God, show
    the love that the other cannot see, and through the believer the
    non-believer shall see. If you say God is this and that and the other than
    why reject the non-believers when in fact GOD does not even reject the
    sinners! I think your answer to the first question was way off from what
    you preach in your most amazing videos and would hope that your Q&A would
    come as pure and meaningful as your videos do. I believe in all that you
    preach because I am the same way in most of the things I do. I am not a
    religious person, just simply a believer in the one and only God our
    father. I do believe that as he loved even the broken, he too loved the
    non-believers. As I know he gave us all our purpose here on earth, I know
    that one of them was not to break up with the non-believers, rather stay
    with them and lead them without force, speak the word to the fullest and if
    the non-believer chooses not to be with the believer than so be it! but for
    you to tell the believer to just break up with the non believer……. that
    is just like giving up on GOD. It’s like you just contradicted yourself by
    preaching what is God and how Good he is, then turning around to simply
    propose a believer to just give up on the non-believer. That is like
    shutting the door to the poor who is hungry without knowing, it’s like
    being a christian without a relationship with the lord. Anyways…. This is
    my comment for this Q&A.

  50. Fay Shiru says:

    I just watchef this…. you guys ate great and God is doing something great
    through you… thankyou

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