Fifty Shades of Grey New Scenes “And what do I get out of this?”

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Fifty Shades of Grey New Scenes “And what do I get out of this?””

  1. Dylan Parker says:

    I hope that they show the scene where Christian spanks Ana, hard, which
    leads to her leaving him. I know it’s a very sad, upsetting scene, but it
    is an extremely important moment in the story. This is what causes Ana to
    see the demons that Christian carries and also what causes Christian to see
    how his way of life can also destroy it. 

  2. ShantupWOG says:

    I just do not get it, how bad literature (and I do not mean subject matter,
    I mean actual words and sentences on pages) can make it into a movie. Then
    I do not understand how such a movie about abuse and mistreatment is
    something woman want. Times have changed, I guess most ladies are admitting
    to wanting to be someones worthless pet (book and movie both show things
    quite different than what actual BDSM, S&M or general kink are, just

  3. George Eyebrowson says:

    this movie shows that a part of the fantasy of this movie is luxury with no
    effort lmao. if he was a guy who lived in a dorm room or with his parents
    or had a 1 bedroom flat would she be so certain of him? hmm
    just because a guy is wrapped up in a fancy apartment doesn’t make him

  4. Alex Cerb says:

    Omg them feels and the fact that you get to see a part of the last scene is
    just ASDFGHJKL
    can’t wait to finally watch the movie :)
    Who else is re-reading the book(s)? :)

  5. Desire Darkbaby says:

    OMG…Absolutely loved it !! It ended in the perfect spot leading you into
    the next book Fifty Shades Darker. Dakota Johnson was PERFECT..she IS
    ANASTASIA to a “T”. There is definate chemistry between the two, however as
    Christian is described in the book I think a fresh new face would have been
    better…Jamie Dornan does a great job. After seeing the movie I went back
    and read all 3 books over again…patiently awaiting movie- book 2 to come
    out 50 Shades Darker…I personally would be willing to pay a little more
    to see less scenes cut out. -LOVED 50 SHADES OF GREY….AWESOME JOB IN

  6. Sup? says:

    “Who are you going to see it with?” -my parents. problem?
    “oh my! How gross!”
    – ok, who are you seeing it with?
    “my child.”
    -haha, mom you’re so funny.

  7. Eleanorminblack says:

    Soz but he is not that good looking 

  8. carson123ist says:

    can i get an ameen for the way he said “me”
    him :me
    me: yes please XDDD 

  9. Carolina J. says:

    No me gustó ese gesto que hizo cuando dijo: “me”. Debió poner una cara
    inmutada, sobrada… sin gesto, solo diciendo: “me”.

  10. Jo Bertoli says:

    This is a movie that is a turn on and turn off at the same time…

  11. Fatima Coric says:

    Sorry, but I consider her more attractive than him.

  12. Kenza Hittouche says:

    What’s the name of this piano song PLEASE ???

  13. Ursula Martins says:

    Can’t find this movie.Tired of watching clips. Who has it please?

  14. Ca Ka says:

    Christian: “Me!”
    Me: Oh my Lord HOLD ME!

  15. lilmizzy2008 says:

    Sold!!!!! Let’s go to the red room!

  16. xtherealsunshinex says:

    Dakota is really beautiful, she has the original beauty.
    Yeah maybe she isn’t sexi blonde but this is exactly what’s going on in
    book and this movie, she’s innocent, shy and ordinary. Anastasia is
    different than all girls, that’s beauty of heroine.

  17. operasinger89 says:

    Can anyone tell me what the name of the piano music is playing?

  18. LCCharlie says:

    More like “Filthy Shades of Grey.”

  19. Nas Nawaz says:

    he looks a little like superman 

  20. Milena Knienieder says:

    What piano song is it? So awesome… 

  21. allthings shimmer says:

    Why was she crying in one part?

  22. Andrea Calderón Botero says:

    When I read that on the book I was literally saying “excuse me????, who do
    you think you are??” I guess I reacted different hahaha Anyway, I never
    thought I would be so addicted to this book, even if sometimes I wanna
    punch them.

  23. Vikki Bone says:

    Anyone know where I can watch it online and a site that actually works.

  24. whovian11 says:

    Dont mind me, im just hyperventilating

  25. sadye mejia says:

    Last scene, Anna face like really ” Your Prize! Hows that a win, win
    situation for little poor me”

  26. Marija Ilic says:

    Ohhh God whats wrong with u??? No, I wouldn like if someone ties me up and
    slaps me against my will and everything, but have u ever read these books?
    Thats not the point, the point is that everyone can change.. He is control
    freak, sadist, but then he meets a woman and he doesnt want to hurt her..
    He fells in love with her and he is changing… Oh some comments are just
    really stupid…
    ps. he isnt abusing her, she accepts everything. He isnt doing anything
    against her will.
    pss. I thought that this is a bullshit but when u read the books you’ll see
    that you are wrong, at least that happened to me cause, these books are my
    favorite ones now, and I’m in love with fictional character … WHAT IS
    LIFE? :O

  27. devilmaycry1337 says:

    How about the part where he emotionally oppresses her? I find that sexy.
    Oh, and the time he spanked her so hard she bled and ran out of the room?
    Yeah, that one too. Let’s not forget the moments she says how afraid she is
    of him.

    I’m getting hot already. e_e

    EDIT: OH MY GOD SHUT UP! So I misspoke. She didn’t bleed when he spanked
    her. You aren’t making a good point by saying “but she didn’t bleed so
    that’s not abuse!” At the end of book one she ended up running away from
    him in fear because of he was abusive. Emotional AND physical.

  28. Kimberly M. Osorio says:

    I’m sorry but this movie is going to be a DISASTER, worst than the books.
    Well, at least it would be a success for the porn industry.

  29. Samira Bryant says:

    I still think the actress playing Ana doesn’t look young enough

  30. Lashelle Z. Farrington says:

    I think Henry Cavill would’ve played a better Christian Grey… JMO…IJS

  31. Suheil Baez says:

    Really people need to stop complaining about this movie coming out !! If u
    don’t like it then don’t watch it and that’s it :) 

  32. Terri Argument says:

    I loved Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey! Perfect casting! Less fussed
    about Dakota Johnson but he so makes up for her not so much appeal. A
    million yesses! He is beyond the sexiest man I’ve seen in ages! Wow!!!

  33. Isabel Calderon says:

    I cant wait. I loved the books. In the books yes Christian is the way he is
    because of mommy issues but he also changes some because he falls in love
    with Anastasia. (spoiler) they get married in the third book. Happy it is
    becoming a movie and I hope books 2 and 3 make it to the big screen too. I
    along with my friends will be at midnight premieres.

  34. Chris Zoepound says:

    im sorry but the sex in this movie is on a softcore level…and that guy’s
    “red room of pain” is for sissies.
    my sex game is on a higher level. follow me on G+ (only females)

  35. levi james says:

    Clevver news i think you guys are overselling the christian grey character.
    Yea hes a good looking guy but in no way was he what everyone expected. Who
    knows maybe he’ll be good in the movie but as for now i say “NO” lol

  36. xXredificationXx says:

    I saw this on Valentine’s Day. Obviously it wasn’t as good as the book,
    (the movies never are), but it really wasn’t all that bad. It felt like it
    went by really fast though. It’s definitely not movie of the year by any
    means, but they did a pretty good job on it. I would probably go see it
    again in theaters before it comes out on DVD :)
    And I loved the soundtrack, it really fit the movie.
    (I’ll admit, I did turn my head during the sex scenes though, lmao xD)

  37. I-get-high-off-air says:

    I thought the movie was a joke! O_o WTF it’s real?!

  38. AndroxineVortex says:

    I don’t have a problem with bdsm and there being a movie about it. My
    problem is that the woman does not like it and is forced to do it. Yeah
    bdsm is about dominance and submissive, but when people do it it is
    supposed to be consensual. How is her getting forcibly kissed in an
    elevator sexy? If i did that i would go to jail. 

  39. Sofia Andersson says:

    It’s perfect!!!!!! 

  40. Tauriel Lilly says:

    This new host Tatiana sucks! Seriously go away! 

  41. Charlie hebdo says:

    you being naive to believe a woman loves the gentlemen approach ……its
    fact that women prefers to be treated like a piece of meat

  42. maga Encina says:

    The movie will be out here on feb 12th, my bday! But im not gonna watch it
    on the cinema though, I will have to wait. I really want to watch it but
    not for the sex but actually their love story, I hope they do justice to
    that. And Jamie is good looking but NOT as handsome as I pictured Grey,
    Colin Odonogheu (Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time, would be really good)
    is HOT!

  43. HydnBB2 says:

    These two are growing on to me now despite what others think. We all had
    our own Christian Grey and Anastasia in mind, including myself, but it is
    what it is. Oh well… Can’t please everyone. I think Jamie and Dakota did
    a great job. Looking forward to see part two☺️☺️☺️…

  44. jennifer davis says:

    I though the movie was pretty gd better then i thought it was gonna be.
    shocked the hell out of me. But they could of had more kinkery sex scenes
    in it tho. Jamie look hot in it tho to.

  45. ruta 1111 says:

    The movie was a total waste of time. The lead actors ruined it big time!!! 

  46. zelma gonzalez says:

    the movie did not do justice to the book they change so many part it
    unbelievable the writer or directer need to read the book before starting a
    movie if they were really going to do the sexually scene then do it right.

  47. joce sta says:

    omg who fucking cares the clip in the elevator i saw that on the titanic
    this fucking movie and the book is overrated by middle aged women who have
    dull fucking pathetic lifes, get over it….you are making us other women
    look BAD!!!!! rich good looking rich guy , yeah RIGHT!!!! fucking get over
    it horny middle aged women, WHO CARE”S!!!!! get a fucking life.

  48. Flo Hill says:

    not as sexy as in the book, the bathrom scene was botched it could have
    been done but it look like both actors arent happy with the kinky scene and
    it shows! And i didnt think the chemistry was there, but Dakota makes a
    geat anna better than in the book shy but with attitude

  49. 408valentina says:

    50 SHADES OF ABUSE…. and don’t write back to me ANYBODY, if she was into
    it from the get go, I’d say, “whatever”, but men will think this is normal
    and abuse women. trust me, we’ll hear about rapes from this.

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