Fifty Shades Of Sawyer – feat. Grace Helbig

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“Oh Myyy! (There Goes The Internet)” by George Takei on Amazon – and Barnes & Nobles – George Takei reads from “Fifty…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Fifty Shades Of Sawyer – feat. Grace Helbig”

  1. Alyssa Daines says:

    Its like a riding crop, the ones they use for horses

  2. Tiffany Dang says:

    *guiltily raises a hand* …. I know what it all means…

  3. blizzardstep101 says:

    how many fanfics did she read before writing this?

  4. RainbowBraid says:

    MY MOM READ THOSE BOOKS! The worst thing is… She loved them

  5. YourGamingFix13 says:

    OMG!!! my mum reads this book.. AND SHES 50!!! 

  6. trinity sweany says:

    LOL the books not ALL sex guys, theirs a story >.<

  7. CreepyWolfie73 says:

    Subscribe to me

  8. rana ekwass says:

    they make a cute couple

  9. Anastasia says:

    Oh…so that is how my name is spelled in America….AnastAsia….well,it
    should be AnastasIa))))

  10. Anna Banana says:

    Am I the only one that ships them?

  11. madison heyward says:

    wtf did i just watch

  12. Ellen Theuws says:

    my father walked in while i was watching this and i was like “i can
    explain” and he said “i hope you can”

  13. jillian g says:

    11:12 you’re so deliciously wet *sawyer whips around and faces grace in

  14. justbeyou1239 says:

    What did he put in the vodka?

  15. wierdchild69 says:

    This is to all the fanfic readers out there who wouldn’t flinch at reading
    this!! Go us!!

  16. Chaotic Niki says:

    Cry read chapter 12 page 227 i think, lol it made me laugh hearing the
    same sentence again just with laughter xD Btw what’s this crop they talk
    about in that chapter?

  17. Kristina Drew says:

    What did she put in her mouth? Three war…heads? I dont know what is that
    but it matches the theme lol.

  18. Lilia Mayes-Winters says:

    Made my night lel. XD

  19. Natasha Alaine Ambos says:

    Is he gay? I’m sorry, i m a new sub

  20. gavin farrell says:

    Is Shawna slips into Jamaican a video of shanes

  21. Charlie Jennings says:

    Why would anyone write this #scaredforlife x

  22. xShoeyShipperx says:

    This is the best video ever!!

  23. Taylor Holtermann says:

    What did he put in the vodka? I didn’t hear him. 

  24. Zembariel Angel says:

    One day Grace’s children might see this…

  25. 13luvgreendayAlex says:

    Laughing at every one!! (: Omgg never reading that book!

  26. GOOGLE STAHP PLZ says:

    I cant tell if the “Oh mys” are part of the book or if Takei is adding

  27. Armin Arlert The Star Titan says:

    Clitoris? Oh myyy oh my my my!

  28. Brian Workman says:

    Another one for you, +Pang Hartman 

  29. William Ellis says:

    Burst out laughing after listening upto 0:52

  30. Coleman Adamson says:

    No talent old homo. All he can do is a pretentious Shakespearean prickish
    voice and say the words, “oh my”. Yeah. Lot’s of talent there. Were
    it not for his minor role on Star Trek, he’d be living in his boyfriend’s
    basement. (Not the one he has now because George wouldn’t have money

  31. heyeveryoneimcool says:


  32. Kenneth Maese says:


    oh myyyy……… ;)

  33. Dåɾк Armin Arlert says:

    Sometimes I forget that this guy played Sulu in Star Trek

  34. ghbutler says:

    This sould be the only way anybody would get me near 50 shades of grey; if
    george takei had an audiobook of it.

  35. Virginia Treichler says:

    can. not. stop. laughing. Oh George, youre the best

  36. Torn Tokoroa says:

    Oh my owo

  37. highgreenbunny says:

    This is the funniest thing ever! I love George Takei.

  38. Pinky Baloo says:


  39. MsCreepyChan says:

    Is it wrong that to get off to this, or would it be wrong not to…?

  40. DarthSinistris says:

    I think I’m pregnant now.

  41. Amethyst Orchard says:

    oh my…

  42. Ferrohazard says:

    And now I understand an Honest Trailers joke.

  43. Cynder Rose says:

    Oh…kay,,,I cant contain my laughs lol

  44. Larry the Magician says:

    …clitoris? Oh my…

  45. Paul Revere says:

    George Takei for president 2016

  46. The BlockTV says:

    OOH MYY!

  47. Justaguy2234 says:

    Like this comment if you just wanted to see George takei say oh my 

  48. William Kendrick says:

    oh that was a good laugh. thanks GT

  49. Piri says:

    I don’t like this book, but I love the parts he read!

  50. Joseph Keenan says:

    because Takei!

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