“Find Your Love”, by Drake – Cover by CIMORELLI!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Download “Love Alone Is Worth The Fight”: From the Fading West EP and upcoming Fading West album & film. On tour this fall – he…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to ““Find Your Love”, by Drake – Cover by CIMORELLI!”

  1. KiDD Rush says:


  2. Tyler Yems says:

    Christina sounds amazing in this video!

  3. Ryan Colton says:


  4. Menny says:

    ugh katherine, YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL

  5. Jorge Rodríguez says:

    Lisa <3

  6. Angie HStar says:


  7. Tanisha Thomas says:

    That sucked 

  8. Sophia Patchan says:

    Drake is the best, So is Cimorelli!

  9. Tanisha Thomas says:

    That was talent. Awesome job ladies 

  10. Lia Lasagne says:

    Omg Dani was so cutiiii *-*

  11. Yadhira625 says:

    i dont think dani should sing. 

  12. Cimorelliawesomeness says:


  13. Taatjeliefmeisje21 says:

    wow why i did’nt find this one earlyer ?

  14. didi bakungiga says:

    Hahahaahahah look at lisaa the entire videooo hahahaha

  15. annalee hofbauer says:

    I love cimorllie

  16. Elizabeth Kiehn says:

    Honestly people like you make me sick. You insult their TALENT then say no
    offense.. Really ? Any normal person would take all that bullshit you said

  17. Shelby R says:

    Like is you are watching this in 2012

  18. Yazmin Avalos says:

    This was danii first video ♥

  19. Geena Yun says:

    Aww Dani’s so small here.. she grew so much

  20. 101ox says:

    i miss these harmonies!! the music videos are amazing but u girls should do
    more accapella covers.. THEYRE BREATHTAKING! <3

  21. Lauren Claeys says:

    Or stale

  22. Ella D. says:

    This is the first Cimorelli Cover that Dani was in, i think…

  23. Hafssa Pink says:

    we’re from moroccco and we love you so much !!!

  24. Hilla J says:

    Actually, Dani’s first video was ABC :)

  25. Amanda King says:

    OMG Dani was so little! Adorable! Great job guys!

  26. David Tomek says:

    My favourite song right now – I can’t stop playing it. Awesome message and
    clip too.

  27. Merle Nienhuis says:
  28. Lorin Olsen says:

    *My precious and beloved Savior, how can I express the trust and confidence
    that I have through You and You alone?*

    In this moment, I sense your nearness. In this moment, I glimpse a small
    fraction of Your magnificence. May this shadow of Your reality carry me
    throughout this day. And may I find my way back to this place each and
    every day. And may I learn all that I need to learn so that I can be in
    this moment for all of eternity. 

  29. Jordan Crago says:

    Love this! Most Christian music is very un-Biblical and just plain
    corny…but this I like!

  30. Maria Gracia says:

    Wonderful … such a great music always pleases my heart

  31. Emily Diehl says:

    Love this song, and the video is gorgeoussss <3

  32. Tyrant Dancer Megaman says:

    Everyone here on Earth is still trying to find their “oasis”, which will
    not happen until we accept God as our savior.

  33. Stan Stadig says:

    Another great one. A song of urgency, passion and surrender for the next

  34. Joel Lee says:

    Switchfoot? Yes. Just found this song by them.

    Switchfoot — Love Alone Is Worth The Fight [Official Video]

  35. myfacevids says:

    Just enjoy the music. Stop making references to a GOD that doesn’t do shit
    for this world, a savior that hasn’t saved shit or music that isn’t
    christian. It’s just music!

  36. Sinisbal says:

    YES! Love is worth the fight! You who struggle with pestering
    homosexuality, FIGHT for your freedom! Stop playing the victim, wake up,
    pick up the Word of God and become the warrior!
    Jesus healed me, he will CERTAINLY heal YOU!!

  37. Adeniyi Onamusi says:

    Via +David Agogo
    *”Love Alone Is Worth The Fight”*

    I’m trying to find where my place is
    I’m looking for my own oasis
    So close I can taste this
    The fear that love alone erases

    So I’m back to the basics
    I figure it’s time I face this
    Time to take my own advice

    Love alone is worth the fight
    Love alone is worth the fight

    And I never thought it’d come to this
    But it seems like I’m finally feeling numb to this
    The funny thing about a name is
    You forget what the reason you were playing the game is

    And it’s all an illusion
    A 21st century institution
    So I’m headed down the open road unknown

    And we find what we’re made of
    Through the open door
    Is it fear you’re afraid of?
    What are you waiting for?

    Love alone is worth the fight
    Love alone is worth the fight

  38. Brave Heart says:

    Fight the good fight of faith ! JESUS IS KING OF KINGS ! Hallelujah !

  39. Joshua ThemcPlayer says:

    +1 If you went to the Fading west concerts!!!!!!!!!!

  40. MoLesa Williams says:

    You have to be a fighter to be a lover ;-)

  41. BuckyBrothers says:

    and we find what we’er made of, what are u waing 4? only here 4 a season

  42. Darling o.o says:


    i LOVE this song.. reminds me of my ups and downs, the good times and the
    bad times that made me strong, that made me who i am

  43. Anthony Pongia says:

    Switchfoot? Yes. Just found this song by them.

    Switchfoot — Love Alone Is Worth The Fight [Official Video]

  44. Laida10 says:

    God is Love..always!

  45. David Tomek says:

    My favourite song right now – I can’t stop playing it. Awesome message and
    clip too.

  46. ThatMysteriousMan1 says:

    the female vocals in the background sound like they’re saying “oh they
    dont, oh they dont.”

  47. Mary J B Here says:

    Great song!!

  48. AlbumReviewTV says:

    Definitely one of the best ones on the new album, love the positive feel!
    I just reviewed Switchfoot’s newest album “Fading West”, it’s featured
    video on my channel,check it out and let me know what you thought of the

  49. pax41 says:

    Great song, a theme to live by.

  50. thehauteproject says:

    love this song =)

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