FOR GIRLS ONLY!: The secret to get your ex boyfriend back.

Learn the secrets only few women know to win your ex boyfriend back and build a better relationship. If this video helped you then share it with your female …


45 Responses to “FOR GIRLS ONLY!: The secret to get your ex boyfriend back.”

  1. Sophie Ragudu says:

    cool but the question is how to get the sense humor ??

    how to sit and laugh with the one that had hurt you left you…

  2. Claire Peyton says:

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  3. Todd Rowen says:

    Hi friends ;
    I found that I needed method ..
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    This have saved my life!! Is the only thing it really help me to get my ex
    back and now i am again with her and happier than ever.. 

  4. maricar waller says:

    @Marie *Yes! You are right girl! Through that program, I’ve learned a lot
    of things on how to win my ex back. There are a lot of tiny lil messages
    that can be used to reawaken the desire of your ex. I myself have proved
    it. I was really amazed how he quickly answered all my text.*

  5. Shital Gurung says:

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  6. IxNer Mster says:

    i’m boy

  7. Jason Craft says:

    this is good stuff…the phil richman guy at zoo monkey (he invented the
    zoo monkey system) talks about the power of dealing with a narcissist or
    depressed or angry ex.

  8. ThePowerOfAura says:

    I only clicked on this video because of reverse-psychology. On another
    note, I do not believe this is entirely accurate, different guys need
    different approaches, it’s as simple as that. And if you were in a
    relationship with your ex then you should already know the best way to do

  9. Wardrumsfire says:

    I get ya =)

  10. Diane Llanto says:

    Angel Eyes by Jim Brickman :)

  11. meoirin says:

    i came to this video cuz it said “FOR GIRLS ONLY!” and i’m a guy only guys
    will understand my logic

  12. papouch2 says:

    ? what if that guy leave an another country? then what? but we have face
    book together.

  13. ikilleduku says:

    yeah because I wanted to be more depressed…

  14. papouch2 says:

    what that guy leave an a nother country, but we have facebook together, so
    what I do now.?

  15. MonitaBaybee says:

    Wow nice advice! (:

  16. Li Tong Lim says:

    May I know what music is this? (:

  17. Menna Adel says:

    But Some guys Don’t Have Feelings , And i Know One of them, But I’ll Give
    It A Shoot :)

  18. Hevendemo says:

    My ex was nice, gentle, kind, but very selfish and jealous (which I find
    cute). he was cuddly though… I miss him… Now he gives me the cold
    shoulder and ignores me. We wouldn’t look at each other, but there are
    times when we catch each other looking. He was acting all happy, gave me a
    hug because I was worried, and gave me another quick hug before he left. 2
    days later, he told a friend of mine the he doesn’t care about me and we’re
    not friends anymore…. I’m so confused…

  19. SonjaSavage13 says:

    i broke up with him today (5-16-12) i still love him so much! <3 :'( i want
    him back forever

  20. Alexandra flores says:

    what willl happen if he broke up with you for your friend and they got
    together then broke up and he only pays attention to her and, me and him
    dont talk anymore

  21. Emma Newman says:

    u suck i hate this way

  22. Cakeypie13 says:

    @TheNousch i know how you feel….

  23. Michelle Mahone says:

    My ex boyfriend broke up with me bcuz he said he wanted to date girls his
    grade he is gonna be an 8 th grader I’m gonna be a7th grader

  24. Gladys maño says:

    i love my eX until now.. P…. pls comeback to me..

  25. ZombieCookieMonster says:

    or you could just talk to him, work out the problems you had and build
    eachothers trust up.. i did that a month ago with a guy i dated for 7
    months, we only broke up for a week. as long as you dont procrastinate
    talking to him about it then itll be fine bc those feelings will still be
    there… trust me i know(: im engaged to him now<3 and i dont see us ever
    breaking up.

  26. Jade Rivera says:

    thanks :’)

  27. libragirl410 says:

    yea I know, guys can be confusing like that. my ex was the same way and I
    was left wondering if we were every going to get back together. It wasn’t
    until I tried out this program out that things actually turned around for
    us. Getting my ex boyfriend was so easy to figure once I got a hold of that

  28. uzma11 says:

    I don’t think you can actually make someone come back to you completely…
    there must’ve been something in them to make them want to come back to
    after all.

  29. GREATBUMEST says:

    me too :( I thought he loves me but he kept making me go away :( yet I love
    him and miss him so much

  30. Moofia409 says:

    My boyfriend broke up with me in August of 2012 and well I still love him.
    We broke up because of my mom. She didn’t want us to see each other but I
    tried but it got to the point where she won’t let me out. But we are
    talking still and we hang out, I still love him but I don’t know how to
    tell him. I miss him and I want him back. I cry when he talks about his
    friend Samantha. I just want him back

  31. Jade Rivera says:

    My ex broke up with me in october so like 7 months ago but i still cant get
    over him :( everytime i see him in the hallway he gives me dirty looks and
    gets serious like i did something to him :( but i didnt he broke up with me
    :( he ignores me and we havent talked since he avoids me but when he broke
    up with me he looked like he was gonna cry. I didnt i said “he’s not worth
    it :'(” so ididnt cry but i miss him soooo much :(

  32. TheNousch says:

    @FloraSmermaid I “invested” in him by being super-patient – it didn´t pay
    off, but “spoilt” him instead…

  33. Cheyenne Makara says:

    My ex is my love and my soul… I miss him more than anything… He made a
    promise to himself (personal) so we can’t go out yet, but, that should be
    cleared up by the 24th. It will go one way or another… Mine or “hers”.
    Please pray for me that I can regain his love and have her out of the
    picture… I caused some drama I didn’t want to and it’s made my life

  34. KaiKun0 says:

    lolz this is not how you would get me back!!!!!!!!!!11 this needs moer

  35. poonam chopra says:

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    her in bringing back his lovers i also decided to contact prof benith i was
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  36. Dennis Randall says:

    @ndgfyrkko Awwwww im so sorry

  37. Lynda Harris says:

    you’ll be okay. trust me!

  38. greenjellybeanz13 says:

    i broke up with him and he was really sad and he still liked me but i didnt
    feel.the same. i realized.rhat i missed him and then he got a new gf..then
    after awhile she broke up with him for another guy. we just moves and i
    miss him SO.much :( what to do?!? we r two.hours apart but i think.he likes

  39. Stacey Whitehead says:

    @TheNousch i know how your feeling!

  40. attractguynow says:


  41. Michelle Guenard says:

    Kiss your hand how ever old u are post this to 3 vids and there should be a
    blue iPad under your pillow

  42. Lisa Reyes says:

    i agree with u cause i did that and as soon as he realized that i was
    ignoring him he texted me and he said he wanted me back

  43. dolphinloverjc says:

    @TatyDarkangel doing that would actually push him away. to the point where
    he doesnt want to talk to you anymore. i know i tried. during a beach trip
    with our mutual friends, i cried/raged because i wanted to be with him. he
    told me that it’s a huge turn off and i should move on. now i’m finding
    ways to control my feelings and find many ways to get him back. what
    seperates me from other women is that i don’t give up. i’m willing to
    change for the better. from a whiny girl to a confident woman

  44. adeyemi paul says:

    hello i can get your ex lover back within 24 hours. email me through. Number +2348036527704. keep intouch

  45. Leah Han says:

    How can this become secret e.e when it is spread on youtube ;/ anyway I

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