Forever Alone Guy to Ladies Man (The Ultimate Guide for Attracting Women): [Dating, Relationship, How to get a Girlfriend, Confidence] (High School, College, Work, Clubs, Bars)

Forever Alone Guy to Ladies Man – The Ultimate Guide for Attracting Women

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Whether you’re a Forever Alone Guy who’s never had any luck with women, or just an average guy trying to master the art of attracting women. You need to know that attraction isn’t a choice at all. It’s a feeling, an emotion that is created by the overall presentation of a guy to a girl. Attraction isn’t all about “types.” I will show you how every type of guy could get a beautiful woman to go out with him at least once, and from that point on it’s game on—maybe even more so if the guy has game and he knows how to apply the secret of emotional fluctuation.

That’s right. It’s all about emotions. This is what the general population misses when they talk about social dynamics. If a girl rejects a guy, that guy will automatically think it’s because of some physical flaw he has. Whereas, in reality it’s usually his lack of understanding of how to create attraction that killed it for him.

This is just a bird’s eye view into what’s really going on. You have to learn to be confident, how to make girls feel comfortable, attracted, and it doesn’t hurt if you can make them laugh very quickly. In this book, I will help you accomplish all that and more for less than what you waste on eating and drinking out. This book will add lifetime value to your life with 30 Rich and High Quality FIELD TESTED LESSONS. So, download your copy today and LET’S GET STARTED!

Inside, you will learn:

What women are really attracted to.

How any man can make himself appear attractive with a little time and effort.

The right way to approach a woman.

Knowing WHAT to say, WHEN to say, and HOW to say it.

Master the actual skill of flirting.

How to develop a genuine sense of humor women love.

How to NOT get stuck in the dreaded Friend Zone.

And MUCH more…

Editorial Reviews

“I’m not exactly what everyone would call “forever alone” but I’ve never had much confidence with women. I was looking for something relating to increasing self confidence and luckily I stumbled upon this book.”

~ Amazon reader review

“This book is a steal. It’s straight to the point and very comprehensive on the subject of dating and attraction.”

~ Amazon reader review

“The greatest thing about this book is that it really lets me see what I did wrong in the past and where I need to fix it.”

~ Amazon reader review

“The writing is phenomenal and extremely motivating, the author did a great job!”

~ Amazon reader review

“Really great book on dating and attraction! I liked reading every bit of it.”

~ Amazon reader review

“The book goes into more detail than I expected. It’s very rich in content.”

~ Amazon reader review

“This book has done me wonders in terms of figuring myself out and having a base of knowing what to do.”

~ Amazon reader review

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  1. Hung says:

    Eyes opening, yet entertaining and funny WOW… I learned a lot about myself. A lot of things I already knew, but this book really put them into words in a way which I can learn from them instead of just feel sorry about them.I am and have been a “forever alone guy” for a long time now. Been trying to change, but it’s hard to do without any real direction. Was having mild success, but I picked up some ONE-ITIS as mentioned in this book, and didn’t even know. I truly thought this girl was genuine, but at the same time…

  2. Anna says:

    A book that every man should have!! What a fun and lighthearted read that should be required reading for all single men! So many guys are completely clueless at how to meet, impress, and keep a woman. I can’t tell you how many times I have been approached by a good looking guy, but the minute he opened his mouth I lost all interest. This book really nails it with much needed advice for clueless guys. As I read through the pages I was pleasantly surprised as I found almost all of the advice that the author gives as being…

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