General relationship advice needed?:

General relationship advice needed?

Ok, so I just need relationship advice because I’m super confused right now. Ok, so there’s this guy I’ve had a crush on for like 2 years now. We met in a class we had together and he’d always talk to me, and smile, and make jokes, and poke fun at me, ect., just flirt in general. We then started talking on Facebook, and it got to the point where he was going to ask me out then I wimped out and said I had to go. Then he started telling me really personal things and so I did too. Then it slowly started dying off. Now we have classes together again and it’s super awkward, but I still like him. He currently has a girlfriend but I always catch him staring at me, and my friend is sorta in a relationship with one of his, and he doesn’t seem to care that that might mean we are gunna see each other more. So what is your advice, what should I do?
Lol, I don’t want him to cheat. I’m not going to try and interfere with their relationship either, that’s just rude xD

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  1. Ah! says:

    The answer is in your question … He’s got a girlfriend!!

    Wait til he’s single. If he cheated on his girlfriend he’s showing himself to be someone who is capable of lying and cheating. NOT someone you want as a boyfriend!<br/>

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