Get Ex Back: Eliminating Your Competition

How to eliminate your male competition when you are trying to re-attract an ex who is dating multiple men, including you, so she chooses you to be her boyfriend once again, and gets rid of…


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  1. Rock N says:

    In addition to going no contact with your ex, absolutely positively do not
    post anything on your social media page about your breakup or reveal any
    heartbreak whatsoever. I see people spilling their guts on Facebook about
    their ex right after a breakup and it’s the wrong thing to do. If your ex
    can still see your page or you have mutual friends, believe me, this will
    get back to them. I also don’t block anyone and leave it open for the
    public to see, that way my ex see’s everything I post in case they peak
    and I reveal nothing and no one else knows it either. Acting indifferent
    will intrigue the Hell of out of your ex or annoy them, lol

  2. samsam sam says:

    Love the expression 16:00 hahaha, coach u very funny and of course great
    advice as always, 

  3. Andrew Prang says:

    Coach, how should men react if you found out your ex is getting married
    after a short time after the breakup? My ex got engaged 3 weeks after our
    breakup. Im sure there was cheating involved.

  4. Fercho ramirez says:

    Damn it coach!!! Are you ever wrong lol!!! I love you man!!! I’m in this no
    contact thing for over 2 weeks I’ve gone in 5 dates so far …yeah I was in
    the navy for 14 years true sailor here l, but got attached to my ex and she
    dumped me…i know she misses me but that’s not a reason for me to contact
    her I will let her do the work. Shit I’m a catch and now that I think about
    it, I say really? She just dumped me I just lol, oh well I’m still dating
    and living and letting the past be the past, and if she comes back good, if
    she doesn’t. ..fuck it like cheech would say !!! Tha k you coach.

  5. george70 george says:

    Hahaha , u very funny,I love man u great inspiration to me , glad found ur
    channel ,wish I did before my breakup 

  6. Kevin Bennett says:

    coach wayne heres the thing my self esteem has always been for shit im a
    big guy but have always seen myself as gross the reason i bring this up is
    i think my wife gravitates to broken men it makes her look better dont get
    me wrong she loved me but when people are saying what are you doing with
    him meaning me eventually you start listening yeah coach i had it all only
    to lose it all to a guy whose more broken than i am he s like 500 lbs 

  7. Paul MG says:

    THIS GUY IS CONTAGIOUS!!!! Seeing his genuine reactions to emails. and
    making me take a hard look at my own whack behavior.. love it
    So funny, i love it! great material.. bought the book a while back! peace

  8. NateCR says:

    I’ve got one for you, give this a thorough read buddy… my ex left me
    after 3 years together, about 3-12 months ago. 2 weeks before the initial
    break up I got drunk, she was being selfish and rude and I sent a lyrics
    video on fb.. I didn’t watch the whole thing, and it basically said at the
    end of the video. That this relationship makes me sick, I want out. So I
    shot myself in the foot, & she broke up with me, I told her it was my own
    dumb fault, so we rekindle she had this great idea go get 2 copies of the 5
    love languages, & highlight points we think the other should notice, and
    swap! I was all for it. she goes out of town for a week after this, and
    before she left, she told me to think of a sweet way to ask her out when
    she gets back. we had a hell of a great week before she took off.. So we
    carry on like everything is back to normal. She’s drawing I love you in the
    beach sand, and takes a picture as the waves came in, calling me everyday,
    bought me souvenirs..

    & Here’s the break up. She comes back home into town, & went to a dinner
    with her friends, and was acting weird, (she was drunk) I got mad we argued
    bc I hadn’t seen her, and for some stupid reason she thought I was trying
    to start a fight, when I just wanted to see her (I work out of town a
    lot)…. Basically she broke up with me and said she didn’t know how she
    felt.. I was in such a WTF state of mind. I just bailed, but it hurt! She
    was adamant about being broke up, bc I tried to convince her otherwise…

    A week later her best friend saw me out and told me she was talking to
    someone. (turns out she wasn’t but had given her # out)… But hearing that
    broke me into pieces!! Because 2 weeks prior she wanted me to ask her out,
    and get back together right???.

    So basically I called her every demeaning derogatory name I could think of.
    She blocks my number, and my fb… I was so depressed.. literally worse
    than I had ever felt in my life.. ive buried friends, family members, and
    gone through trials like anyone.. But this hurt bad! I slept on my parents
    couch for 3 weeks straight bc I couldn’t stand to be alone at my apt.. I
    work for the railroad, and im in and out of hotels a lot. and I was so
    initially afraid to be alone bc I didn’t want to dwell, and drown in my
    sorrow. That I had **** off work, and was losing myself..

    So time carries on about 2 months into the break up & I apologized, & wrote
    10 page emails expressing everything I had, blaming her, and myself.. The
    silence was **** brutal not knowing wtf happened… I acted so desperate it
    was ridiculous. I want to talk to her, but shes made hardly any effort to
    respond. To which I understand bc she was annoyed..

    So I bounce back, im meeting new women, im learning to love me again, and
    gain complacency being by myself again.. But about 3 weeks ago I asked her
    to go have coffee, after seeing her and her family at church… She said
    she wouldn’t be up to that for a while. I replied with is it not a good
    idea? Or something that shouldn’t happen in general? She said just not
    right now im still angry with you and I don’t know if I would listen. But
    eventually I might be up to that.. I finally sent a sincere message through
    email a week ago. She didn’t respond so about 3 days later I said.. Did I
    say or do anything to make you unhappy since I saw you at church last? (she
    said no you didn’t do anything, I just don’t feel we should be talking very
    much.. I don’t want to be talking as much as your expecting) That was 9
    days ago and I have not responded, and decided to try NC..

    So she never told me why, how, or gave me any reasoning after she left… I
    thought honestly she was into someone else.. but she ignored all my pleads,
    and just recently unblocked my number after I quit responding… (I tested
    the waters: seeing if it would ring and it did, so I hung up)…. My FB is
    still blocked, which I understand…

    I would love to just speak with her, as ive had no closure, I was trapped
    in my own mind going ballistic.. im very extrovert, and all around am very
    confident, but the break up made me act like a **** fool… I literally
    have met about 15 women since we broke up, I was intimate with two, and
    then I just decided I needed to back away from that and focus on me. im so
    much happier now, but I still miss her like crazy, and I really feel we
    broke up over lack of communication, and misunderstandings, and fights when
    we were drunk…

    Its been a roller coaster. But I just want some simple, pure, sheer advice!
    Im going on a date with another girl tonight. I wouldn’t call myself
    emotionally available and I will make that apparent if for any reason she
    starts falling for me. I am not arrogant, but im very aware of how
    attractive I am. And Im simply just carrying on the way I know how, Sitting
    at home wont do me any justice. But im not out **** everything that walks
    either.. I learned from that years ago after my previous ex girlfriend. I
    just simply don’t know how I should approach her.. One way or another, even
    though things have leveled out between us through my sincerity. I will if
    she still refuses to meet eventually spill it all out, how she tortured me
    with the silence, and how she had no regard for my feelings. Only her own

  9. Ricardo Oliveira says:

    an Alpha Male dont fucking care if a woman hes dating flirts with other
    guys, and you know why? Because he has other choices, you were going great
    until you decide to go from totally James Bond to totally Johnny English.

  10. sorar4 says:

    Hey Corey, regarding your Ebook, is it possible to read it on a smart phone
    or computer rather than on a Kindle? Thanks.

  11. Victor Crosswell says:

    if the pus-say doin that to you practice nofap stop watchin porn. learn to
    transmute sexual energy into creative energy n meditate (clears your mind)

  12. Kevin Bennett says:

    coach corey my wife has cheated in our twentieth year of marriage im pretty
    sure shes living with the guy ive already confronted him, he said their
    best friends yeah right the thing is he was just cheated on by his wife 2
    yrs ago and went thru what im going thru now, question, how does he trust
    my wife who is cheating on me

  13. BlondHaremKing says:

    LOL, I love the face he makes when he gets to part about the Dick Pic XDDDD

  14. Alfred Price says:

    I hope I’m goofy like corey when I hit 45 and not like most of you stuck up
    bitter old people, I wanna be a cool old guy 

  15. Ralph Black says:

    Hey, I almost texted her this but I stopped myself.
    “Your new nick name is Abyss.
    You make men feel like they are floating into the Abyss.
    Then when you finally have a son, people will tell him, “You son of ABYSS!!”
    Should I continue on with the text? Should I send it to her?

  16. Jason Arnold says:

    Hey coach and fellow followers.. Im looking to read a whole bunch of good
    books surrounding the topics of relationships and manhood. Ive read how to
    be a 3% man many times and am now looking for some more books. If anyone
    has a list of good books it would be much appreciated :)

  17. DJindo91 says:

    Coach Corey, I’ve been reading your articles and watched plenty of your
    videos. I wanted to learn more by buying your eBook but somehow it says
    that “This title is not available for customers from your location
    in:Middle East(change region)” what should I do? how can I download it from
    IOS device. thanks.

  18. John Carpenter says:

    I wish they took a prop bet in Vegas how long THIS relationship is going to
    last. She’s jacking him around and he’s violating her privacy. Put a
    toe-tag on him. They may get back together but his insecurities are going
    to torpdedoe this second chance.

  19. Jean Frechette says:

    Don’t go for an EX except if she chase you. And don’t try to make her chase
    you. In resume = Just move the fuck on.

  20. mikey black says:

    This video just helped me a lot! All your stuff is great, but this was on
    point to my situation! Thanks!

  21. TheDJRStyles says:

    Be careful of the ex that is simply dangling the carrot. You have to use
    your own intuition with this. Some exs will just reach out to see if they
    can still have you, then disappear into the night.

  22. J Bojangles says:

    this is my fav of your videos, love the goofy antics! 

  23. Sweetnothingswhispers says:

    Is there a girl version of this video? Haha

  24. Releasethezazen says:

    He caught a case of oneitis after reconnecting with the precious.

  25. LionfrZion says:

    Coach Corey.. Big two year fan From Toronto Canada and I LOVE that you just
    said PUNNANY!!! 

  26. LuluLov says:

    Must resist the power of the pusuea; by the way that is French for….

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