Get Ex Back: Looking Like A Fool

How to prevent from looking foolish to your ex when you are trying to get them back and you feel the urge to reach out and contact them. Click the link below to make a donation via PayPal…


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  1. jjkqazolp says:

    I used the same method of walking away from an Ex who wanted to mess around
    and have fun with her friends and new dudes while she’s still young (20). I
    tried chasing her for about 3 weeks since we were together for 4 years,
    giving it some space every time I would reach back out. But after that 3rd
    week of reaching out, I came across Corey Wayne and his teachings. I Walked
    away and never looked back as his teachings suggested. 4 Months later she
    tried to get in contact with me to see how I’ve been doing and what’s been
    up with me. She found out that she was blocked. I realized that no one
    should have to settle for dealing with a partner who wanted to break things
    off so they could mess around. I closed the door on her and let her know
    that it’s over and it should never be anything serious again. That time is
    up, it’s life so we should just move forward. And ever since then she’s
    been regretting it and been in denial as if I was a bad guy (I Know for a
    fact that I’m not). In this case it was truly her loss. And she definitely
    felt it after she went and had her fun. She thought she could do better and
    wanted to see what else was out there, but found out that it doesn’t get
    any better than what I had to bring to the table. Listen to all the rules
    and principles of Corey Wayne lol. 

  2. Remyusu says:

    Hi Coach, so I haven’t had a chance to reply your replies (and everyone
    else’s) but I will eventually…maybe. Anyway I want to thank you so far
    for your recent videos because they are always good but have mainly
    pertained to my current situation with it being Christmas Eve and me
    feeling lonely because I have no friends, no family, etc. etc. and all.

    But I have gotten back on my meds and I’m feeling better now. So here’s my
    current situation…I don’t know if you remember me talking about the
    “Anime convention” girl who lives in Florida. She kind of “blew me off” in
    July and missed her flight to meet me in Idaho for an Anime convention. I
    live in Oregon. Well about 2 months later she “blew me off” again as we
    were supposed to meet in Idaho (again) for a different Anime convention.
    She said she had food poisoning.

    Anyway, like I said before on one of your videos, I contacted her 2 months
    after the 2 months after she was supposed to see me again at that second
    Anime convention…so that would be about 4 months later/2 months ago…so
    those 2 months ago I confronted her through text asking what her problem
    was. Basically she said she was thinking about how to make everything (the
    $600 I wasted on both her flights and everything else I put in trying to
    get her to meet me). I was like “okay” and told her that I wanted to still
    set a date with her and if she was interested she should tell me. I never
    heard from her after that.

    So I never contacted her again after that, until just recently (almost one
    month ago). Well I texted her, “Hey” and she replied asking me for my
    address because she wanted to send me a Christmas card. I gave it to her
    and she said it would arrive late. I said that’s okay and thank you.

    So now I’m not sure what to do next or what her “game” is or anything is at
    this point…

  3. Remyusu says:

    Hi Coach, you’ve basically said many times in many of your other videos
    (including this one) to “leave your ex behind” but you say so yourself many
    times in many of your videos that you’re still “friends” with your exes.
    How does that work? What do EITHER of you have to gain in that kind of
    “relationship”? Because how do WE know YOU and THEM have “moved on”? It
    just doesn’t make ANY LOGICAL sense to me and isn’t MOVING ON what you TRY
    to teach?

    If you/anyone/this guy who wrote you in an e-mail wants MY opinion on the
    situation, I would say MOVE ON and never look back, because the guy in the
    e-mail even said so HIMSELF that this girl is 19 now and that they have
    been dating for 4.5 years, which means she was teenager (is still
    technically a teenager) and teenagers as we all know are “bat-shit crazy”
    in the sense that they are beginning to find out who they are and discover
    “basic” life issues for themselves (no offense to any teenagers reading

    However I do agree with you on the “non-hungry state” phenomenon, I’m still
    trying to figure out how it works. There has to be some sort of logical and
    scientific function behind it…

    Corey asks: “Why would you chase after somebody who doesn’t want to keep

    My personal answer: Because subconsciously you want to dump them once you
    get them back, it’s called REVENGE…or you don’t have any self-respect or
    you’re desperate or you’re feeling lonely or etc. etc. etc.

    Let me tell you a current and personal short story, there’s this girl named
    “S” who I dated about 5 years ago. She was 16 at the time. I recently had
    just gotten “in touch” with her by sending her an e-mail basically asking
    “what’s up” in my own clandestine sense that I wanted to just be strictly
    friends with her. Well now I regret it. I mean I “know” that I will never
    hear from her again because about a year ago things were fine between us.
    We occasionally talked about random stuff and things seemed “fine” but then
    she just stopped talking to me altogether and it didn’t really bother me so
    I never really bothered to reach out to her. I basically just let it slide
    for about a year, until now that is.

  4. Evan Taylor says:

    She “want’s to find herself” with another dick inside her!! remember
    that when you want to reach out.. 

  5. XVSting says:

    Why you want an ex back though… seriously when I look at the people I
    used to date, I’m glad that I stopped wasting time after a certain time.

  6. ZxSxPx says:

    Man, you are so good!. Every time I feel bad i just watch your videos. Also
    you have such positive face expression and have such a great sense for
    humor that makes me laugh every time.

  7. Rock N says:

    “Come on man” He says he read the book “30 times”, well if he did, then he
    didn’t APPLY what Coach teaches. This guy could have saved himself a lot of
    unnecessary misery by just simply doing what Corey says and I absolutely
    agree with Corey’s “walk and don’t look back” method and these other
    “coaches” are giving people false hopes by telling them to go 7 days, 30
    days,60 days or whatever then get in touch. Just what do they think has
    changed in that amount of time? The ex has usually moved onto some other
    guy at that point just like this girl did
    Also this is a very young couple that don’t even know who they are at this
    point in life. “Hang out, hook up and have fun” when if ever you see your
    ex again.

  8. Fercho ramirez says:

    Perfect!!! Always making my day!!!

  9. qbonumber1 says:

    At the beginning I used to watch a lot of this videos about getting my ex
    back. But now I’m like, fuck no, I don’t want my ex back It too much work,
    I rather improve my skills and get new girls and see what happens. If my ex
    wants me, she will contact me, if she doesn’t ill be fucking another hottie

  10. Coach Corey Wayne says:
  11. Chris Dimitrius says:

    Merry Christmas Corey! I bought your book as a present to myself, even
    wrapped it up xD

  12. F S says:

    The guy is pretty much my age. Just a year older. Well I found out about
    coach a year ago. So for the past year I’ve never been friendzoned. I did
    almost get my ex back. BUT here’s the thing. I changed because of my coach.
    But she was still the same. I didn’t like her attitude sometimes. So I
    moved on and NEVER fucking looked back. It’s called moving on. There are so
    many women out there and you can apply the fundamentals to those with high
    attractions. Stay strong and merry Christmas coach and brothers :) 

  13. shitmandood says:

    You’ve said it a million times and it just astounds me when somebody will
    think “She’s special. It’ll be different this time.” Even 30 times into
    the book. There must be a lot of hard-headed dudes out there…

    Merry Christmas, Coach!

  14. G Tem says:

    Like you always say, when you get dumped! It’s got to be her idea to come
    back to you or it will never work! 

  15. dylan freeman says:

    So I need some advice if anybody could help me out.. I’m a high school
    Senior, and I try every day to become better. I read the book 5 times but
    suck at getting girls numbers. So I Finaly got a girls number, and called
    her about a week later. She was eating at some place and I just continued
    talking to her trying make report. She told me this isn’t a good time I’m
    with my family. I just said “OK” and I sounded like a complete tool! Its
    beem a few dqys since i called. I’m 18 dont drive and have a budget. Any
    suggestions would be of help. Such as what to say, where to take her, and
    how to just make a difinate date in general. This would mean soo much to me

  16. barry murray says:

    Happy christmas Corey. Have a great one 

  17. Champ1988 says:

    It’s that time of year! Studies show that more break-ups occur around
    Christmas, Birthdays and the New Year than any other time. The greatest
    gift you can give yourself is the knowledge CCW teaches. I found him around
    this time last year and haven’t looked back.

  18. Alfred Price says:

    30 times? Really bro? More I read about the last 30 pages haha

  19. edgar sy says:

    *Here’s a Free Presentation Shows You How to Use Simple Text Messages To
    Get Your Ex Back At the Push Of A Button…*

  20. Longshotblade says:

    Great video Coach! A lot of truth in your words man thanks.

  21. Si Mon says:

    Haha. It all boils down to “don’t be a pussy”. Happy Christmas :)

  22. Mike M says:

    Great video! Especially after 12:00 minute the things corey explains are
    sooo true ( i myself made the mistake of the 30 days no contact and then
    send her texts. This hardly ever works, and even if it does you will still
    be weak and at some point you will end up breaking up again). If you
    respect yourself you wouldhnt reach out to someone that dumped you and
    thats something very valuable i learned from corey. It seems common sense
    but most of us bombard ex’s with texts and calls instead of walking away
    and never look back. I am really thankfull that i found corey, he can
    really open our eyes and mind in times when they are closed and out of
    hope. Merry x-mas corey!

  23. Releasethezazen says:

    I wanted my ex back so bad about a year ago. Now, I’m dating women that are
    physically hotter with a MUCH better attitude, who, most importantly, are
    excited to see me and literally rip my clothes off. I have problems
    communicating, and the book helped. I’m on read #4 and still learn
    something new each time. The key is to master yourself to actually follow
    the book’s teachings. They take self-control, especially for a recovering
    needy-guy like me. That abundance is hard to see sometimes, but it’s there

  24. peperruti says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone! 

  25. Chan Jacky says:

    thanks for this awesome video man! Gotta value yourself. and respect

  26. copnite12342 says:

    if they are an ex….isn’t there a reason why there are an ex?

  27. adagioforstrings007 says:

    30 times? that’s like 1 quadrillion words, give me a break 

  28. sand wit says:

    awesome video, coach!

  29. Detention4life says:

    Girl dumped me and called me a trash. I proven her wrong by volunteering
    for several NGO’s, obtaining masters degree in PR and marketing, improving
    my looks by healthy diet and exercises. I’m still single but have many
    women options. For all I know, love of my life, my ex girlfriend moved on,
    found new man and lives happily. It really doesn’t bother me anymore. If
    she ever contact me I’ll assume she want’s to meet. Then I’ll arrange a
    date. Thanks Corey Wayne! Your book should be OBLIGATORY for every male in
    every country.

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