Get Your Ex Back – How to Contact After a Break Up Discover the best way to contact your ex after a break up and get a proven plan to get your ex back as well. For the…


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  1. Brandon Sweisberger says:

    i did no contact for 2 months, she finally texted me saying sorry , i
    thought this was a sign but she has a boyfriend now?
    what should i do?


    dating is for idiots. Thats why there are so many divorces. No, there is no
    such thing as a friendship. Everyone is a user and a manipulator.

  3. alex sriyo says:

    How Get Text Your Ex Back Now!

  4. Lugini Merriman says:

    nice video..

  5. MrBrooklyn4lyfe says:

    @DeeJhayBenA how long it took u ? and did they initially break up with you

  6. Justin Johnson says:

    I like your videos

  7. hatatatuken says:

    @Hishamp1223 ..revenge now u dump her butt!! lol

  8. amber8429 says:

    wat happens if ou want to get back togther but the age problem becouse i
    still love him and wish it was never heart broken

  9. SiianyXx says:

    @XCHICA19X They say if he hates you it’s a good sign; he’s still feeling
    strong emotion for you. You need to start worrying when he feels nothing
    for you. Hate and love aren’t opposites but both very strong emotions. It’s
    actually a good sign. Let him cool down. I avoided talking to my ex after
    agreeing with the breakup for 2 weeks and he texted me. I still haven’t
    replied; making him wait a while. Good luck ! (:

  10. bossram sharma says:

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  11. DAKEELLC says:

    Great advice, simple and to the point, and not too clinical- Great Job.

  12. DarkRavenFilms says:

    I’m looking at the comments and I’m disgusted by the fact most are about
    getting laid and wanting hot girls. Females are humans too. If that is how
    you feel about women, no wonder you aren’t in a relationship to begin

  13. Keldo ownzall says:

    im not here to get her back im here to make her come so i can say “ily” and
    then say i meant “im leaving you”

  14. timi mazhar says:

    Your advice was very useful!! My boyfriend contacted me after 3 weeks
    silence…We r communicating now…I am just wondering how can I make him
    my boyfriend again???

  15. Duardn says:

    You are beautiful and sound smart. are you mixed?

  16. DeeJhayBenA says:

    Use the art of no contact! i got my ex back :)

  17. terrence89shield says:

    @jakethehuman Really? Glad it worked for you too. I also used that program
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  18. Jose Farias says:

    your videos are really great, thankyou for posting this

  19. townsjim says:

    What if you have nothing to apologise for?

  20. Ashlee LaForest says:

    Learn how to get your ex back fast with this free video: EXBACKNOW.INFO
    Visit the learning resource previously mentioned to work out how to acquire
    her or him back to your health once again and turn into pleased again.

  21. XCHICA19X says:

    what if he tell you he hates you and never wants to talk to you again…..
    i just dont want to let it go cuz i no what i felt was real but i know what
    i did wrong now and i’ m learning and changing i just dont no what to do

  22. discomyass says:

    @tairi2009 +1 hahahaha

  23. Mohd Shahreel sidek says:


  24. Jason Craft says:

    i want her.

  25. Angie What? says:

    Ok, my boyfriend broke up with me 2 days ago, i havent seen him until
    tomorrow in school, can i explain to you how he is so that maybe you can
    tell me if he still wants me back? Pleasee! thanks :)

  26. ljinlj says:

    you’re the only hope i have

  27. Hishamp1223 says:

    Thanks :) that really helped, i now talk to my ex and still contacting her
    now so what shall i do now ?

  28. Manish Bhattarai says:

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  29. Trendy Smith says:

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  30. volumedealer1 says:

    Yes, I didn’t do anything wrong. She’s just messaged me after a
    month(saying she misses chatting with me),and I don’t know if I should wait
    for a few days and reply back,or not,or answer,and be short about it. I
    don’t want to lose her,but I’m not a door mat.

  31. Genotipo0721 says:

    i waited and when i came around to talk to her, she was already interested
    in another guy…

  32. 3malkow says:

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  33. townsjim says:

    What if you have nothing to apologise for?

  34. Tyree Moreland says:

    i dont want my ex back… i want YOU… your are gorgeous!

  35. Poor Heart says:

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    to know how to deal with the situation. If you want to learn, watch this ->

  36. SomethingInTheWay86 says:

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