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  7. hahungdung240189 says:

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  8. MrBkis4u says:

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  9. Junest Chick says:

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  10. iCactusPups says:

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  12. Vũ Linh Nguyễn Văn says:

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  14. Junest Chick says:

    i wanna see you again subbed!

  15. Junest Chick says:

    i wanna see you again subbed!

  16. Nataliepsp87 says:

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  17. Otelia Sul says:


  18. dianaparry5 says:

    Great video very informative..

  19. Nỗi Niềm says:

    Love this vid. ^_^

  20. haitt000 says:

    16 – Ugh. Its SO adorable <3 ?

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  22. dqhuy87 says:

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  23. Tuấn Lê says:

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  25. dianaparry5 says:

    Great video very informative..

  26. Thuong Nguyen says:

    realy good

  27. KYFAunleased says:

    Nice! Liked and subbed :)

  28. hahungdung240189 says:

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  29. Khoa Tran says:

    Your videos are very professional.

  30. Arjun Paruthi says:

    did it work?

  31. gizmotriner says:


  32. shinaz000 says:

    umm i don’t get it…where’s the part where i learn how to get my ex back..?

  33. Rose Lukalo says:

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  34. TimWhoreStains says:

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  36. KYFAunleased says:

    Nice! Liked and subbed :)

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