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  1. omega3joe says:

    I AM her boyfriend again she will accept me again she knows she has had no
    better she longs to have what we had together! This Iam certain! It is
    written it is finished it is done I believe it now manifest woman come now!

  2. LyricsUploaderPro says:

    my mouth is open after that one

  3. Beauty5091 says:


  4. Mark Williams says:

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  5. 88WhosYourDaddy88 says:

    Me too dude. When my gf and I broke up I was devastated. I thought Id lost
    her forever and she wouldnt talk to me no matter what I did. I used one of
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    shocked when she responded right away. We’re talking again and its turning
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  6. renewedandblissful says:

    LOL, she reminds me of a News Anchor the way she is speaking. Regardless, I
    am a firm believer in what she says, but, still it made me laugh! And hey,
    laughter is the best medicine right? Love and light to you all!

  7. TheNumero58 says:

    @karloJose009 Dude, you dont have to do such crazy things to win her
    back.That was really ridiculous! haha. What you really need to do is just
    to have some intimate boosting text and make her minds incorporate all the
    happy thoughts you have when you were still together. Believe me, she will
    come back. Anyway, you should switch to the program:
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