Get Your Ex Back Prayers – Pray to God for Getting Back Together

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34 Responses to “Get Your Ex Back Prayers – Pray to God for Getting Back Together”

  1. Ting Ting Saeou says:

    Dear lord and Heavenly Father
    Please help me reunite with my ex lover
    I need him back
    This prayer hear my plea help me 

  2. Lilly Wayne says:


  3. Joshua Duncan says:

    I could really use prayer i lost a girl very important to me and i loved
    her very not really sure what God’s doing here but i pray every day that i
    can somehow by a miracle fix this with His help.

  4. Reality_Gamer says:

    Listen, my names tyler and I have liked this girl for over a year. When I
    was a freshman in highschool we started off pretty well as friends.
    Connected instantly. She had a bf and I had a gf. But one day we both got
    attached. I left my gf for her and she left her bf for me. At the time we
    really liked eachother. We would always FaceTime and talk constantly and
    then my friend started getting in the way and made it worse and she got
    another bf and I was still deeply in love with her. Time passes over the
    summer , we were still talking and hanging out. I took her on a bowling
    date and she was beautiful.. School started back up and we had same classes
    and she was single and I was too. I got a girlfriend and that’s when this
    girl poured her heart out to me telling how much she likes me and how much
    she wants to be with me. She said she’d wait however long it takes. So I
    waited and dumped my girlfriend 3 months after she said that. Then we
    started falling in love again. Finally after a year of trying I asked her
    out on 12.13.14. It was a special day. We started dating and holding hands
    and just being cut. We were an absolute perfect couple. We had great
    chemistry, we helped eachother out through the toughest times. She’s told
    me secrets over the years that I still remember. We got eachother to stop
    cutting (we were both in depression) and we were amazing. But we ended up
    breaking up 2 weeks later.. I was broken . A years worth of effort for 2
    weeks. I broke down to tears. I love this girl so much. She said she
    thought she liked me . I know she really truly does like me. Please all I
    ask is for you reading this to please, please pray for me and this girl to
    reunite again. Please. I believe in love. I believe it’s her. I just need
    help and guidance. I have prayed every night. Just please take the time to
    help me. Very much appreciated! 

  5. soneelita says:

    Hope this wks ……..

  6. Yeshua's peace says:

    Can someone pray for me please?

  7. ChubbyPanda Oda says:

    I pray for everyone who truly want it to have their lover come back as I
    want me love back to let us forgive each other and ourselves and forge a
    better bond than ever before.

  8. stuc4zzo says:

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  9. N Birko says:

    My ex just broke up with my the other day because he is of a different
    religion and my family would never accept him. We were really great
    together. I really love him and want him back :(

  10. CaliforniaInMyMind says:

    +Programa Paisano
    *Me too dude. When my gf and I broke up I was devastated. Ithought Id lost
    her forever and she wouldnt talk to me no matter what I did. And I was
    shocked when she responded right away. We’re talking again and its turning
    into more. Thanks to it.. :))*

  11. Mary-Jane Abner says:

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  12. velvetlovetpb says:

    My boyfriend pooch I called him he called me bo we broke up cause I said I
    needed time and he killed himself his last words to me were” no life no
    family nun” I love u Juan solis

  13. Gina Malatak says:

    He left me because I moved and we didn’t see each other I tried to call and
    text him , but no answer than when he did txt me he broke up with me I was
    trying to tell him I wanted him to come over but my time ran out and I
    regret it and I miss him… I love you Tyler Manchester

  14. kirstine curle says:

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  15. Mark James says:

    Please be aware of the scams on this page. If you are here for the same
    reason as me then I truly hope that your loved one returns. God bless you.

  16. bradly daws says:


  17. minnie porter says:

    Get Your Ex Back Prayers – Pray to God for Getting Back Together

  18. Simon Phillips says:

    6 months without my ex am still ill with personality disorder i scared her
    witless to the point she forget who i existed i never meant to i never
    wanted to despite all the odds stopping it god please reunite me and emgem

  19. Dharma Initiative says:

    I just don’t know which road to take I used to live in israel she lives in
    Azerbaijan ! Seemed like we are closer to each other by then ! Now the life
    has thrown me to live with dad in Spain since he left from israel to Spain
    a year ago with his wife ! People open minded I’m dying without her same
    here I took such care for her like no one ever did as if she was my
    daughter ! Please kind hearted people help please pray for us ! I pray to
    specifically by Kabbalah since I’m Jewish ! Thanx alot

  20. ERIC27359 says:

    Can you guys pray for me Eric and my ex gf Veronica we went separate ways
    yesterday but I still love her and I know she does too just has bad
    influence friends who change I’ve been praying for her to call me again and
    give our relationship another chance thank you :)

  21. julianna santos says:

    hello people am happy my lover is back to me and am here to say to you all
    that DR UDUEHI of is a real lover spell
    caster because he has really prove HE SELF TO ME

  22. irish morgan says:

    Yes! we did it.

  23. GettCha GottCha says:

    Pray for my family my relationship S.A>D GG

  24. joanne zingalis says:

    i pray that god would set me in his dreams to dream of me so he realizes he
    was wrong

  25. carreraselsa says:

    Please Pray for Me..My name is Dariel..& I Lost My True Love..My Ex
    Wife..Her Name is Santia..We have a Beautiful Daughter Together. .We are
    Best Friends Now..But She Will Always Be My True Love..Please Pray For
    Me..& Forgive me guys for this its that I Love Her So Much.

  26. Jenn C says:

    Trust God for everything, God always has bigger plans for you and knows
    best. Be honest and kind to yourself, don’t be afraid to let go, waiting is
    the time to reflect on the truth and to focus on you. If you two are meant
    to be together there is nothing that will keep you apart, Just learn to let
    go and let God.

  27. futuredoctor003 says:

    Don’t worry you will definitely be in my prayers. I will ask God to bring
    you your boyfriend back.

  28. Dharma Initiative says:

    So many people having sane exact situation as I have ! Except for I’m a guy
    24 years old she is supposedly 27 but after some googling turns out that
    she is 31 ! But we’ve been together for 8 month distantly separated since
    day 1 ! Met each other for 1 week then for 2 weeks then been together 1
    month now she pushed me away after some stupid fight where was my fault
    over 8 month I lied to like max 5 tes and only on small things like
    something you better not say now when not together !

  29. Dharma Initiative says:

    Better say when together ! She lied since day one we struggled and fought
    because of distance different countries ! Prayed for each other ! Our
    families were against us her side and half of my side other half of my side
    weren’t till this fight broke out ! she called my dad and said that she
    doesn’t want want anymore ! I never acte like that ! Never called her
    parents for these issues ! He asked her are you sure we were gonna get
    married right this June ! Fuck ! I don’t just know which road to

  30. Anthony Perzia says:

    Lord almighty god, I pray for Don’s loving wife to come home to his loving
    arms, in jesus nam I pray. I to have just lost my wife of 13 years to a man
    online. I pray for you. My you find the strenght to carry on and may she
    find her way back to you.

  31. adeyemi paul says:

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    another man and things where very tight with him until he met met. and help
    him turn is my life around with my is spell. i make him a manager of the
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  32. laxmiKant Baba says:

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  33. PUSHP says:

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  34. Teaa Kralj says:

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