Get Your Ex Back (the easiest way) What is the one thing you can do NOW to Get Your Ex Back? It all starts with y…


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  1. Lilly Wayne says:

    >So many people go crazy when their partner breaks up with them and it
    never works in getting them back. You want to be attractive and desirable
    in their eyes don’t you?.

  2. fisbazcan says:


  3. Rajkumar Gangopadhyay says:

    Hi, my girlfriend broke up with me a week ago. We were in a relationship
    for the past 1 and a half years. The reason for break up was that her
    parents were against my family. I further worsened the situation by
    reacting terribly over the phone and that made her and her parents hate me
    as well. They convinced her so that she does not contact me in anyway
    hereafter. Although for the next 2-3 days I pleaded her to forgive me and
    comeback, but she was firm in her decision and told me that she didn’t love
    me any more. I really feel sorry for that bad reaction, but does this
    overweight the beautiful moments we shared for the last 18 months? Trust
    me, I was terribly upset over her reaction and answered so rudely and have
    been suffering from guilt feeling since. She used to tell me that those 18
    months together was the best time of her life. After that for the last 2-3
    days, she has been posting gloomy updates on facebook. One day she posts
    that she is upset, the next day she posts a sad status, the next day she
    posts pictures of a short trip with her friends admitting she is feeling
    better. I am confused what to do and confused about her feelings as well.
    Please help me. Will I be able to get her back?

  4. Stephanie yowza says:

    At this point, I can literally write my own e-book to sell regarding all
    this!… 30 days No contact is step 1) step 2) the sweet text reminding
    them of a past memory you guys shared 3) the meet up, be playful and act
    like life is awesome 4) flirt and touch them on the arm and let them know u
    want to be “friends” and 4) lead them to sex, then don’t have sex with
    them, make up an excuse like “Oh we are friends, that wouldn’t be right..”
    I love being friends”…… then u just repeat that a couple times, keep
    seeing them as friends and “acting…”…. It works…and they will want u
    back…after u sleep with them…You become in love but then…… a
    couple weeks later the cyle restarts.. I need to know how to AVOID the
    cycle from happening, but there is no Ebook on the internet that will help
    with this….

  5. Abigail Madison says:

    Text messages should ideally be used after sending the hand written letter
    to build up attraction. *You can even skip the hand written letter and move
    on directly to text messages.* You know your situation and your ex better
    than anyone, so it’s your decision whether or not you want to use just text
    messages, just the letter, or both. But I highly recommend you use either
    one or both of these before actually calling your ex.

  6. Monica Erter says:

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  7. matthew avitua says:

    but what if i was an asswhole to her??? i want her back…. is it possible?
    dont get me wrong.. i was an asshole but we had a strong bond and alot of
    cute memories too

  8. beantownie1 says:

    I just got dumped outta no where. She basically just started being rude and
    nasty then stopped calling. I’m seriously unable to cope and feel like
    ending it all. This pain is indescribable and I don’t want it anymore

  9. Faith W. says:

    My boyfriend of 7 months broke up with me last week. We had a great
    relationship. He said that he wasn’t in love with me and his feelings were
    not strong enough to stay with me. I’m sooo torn. Specifically because it
    wasn’t a bad relationship. I’ve been expressing my feelings to him and he’s
    responded each time. He’s having a hard time but he is sure of his
    feelings. This is so painful 

  10. Jacob Augustine says:

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  11. Faith W. says:

    What if your ex is not ignoring your text messages? 

  12. william4042713 says:

    I watch this everyday to keep me sane becuz my is with someone else only
    days after the break up!

  13. icedboxtv says:

    what if my ex dumpoed me and then got into relationship with her 4 year
    best friend ,and im only 1 year in her life ?

  14. Mary-Jane Abner says:

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  15. Rolling Barrel says:

    Ok guys I am stuck here!!!! I have been in a secret relationship with this
    married woman for 6 years. One day she changed and quit calling/texting/
    wanting to see me like before and became more cold and acting very weird.
    when i call her she become angry and offensive with erratic behavior. but
    here is another issue. another woman(a friend of my woman) who is single
    and she loves me and she keeps telling my woman that she love me and she
    wanna spend life with me etc. PlZ advise. I am so crushed and loved my
    first woman and wants her back!!!!!!

  16. psycho21311 says:

    Watching this video and reading these comment makes me feel… Better. But
    I planned so much with her have drawn portrayals of our future. I begged
    for months for another chance. She went with someone else now… But I told
    her if anything happens. If she ever wants me. Even if I might not seem
    like it… I’m waiting for her. And I always will until the day I die. And
    if I say no to her… I told her if she truly loved me and I said no….
    Then forget about me, because I won’t be myself. I’ll be an asshole. She
    told me. “No, silly. I’ll just be persistent I did it when we met 2 and a
    half years ago, I’m sure I can do it again”.

    Why would she say this guys…

    I asked her once what does she feel about the phrase “If you truly love me
    you’ll let me go” she said this.

    “NO, MIKEY, don’t ever think that. I’d never let you go because I love you
    and I know you won’t either”

    Ironically enough…. It’s all she begs me to do now… Somebody please
    help me… Because I don’t know what to do. 

  17. Amber Nicole says:


  18. Aguu Nieto says:

    . This actually helped but it turns out he still doesn’t want me.. :( It
    was worth trying

  19. Olivia Yuen-Martin says:

    And ivdated about 4-5 other guys since we broke up and with all the guys I
    keep comparing our relationship to my old one and yesterday I just broke up
    with someone cuz it just didn’t feel right 

  20. broccolarum says:

    *Seriously, I did that also but it didnt worked. It just made me crazier.*
    *Good thing my friend shared me this program! Ive learned a lot of*
    *good things that will make him back and it worked! It also helped me*
    *getting our relationship much longer and healthier. It was really a*
    *great program!*

  21. TheTurkishful says:

    *Me too **+JAK3lam8**… I really appreciate it. It just seems like he
    *doesnt want to be with me from what assumptions I am*
    *making but I just need to play it cool as it says.Now,*
    *everybody wants us to get back now.:))*

  22. loi morgan says:


  23. Olivia Yuen-Martin says:

    Im only 12 (about to be 13 on march 4) so I know im still very young but my
    ex boyfriend and I have been going out for a long time im 6 grade now ans
    we started going out in the middle of 3 grade and about 3 months ago he
    broke up with me but he didn’t tell me why so one of my guy friends asked
    me if I wanted him to try and find out why so I said sure and than he told
    me that it was cuz one of his ex girlfriends (who still likes him) told him
    I was cheating on him I was sooo mad and than I talked to her and she said
    it was a rumor that she made up I couldn’t believe she did that but any way
    like I said that was 3 months ago and now he has a new girlfriend and my
    bff and him were talking and he said he doesn’t care about her so that
    kinda made me happy and every time we see each other he smiles at me and
    some times makes me hug him and he told one of my other friends he still
    loves me but I don’t know if its true cuz she lies a lot but ya so what
    should I do cuz I realllyyyyyy want him back and I love him soooo much no
    one will EVER love him that much. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  24. MacPkedRs says:

    me and my ex where together 2 years we have talked since our breakup on and
    off lately more she has said she still loves me and that her feelings have
    never changed she says she sees us back together we had some issues with me
    not trusting her and she has made some mistakes to me and her have talked a
    lot since she amited it to me she still has feelings for me and we have
    been teasing each other idk what to do cause I really love her :(

  25. Rochel Lenuquel says:

    Get your ex back!

  26. the2014 says:

    You got few good points there, like if ex is dating someone else and they
    got more memory with you than that other person. I started dating my
    friends sister ( we arent friends anymore, and she is my ex today (thats
    why im watching this video)) I fould it funny how my friend started to feel
    distant when I started dating his sister, It felt like he thought I and his
    sister were getting more closer than me and him. funny thing. we (gf) were
    together for 5-6 months before I first felt like his sister was closer to
    me than him. Thanks man u made my day, I got a question tho.., I fcked up
    big time first 3 months after break up, I was calling her and all that, now
    we havent talked for 1 month, today I gave her expressionless smile (like i
    was cool with this break up) when she passed me, what are my chances she is
    going to call?

  27. Chompa Vang says:

    You spoke right to me

  28. Jacob Bradly says:

    Dis nigga lonely at… get this man some help he obviously is a thirsty
    pass nigga.
    jk nice guy

  29. Cassieka Losterman says:

    >>Thanks to you dude!! Thank you so much!! Thanks for sharing me that
    wonderful program…It worked when nothing else did! Never thought an
    internet product would solved my problem:) Really thanks to it.

  30. George Estremera says:

    Last summer while my ex was staying at her current boyfriend’s, I was at a
    party when I texted her and asked her if she thought about me all weekend.
    She said yes, and that she kept thinking of how bad she was treating me. 

  31. Mario Campo says:

    . Nice video on getting your ex back – I checked it out and it makes a lot
    of sense

  32. scheryl dantes says:

    @Dude.. *Thanks to you dude!! Thank you so much!! Thanks for sharing me
    that wonderful program…It worked when nothing else did! Never thought an
    internet product would solved my problem:) Really thanks to it..:)*

  33. BlackMambaKO says:

    Ye I don’t know how can she think about me if she is with someone else. And
    she is having sex with him…And she left you for him. How much worse can
    it get?

  34. United States Marine of 2015 ;) says:

    I broke up with my boyfriend!! We’ve been together for 3 years now and my
    other ex made me send him pictures of myself. I’m so stupid. Friends,
    please help me get my boyfriend back (3 years boyfriend) or he’ll find
    another girl if I run out of time. Thank you :)

  35. salman farah says:

    This actually helped but it turns out he still doesn’t want me.. :( It was
    worth trying

  36. Ferida K says:

    You’re really cute!

  37. Jesse Brennen says:

    this is sooo nice! i want to try it out

  38. TheSpel2000 says:

    you money groping motherfucker !!!!!

  39. Andres Lopez says:

    My girlfriend broke up with me, I got sad. This just gave me memories. I
    cried, and I still cry while typing this. Eventually I have to get over
    her, but I can’t. She was the one, I knew her well. The other girls I dated
    were cheating or they just used me and abused my trust/love. But no! Goldie
    was my dream girl. I would die to get back with her. I was in love, but now
    she ruined it. I’m not saying she ruined my life, but she was worth my
    tears. I need her!”When we kissed, I felt nothing”

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