Get Your Ex Back: The Ultimate Guide to Win Your Lover Back

Discover The Ultimate Guide to Win Your Lover Back

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to win your ex back, and this time, make things right in your relationship. While there are many methods to get an ex-lover back, not all of these will be applicable to your situation. Thus, this book covers the most effective and widely used tactics.

Moreover, we will discuss the proper timing to make the moves and what are the right manners to avoid driving your ex farther away instead of winning them again. A little more awareness on how people think after break-ups will also help you understand their attitude towards you. If you are recently broken, don’t feel lost. You can win him or her back again, and this is relatively easier than what you think.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn

Chapter 1 – When Relationship Goes Sour

Chapter 2 – The Emotion Cycle and How to Handle It

Chapter 3 – The Dos and Don’ts

Chapter 4 – Re-connecting with Your Ex

Chapter 5 – Rekindling the Love

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There are people in our life without whom we can not imagine our existence. Moreover, if they leave us, our heart remains empty. Nevertheless, if has happened, this book will teach you how to deal with emotions, gain confidence and begin to act! Also this book will help you if you loved one but feel that he began to lose interest in you. Thank you Dorothy for this book, which learns with simple and accessible words how to cope with this serious problem! If it is important for you to feel always…

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