Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – 3 Crucial Steps to Take to Get Him Back If you regret your break up and would like to get your ex boyfriend to not only want you back but be the one working to get …


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  1. fisbazcan says:

    >>>>>People go crazy when their partner breaks up with them and it never
    works in getting them back!..<<<

  2. Lillie Brett says:

    Learn a weird trick to get your ex back :)

  3. Teresa Myah says:

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  4. Adele Horn says:

    isn’t this advice a tad passive aggressive?

  5. Jack D. Ramirez says:

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  6. kuhlekatze says:

    I’m not gonna go through a whole month not talking to him, I can just see
    him quickly moving on. Its been a little over a week already and I’m going
    crazy not talking to him. I think I’ll give it another week and send him a

  7. Briana Whitten says:

    My ex has a new girlfriend and Idk if this is going to work it will seem
    like he will just move on.

  8. Tina85ok says:

    I would never go back to my ex-boyfriend. He cheated on me!!!!!!!!!

  9. Faria Dassy says:

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  10. Jocelyn Hernandez says:

    I just broke up with my EX bf but he is suicidal and I dunno thoe and he
    almost got in a fight with my guy bessfrand… He was sad when I showed him
    my cuts yesterday but like he’s emo too he is having a bad week… I still
    like him and all its just that I can’t deal with him anymore

  11. Kendall wallace says:

    Thank you I now k ‘s what to do to get my Ex boyfriend back you rock

  12. Kristen Biro says:

    What if over that month period he gets over you

  13. Markiplier Is My Hero! says:

    It’s been 7 months and I still can’t get over the break up ;'(

  14. mitchia francis says:

    How to let know that you love him

  15. Daven Howard says:

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  16. Md. Mahbub Shaheen says:

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  17. Muzahdur Rahman says:

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  18. Tokyo Yu says:

    What if u have children with your ex how would that work?

  19. 75brianjohnson says:

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  20. TheAlanBennet says:

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  21. angel time says:

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  22. Jaymie-louise Murray says:

    This is great advice :) I’ll take you up on this, I have recently just came
    out of a relationship and I have done most of this but I’ve had to speak to
    him because some of my stuff is still round his house, but I will after
    I’ve gotten all my stuff stop talking to him not take note on what he’s
    doing and just get on with my life and build myself back up! Thank you for
    this video it has made me realise what I have to do

  23. Meow Laksap says:

    What do I do when I’m going to the same school and same class as my ex? I
    don’t want to be rude or avoid him because it could make things worse n we
    always sit next to each other. Can I still do that but just act as a

  24. Md. Mahbub Shaheen says:

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  25. Hannah Wray says:

    What if by me avoiding making contact with him for those 30 days makes him
    think that I’m not interested anymore and it ends up pushing him further

  26. Nicola Smith says:

    I’ve gone no contact for 11 weeks, because I was absolutely distraught when
    my guy dumped me. I have not heard anything from him. I guess there is no
    way back from this :'(

  27. jazmin zamora says:

    My boyfriend said he needed a break because he’s going through alot. But
    his sister texted me that he said that since his phone is broken. & knowing
    him im pretty sure he broke up with me even though he said he needs a
    break. Oh my god I still love him ):

  28. Steph Corinna says:

    This is rubbish I did no contact he just forgot me and dont care anymore.

  29. Vvampira Analisa says:

    How do you know he’ll talk to me again.. You seem so sure :/

  30. Devilblob101 says:

    Girl i love u so much rn u dont even know

  31. Stephanie Mcclinton says:

    This was amazing!! 

  32. Cassandra Gordon says:


  33. Joelle Person says:

    What if your ex has a new gf?

  34. Jackie Jett says:

    Dear Ashley,
    I am 17 years old girl and a high school student, last year ago a new
    student have transformed to my school and he entered to my class. It was
    love at first sight and 3 months later we started to date and became an
    official bf and gf. We were truly happy together. We stayed for a whole 1
    year and 4 months, he is a very nerdy student the kind of person who needs
    to study all the time, and we met up once a week although we live 15 mins
    from each other. He is also a mama’s boy, so he needed a permission from
    her whenever we met up.
    On the last month we argued alot, fought more and met each other less, I do
    see him each and every in my class but its not actually a hang out. On the
    25th March he broke up with me saying that he needs his space and he is
    giving me a chance to know another man who will be with 24/7.. its been
    around 3 weeks, yet he still talks to me in person on school, he did told
    me that he wants to keep our friendship which hurts me even more.. I want
    to win his heart back, and we didn’t saw each other for the whole holiday
    right now (2 weeks) I deleted him from FB yet I am scared from how to react
    when he is in the same class as me..
    Please help me..

  35. anybodyhomemcfly says:

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  36. XxYumi NightCoreXx says:

    I’ve been super upset since my boyfriend Matt broke up with me last month.
    We were really close, kissed often, hugged alot, held hands, and all that
    lovey-dovey stuff. But he said it wasn’t working out. I didn’t even do
    anything wrong! I did what he wanted to.. I don’t understand! I really want
    him back and still love him, Idk what else to do :c

  37. Kaitlyn Markey says:

    Thanks you so much this video helped me a lot and I hope to get back
    together with my ex boyfriend in the future 

  38. kelsey nicole says:

    U r. Awesome. Keep. Doing this, u r awesome at it 

  39. candy molero says:

    I’m 11 and giving my ex the silent treatment but whenever he talks to me I
    have to talk back I can’t forget about him I dream about him and glance at
    him every sec in class:(

  40. Nail art says:

    Hi I am 10 I have a ex boyfriend and he is goinh out with my friend and his
    name is luis. And I still love him he cheated on me

  41. MuziiMaaka says:

    wow wish i saw this 6 months ago lol 

  42. Natalya Fraser says:
  43. Aaliyah Smith says:

    Lol, I feel like this may help me! :)

  44. Mandy Miller says:

    I have a very important question what do you do when you rushed into a
    relationship like if u just met someone and started dating and then broke
    up will this still work 

  45. jojo farr says:

    I don’t think i can block him out for a month, he means so much. Also what
    does it mean if the break up with you because of “family problems”?

  46. jessica sojo says:

    @Aime *Yes! You are right girl! Through that program, I’ve learned a lot
    of things on how to win my ex back. There are a lot of tiny lil messages
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