Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Learn how to get your ex girlfriend back – and how to get out of the friends zone from Carlos Xuma’s Dating…


11 Responses to “Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back”

  1. spoonman73 says:

    Dude….you are freakin HILARIOUS!

  2. UltimateHotChannel says:

    God info, thanks

  3. datingwomensex says:

    I watched and enjoyed the video

  4. 213114960 says:

    The problem is she may have already passed that 2.3 seconds and forgot
    about her ex boyfriend… Ya thats right im that guy… You had some very
    interesting and strong points but you do not help me out whatsoever or
    anybody else in my situation. All this video did was make me lose hope

  5. datingwomensex says:

    I really like this video.

  6. swissfa18 says:

    She’ll forget about you in 2.3 seconds! This made my day , lol !

  7. Loslos Nimo says:

    a bolt of lightning up her ass. that must feel good!

  8. Liam Sanger says:

    You said don’t tell her ur felling, but what if she asked me?

  9. dinaccia1 says:

    I did what you just said! I bit a bullet to purchased the program you are
    mentioning at the site: I followed all the guides
    there and she started to miss me and started calling and messaging me tat
    she misses me so much and that she still loves me.We met yesterday and
    neither of us have been so happy as we did then..:) Thanks to it dude^^

  10. Anita Pirak says:

    @dkplvkm My ex came running back to me after 3 weeks. You’ve just got to
    know how to deal with the situation. Learn by watching this video >>

  11. RsMafreed says:

    @zfelazv My ex practically begged me to get back together. You just need
    the right technique. Learn by watching this video >>>

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